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Juliana Ardenius Age, Dating, Net Worth, Buying London

Buying London featured several well-known London real estate agents, but Juliana Ardenius is an interior designer by trade. Discover all the details we currently know about his personal and professional lives here. Her age, past relationships, net worth, and other details are covered in this article.

To find out everything there is to know about him, scroll down.

Juliana Ardenius On Buying London

Juliana Ardenius thinks she’s the “hottest” thing London has to offer, thus she’s very confident in her abilities as an interior designer. The designer, who is driven to create the most opulent houses in the city, admits that, given the right opportunity, she can be “very naughty” and enjoys pushing boundaries. Drama emerges from Juliana’s candor about her professional crushes in the meanwhile.

The press release states, “But when an emotional Juliana shares startling details about her past, it’s clear there’s a lot more to her than meets the eye.”

With the premiere of Buying London in May 2024, Netflix’s real estate empire—built on the explosive success of Selling Sunset—is poised to grow into the nation’s capital. Taken behind the scenes of luxury estate agency DDRE, headed by “propfluencer” magnate Daniel Daggers, the reality show promises to be just as packed with high drama, office politics, outrageous pads, and spectacular apparel as its American version.

Buying London tracks Daniel Daggers, the creator of DDRE Global, and his group as they take over and transform London’s luxury real estate market, from the upscale streets of Mayfair to the upscale neighborhoods of Holland Park. Super-prime property listings are the team’s area of expertise, according to Daniel, who tells House Beautiful that the term “in excess of 10 million pounds or $10 million” is typically used to describe residences.

Daniel notes that the term is the source of his self-proclaimed moniker of Mr. Super Prime.”As it was sort of catching fire, I only really worked in that marketplace, and capturing people’s attention and calling yourself by the market is a pretty nice marketing tool.”

Just prior to the pandemic, in 2020, Daniel Daggers established DDRE Global. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with prominent figures in sports, entertainment, and banking as well as royal families and prosperous businesspeople. Furthermore, although the majority of DDRE’s transactions take place in the UK, the company also sells real estate in Dubai and Hong Kong.

The other cast members are Lauren Christy, Oliver Hamilton, Rasa Bagdonaviciute, Reme Nicole, Alex Bourne, Olivia Wayne, and Rosi Walden.

How Much Is Juliana Ardenius Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of Juliana Ardenius is likely under $500 thousand. Juliana entered the interior design field on a whim and began her profession as an interior designer less than ten years ago.

Juliana told Leicestershire Live that she went above and beyond to reach out to estate agents and offer her services.

“I heard back from one estate agent, and I furnished a three-bedroom apartment in two weeks – I had no money, no workmen, no storage and bought everything from IKEA and Gumtree. It was a random idea that I had but I found myself drilling together all of the furniture, and from there it grew to a really successful business.”

She moved to the UK from Sweden, lost all of her money on an unsuccessful business endeavor she had invested in with a friend, and then “on a whim” chose to pursue an interior design career. In an attempt to find a partner, Juliana claimed to have emailed more than 300 real estate brokers.

“I heard back from one estate agent, and I furnished a three-bedroom apartment in two weeks,” she started, “I had no money, no workmen, no storage and bought everything from Ikea and Gumtree.”

“It was a random idea that I had but I found myself drilling together all of the furniture, and from there it grew to a really successful business.”

At DDRE Global, she is working as an interior designer at the luxury real estate company.

She is also a former model and competed in pageants. After taking home the Miss Congeniality title at Miss Teen Universe in 2013, she traveled the world as a model before relocating to the UK.

Is Juliana Ardenius Dating Anyone?

Juliana Ardenius has shared that she has been in an abusive relationship. However, as of this article, she appears single.

Juliana Ardenius Age

Born in 1993, Juliana Ardenius turned 30 in 2023.

Juliana Ardenius Family

Juliana Ardenius, although is making a lot of money, she hasn’t forgotten about her humble beginning. She confessed, “I’m such a hard worker, I go above and beyond, and I think my experiences have made me very personable, and I’ve definitely been very lucky. I think if the old me knew what I was doing now, I’d never, ever, ever believe it. Most days I think to myself, ‘Is this actually happening?’ I’m still getting used to it and I’m still a humble small-town girl for sure.”

Juliana wished her mom on her birthday in August 2023 via an IG post. “Happy birthday to the most beautiful and inspiring soul I know- my mum ❤️ The sweetest, craziest, kindest, wisest, funniest, loving, most supportive and my absolute best friend,” Juliana wrote. “She taught me that only if you believe in magic you will find it and that I’m capable doing anything I put my mind to, no matter how big, scary or impossible it seams. Find the good in the bad and celebrate every day as it’s the last. Always make each into its own adventure and to always give back more than you take.”

Besides that, we don’t know much about Juliana’s other family members.

Juliana Ardenius Height

Juliana Ardenius’s height measures above 5 feet 5.5 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Juliana Ardenius From?

Originally from a tiny Swedish farming community, Juliana Ardenius immigrated to the UK in 2017.

  • Is Juliana Ardenius On Instagram?

On her verified Instagram (@julianaardenius), Juliana Ardeius has 17.5K followers.

  • When Is Juliana Ardenius Birthday?

Juliana Ardenius’s birthday is on 26 April.

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