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Ophelia Nichols Children: Randon, Colin, Baige, Gibson

Ophelia Nichols, known to her “Lil tater tots” as Mama Tot, is currently dealing with a family tragedy as she recently lost her youngest son Randon Lee. She oozed pain on her recent TikTok and begged her whopping 7 million followers for any leads to the death of her son.

She believed that at least one of them should know something about the incident and the person who killed her son.

Ophelia insisted that she never asked for anything from her followers and this is the only thing she would like to ask for.

Ophelia is known for sharing her life experiences and is happy to give advice to her followers. Her stories and her willingness to guide others have earned her 7 million followers on her TikTok page. Her popularity expands from TikTok to YouTube, to Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Let’s learn more about her other kids and their father in the article below.

Who Are [Mama Tot] Ophelia Nichols Children?

TikTok’s Mama Tot Ophelia Nichols is a mother of four children. She is a mother to three sons and a daughter. The boys are named Gibson Phillips, Colin Jackson Lee, and Randon Lee, meanwhile, her daughter is Baige Lee.

Keep scrolling down to learn a few additional details about them. We will also talk about their different fathers.

Meet Randon Lee, Ophelia Nichols Late Son

Randon Lee was the youngest of four children born to TikTok star Ophelia Nichols AKA Mama Tot. The night before his 19th birthday, Randon was shot and killed at the Exxon on St. Stephens Road. He then drove across the street near the Energizer gas station where he died from his injuries.

The authorities are currently running the investigation but it is unclear who took his life currently.

According to his Facebook, he was working at Controlled Environments Systems starting from March 2022.

Randon was in a relationship with Skylere Fairchild. They appeared together in a few of Skylere’s TikTok. In one TikTok Skylere captioned the video, “I love you always”. Skylere studied to become a Medical assistant at Fortis College.

Meet Baige Lee, Ophelia Nichols Only Daughter

Baige Lee is the only daughter and second born of Ophelia Nichols. Baige is currently based in Semmes, Alabama. She completed her high school at Mary G. Montgomery High School. She enrolled at Bishop State Community College in 2019. Moreover, she works at Pulmonary Associates of Mobile.

She is currently in a relationship but almost nothing is known about her boyfriend at this time. But we know that he is the son of Valerie Breedlove Myers who works as a Hair Stylist & Hair Colorist at Shell’ Salon Paradise.

Meet Colin Lee, Ophelia Nichols Son

Colin Lee is the second youngest kid of Ophelia Nichols. He is currently single and graduated from Mary G Montgomery High School in 2020. In 2021, he was looking to get hired for a job in Semmes/Mobile Area.

Meet Gibson Phillips, Ophelia Nichols Son

Gibson Curtis Phillips is the oldest of four children born to Ophelia Nichols. While Colin, Randon, and Baige were born to her ex-husband, Gibson had a different father. According to her Q&A, when Ophelia was pregnant with Gibson, her mother kicked her out of her home for teenage pregnancy.

He is also a graduate of Mary G Montgomery High School and is currently self-employed. Per his LinkedIn, he worked as a Dishwasher at Tiki Bar. Talking about relationships, he was married once and got divorced.

On Randon’s 19th birthday, Gibson posted on his Facebook, “Happy birthday buddy I love you so much. u meant the world to me and I was so proud of you. Please watch over me and the family we all miss you so much. This ain’t a goodbye I’ll see you again my angel”.

Related FAQs

  • Do Ophelia Nichols Children Have The Same Father?

No, Ophelia Nichols’s children don’t have the same father. As stated earlier, Gibson the oldest of four children was born to Ophelia’s ex-partner/boyfriend when she was a teenager. Meanwhile Paige, Colin, and Randon, Ophelia had them with Randy Jo Lee.

Sadly, the three children lost their father Randy jo Lee on 12 May  2019 at the age of 38. Randy was born on 20 July 1980. Randy was born to his father Gene Ronald Lee (Ronnie) and he had two siblings, Shellie Lee and Lonnie Dale Lee.

In 2022, Ophelia Nichols called Derick Nichols for 12 years. they have been together for over 16 years at the time when Randon died. They don’t share any kids and Derick was known for being a great father to Ophelia’s four step-fathers.

  • Where Do Ophelia Nichols Children Live?

Ophelia Nichols’s daughter Baige lives in Semmes, Alabama. Whereas, her remaining two sons Gibson and Colin live in Mobile, Alabama.

  • Are Ophelia Nichols Children On TikTok?

The only child of Ophelia Nichols who is on TikTok is her daughter Baige. She goes by the handle name @baigesavannah. She has 18.8k followers on the platform.

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