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Ophelia Nichols Son: Who Was Randon Lee? Who Shot Him?

TikTok star Ophelia Nichols is grieving the loss of her son Randon Lee. Ophelia affectionately referred to her followers as her “lil tater tots”. She is also a host of a podcast titled Tot Talks where she discussed motherhood and mental health. Now in June 2022, she is begging for help from her followers after the tragic death of her son.

So, who was Randon Lee? What happened to him? Who shot Randon Lee? Keep scrolling down this article as we attempt to answer all of your queries here.

Meet Randon Lee, Ophelia Nichols Son aka TikTok’s Mama Tot

Ophelia Nichols better known as Mama Tot in the world of TikTok is devastated after losing her youngest child, Randon Lee. She took to TikTok on 25th June to share the news of her son’s tragic death. Clueless, Mama Tot was asking her followers to give information on the death of the youngest of four.

Ophelia is known for sharing her life experiences and is happy to give advice to her followers. Her stories and her willingness to guide others have earned her 7 million followers on her TikTok page. Her popularity expands from TikTok to YouTube, to Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Now in her 40s, Mama Tot’s youngest son Randon was shot and killed in their current residence in Prichard, Alabama the night before his 19th birthday, according to NBC12.

“I have this hatred in my heart that I don’t recognize,” Ophelia Nichols said in a video. “Because I’ve never felt hate for anybody.” She added, “I have never asked y’all for anything, but I need your help with this. He was just 18 years old. That’s the best part of somebody’s life, and I know they’re out there in my town. They’re out there”.

Randon was shot at the Exxon on St. Stephens Road. He then drove across the street near the Energizer gas station where he died from his injuries.

In her TikTok video, she pleaded for answers from her followers for any leads for her son’s death. She said, “There’s almost seven million people who follow me, somebody’s got to know something”.

“People talk. People talk, so I wanted that video to be seen because the person who did this to my son could see what he did to our family. He took my son from me. My son,” Ophelia said.

She added further, “I spoke to him yesterday morning around 10 to tell him I had his money for his birthday. He was looking forward to it. Just hanging out with his friends and girlfriend. His family was his life”.

Who Shot Randon Lee To Death?

Though police are currently running the investigation regarding Randon Lee’s death, the person who took Randon’s life is running loose as of this article.

Randon Lee Age At The Time Of His Death

With the date of birth, 24 June 2003, Randon Lee was 18 years old at the time of his death because he died the night before his birthday.

Randon Lee Father

Randon Lee was born to his father Randy Lee. Randy is a native of Eight Mile, Alabama, and currently residing in Chunchula, Alabama with his wife. Randy separated from Ophelia Nichols before 2005. He remarried on 25 July 2005 and has been happily married ever since.

Along with Randon, Ophelia had Paige and Colin with Randy Jo Lee. Sadly, the three children lost their father Randy jo Lee on 12 May  2019 at the age of 38. Randy was born on 20 July 1980. Randy was born to his father Gene Ronald Lee (Ronnie) and he had two siblings, Shellie Lee and Lonnie Dale Lee.

Currently, Randon’s mother is married to Derick Nichols. Ophelia in her recent Q&A from May 2022, shared that she was with Derick for more than 16 years. According to the Q&A, Derick was in his early ’20s when they met.

Moreover, on 13 March 2022, they celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary and 16 years together.

A week before Randon’s death, Ophelia boasted about Derick being a great step-father. She wrote, “Happy Father’s Day to “Papatot”! I didn’t name him that, y’all did but he accepts. He’s a great stepdad to my 4 kiddos. We thank him”.

Moreover, Ophelia also shared during the Q&A that she is close with Derick’s family and she loves them dearly. She added that Derick’s parents are amazing grandparents to her children. She also stated that Ophelia and Derick don’t have any children of their own.

Ophelia shared her reason for not having any children as she was already married and had 4 children, and they didn’t get a chance to have any more children.

Was Randon Lee Dating Anyone?

Randon Lee was in a relationship with his hometown native Skylere Fairchild. Skylere posted an edited photo of Randon after his death. A few of her friends and family members paid tribute to Randon and Skylere in the comment section. One person wrote, “I just love this of Random sorry for your loss!!”

Another person commented, “So Sorry for Your Loss”.

Skylere had featured Randon in a few of her TikToks. In another TikTok Skylere captioned, “I love you always”.

In May 2022, Ophelia Nichols proudly introduced her youngest son and his girlfriend Skylere. She captioned the post, “My youngest baby and his girlfriend. How did my youngest get to be almost 19”.

More about Skylere, she studied Medical assistant at Fortis College (Mobile). She is on Instagram (@skylere.fairchild) and TikTok (@skylerefairchild).

Was Randon Lee On Instagram And Facebook?

No, Randon Lee is not on Instagram, but he is available on Facebook.

Randon Lee Job

In March 2022, Randon Lee joined Controlled Environments Systems, which is likely his first job.

Related FAQs

  • Where Did Randon Lee Live?

According to his Facebook, Randon Lee lived in Mobile, Alabama.

  • Did Randon Lee Leave Behind Siblings?

Randon Lee had three older siblings. Randon had an older sister named Baige Lee. She attended Mary G. Montgomery High School and Bishop State Community College. She works at Pulmonary Associates of Mobile since April 2021.

Baige is currently living in Semmes, Alabama.

Then, Randon had two older brothers Gibson Phillips and Colin Jackson Lee. Both Gibson and Colin are graduates of Mary G Montgomery High School.

On Randon’s 19th birthday Gibson posted on his Facebook and wrote, “Happy birthday buddy I love you so much. u meant the world to me and I was so proud of you. Please watch over me and the family we all miss you so much. This ain’t a goodbye I’ll see you again my angel”.

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