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Olivia Wayne Bio, Age, Net Worth, Husband, Buying London

Meet Olivia Wayne, one of the cast members of Netflix’s new show Buying London that explores the real estate market in London. Viewers have been interested to learn more about Olivia in this article below.

Here we bring you details about her age, net worth, husband, parents, and more.

Olivia Wayne On Buying London

DDRE content producer Olivia Wayne is the office mediator, the voice of reason amid chaos. Olivia, who is close to Juliana, is ready to offer advice when any of her activities become problematic. She began her career as a live broadcaster on Sky Sports’ Good Morning Sports Fans, where she gained experience in breaking news. She has also covered fashion runway events for publications like Vogue TV,, and Net-A-Porter.

Watching some of the most prestigious residences in the UK be sold by some of the greatest real estate agents in the Capital has brought us to Buying London on Netflix. Although the advisers have a significant role in the program, Olivia Wayne is a skilled cast member who deserves equal recognition. She plays a little different role in the firm than the others, but she will no doubt bring us just as much drama as them.

Olivia, who describes herself as “energetic, loyal, and positive” on the DDRE Global website, was hired by the company’s 44-year-old founder Daniel Daggers to serve as a presenter and broadcaster. Since the two have been friends for a long time, viewers will be curious to watch how their relationship changes while they are on the show.

How Much Is Olivia Wayne Net Worth?

Olivia Wayne’s net worth is likely under $1 million. She collaborates closely with the agency’s employees to film at properties they are attempting to sell to their clients, despite the fact that she is not an agent. Following her shoots, DDE posts the content on its social media platforms. “Daniel pulls me in when we have to shoot properties to film for our social media. At DDRE, the agents are the stars”,” she said in the show’s opening. The agents are the stars at DDRE.

Olivia works as a journalist and broadcaster. She started her career in live television on Sky Sports, hosting the morning program Good Morning Sports Fans. She has since worked as a fashion presenter, covering runway events and fashion weeks in addition to doing interviews and creating content for companies including Vogue TV,, and Net-A-Porter.

After attending North London Collegiate School, she graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in American and Canadian studies.

Olivia Wayne Husband

Olivia Wayne is married to her husband Zeb Wayne. In an adorable Instagram video where she introduced herself to new followers, Olivia said she’s ‘married to the boy I had a crush on at 13 years old.’ The couple has reportedly been married for more than 11 years.

In August 2023, Olivia posted on her Instagram, “10 years 🤍 A decade filled with love, laughter, adventure, loss, joy and everything in between… so grateful for you today, and everyday, my best friend, I love you @zebwayne xxx.”

Zeb is a DJ and producer who is the son of composer and musician, Jeff Wayne, who scored The War of the Worlds.

Olivia is a mom of three kids; two sons Ozzie, Iziah, and one daughter Zadie Juno.

Speaking of the challenges she faced while working at Sky and carrying her first child, Ozzie, Olivia told MoriBeing pregnant on Sky Sports News could be tough at times. The very early morning shifts (waking at 3am to go on air at 6am) became very tiring as my pregnancy developed. Being restricted as to how often I could go to the toilet when on air also got tricky sometimes – in the last trimester it was during every advert break!”

Their daughter Zadie was named after Olivia’s grandmother. She said, “Nana was a very glamorous grandma, and she was always well groomed. Hair always set and her nails immaculate. At a young age she got breast cancer and was treated using radiation which killed off all the nerves in one arm, meaning from shoulder down to fingertips she had zero feeling in her arm or hand.”

Olivia Wayne Age

In January 2024, Olivia Wayne turned 39 years old.

Olivia Wayne Family

Olivia’s dad is likely named David Godfrey. In November 2018, he would’ve been 64 years of age. According to a post from July 2023, her dad passed away in 2018. Her post’s caption read, “5 years 🤍✨🕊️🦋.”

Olivia’s mom is named Elaine Godfrey. On Elaine’s birthday in August 2022, Olivia wished her mom, “Wishing the happiest of birthdays to the most selfless and kindest woman I know. Dropping everything for everyone always, on hand whenever I need and indulging her two favourite little people always, to the point that even on her birthday, she was happiest spending the day fulfilling their desire of spending the day on a double decker bus! Happy birthday mama, we all won the lottery with you 🤍💫🚌.”

It is not clear if she has any siblings.

Olivia Wayne Height

Olivia Wayne’s height measures above 5 feet 4 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Olivia Wayne From?

Olivia Wayne resides in London, England.

  • Is Olivia Wayne On Instagram?

Yes, Olivia Wayne is available on Instagram (@oliviajwayne).

  • When Is Olivia Wayne Birthday?

7 January is Olivia Wayne’s birthday.

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