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Tasia Lesley aka Tamira Bio, Parents, Height, The Circle

fTasia Lesley is joining the castaways of Netflix’s The Circle appearing as a catfish “Tamira”. The show is back for a new season with a new group of people and Tasia is one of the contestants gracing your TV set.

The well-liked Netflix series has a brand-new cast for season 5. Cast members who are confined to their own apartments for the next season’s launch on December 28, 2022. They communicate with one another through online chats, and they choose the best and worst players each week by popular vote. In Season 5, the same format is maintained, but there is a new cast of contestants.

What is her job? Who are her parents? Where is she from? Find answers to these questions as you keep scrolling down.

Tasia Lesley aka Tamira On The Circle Season 5

One of the cast members in the 5th season of The Circle is Tasia Lesley as Tamira. She has also posted skits about signing up for the show for Tiktok. The stake is high, so catch up to the show to see if she will win the prize pool of $100,000. This season is all about singles, or at least claims that they are, so we can expect some romance this season, although this is not a dating show.

This year’s other contestants are Brett Robinson, Chaz Lawery, Oliver Twixt, Sam Carmona, Tom Houghton, and Xanthi Perdikomatis who are playing as themselves. Meanwhile, contestants playing as catfish are Brian Clark as his daughter Brittney, Billie-Jean Blackett AKA (Bruno, her ex), Raven Sutton and Paris (Both are playing together as Paris), and Marvin Achi.

Shubham Goel, a competitor from season 1, will also surprise viewers on the program, but it is unknown when he will return for The Circle season 5. The competitors will then rank other contestants according to their popularity and dynamic. The candidates with the fewest votes will be dropped. The last contestant will receive the $100,000 main prize, while the contestant with the highest public votes will receive $10,000.

The show’s final four seasons’ championships were won by three original players and one catfishing contestant. Deleesa St. Agathe won season 2 despite pretending to be her lover Trevor. Joey Sasso, James Andre Jefferson Jr., and Frank Grimsley successively won the first, third, and fourth seasons.

Before the show premiered, Tasia posted: “expectations should be ALL THE WAY DOWN in the Circle ⭕️, but they never are 😂 tune in tomorrow! #explorepage #explore #tstonier #thecircle #thecirclenetflix #thecirclenetflix.”

Just before the premiere, she posted another skit, about being entered on The Circle. The caption read, “there is no competition when you’re a winner💅🏽🥇🏆 #explore #explorepage #tstonier #thecircle #thecirclenetflix #thecirclenetflix⭕️😊.”

So we are yet to see if she is actually the winner.

Is Tasia Lesley aka Tamira Dating Anyone?

No, Tasia Lesley aka Tamira is currently single. Her relationship status was confirmed on her Facebook. She only rarely posts on her socials and it doesn’t speak anything about her dating history. So, we assume that she chose to remain private about her love life.

However, Tasia couldn’t stop herself from creating content about dating life and the different aspects surrounding it. Additionally, she has also made a lot of TikTok about being a lesbian as she is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Tasia Lesley aka Tamira Job

Tasia Lesley aka Tamira is a content creator. She is active on TikTok (@t_stonier) and YouTube (@tstonier). She calls herself the CEO of Comfy as “9 times out of 10” she wears sweatpants. Tasia even admitted that her last time wearing a dress caused her to cry.

The so-called “cannabis aficionado” supports the “Black Lives Matter” movement and expresses her views on social media. She is a fierce opponent of racism and has petitioned for justice for Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.

Tasia Lesley aka Tamira Age

Tasia Lesley was 29 years old when she appeared in The Circle season 5. She was born in August 1993.

Who Are Tasia Lesley aka Tamira Parents?

Tasia’s younger brother was born in 2000. In October 2022, he turned 22 years old. They celebrated his birthday in Hell’s Kitchen because when he was young he asked their mother if she could take him to HK on his birthday. According to Tasia, her mother laughed in his face.

In TikTok, Tasia posted that montage from the day of the celebration, she also posted clips of the foods they were served.

There is no information about Tasia’s parents. But, people who have connected with him based on their age group, his parents are likely Terell and Diedre Lesley. Terell is 60 years old and Diedre turned 56 years old.

Tasia Lesley aka Tamira Height

Tasia Lesley aka Tamira stands tall at the height of 5’5”.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Tasia Lesley aka Tamira Birthday?

Based on our research, Tasia Lesley celebrates her birthday in August.

  • Is Tasia Lesley aka Tamira On Instagram?

Yes, Tasia Lesley is on Instagram (@t_stonier) and Facebook.

  • Where Is Tasia Lesley aka Tamira From?

Tasia Lesley is from Colton, California. She is currently residing in Las Vegas.

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