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Pam Hupp Kids: Sarah (Daughter) And Travis Hupp (Son)

Meet Sarah Hupp Kids — Sarah And Travis Hupp.

In The Thing About Pam, the story of Sarah and Travis’s mother for murdering Betsy Faria and Louis Gumpenberger unfolds. Along with that viewers also see how Betsy’s husband Russ was arrested and later exonerated. Furthermore, viewers saw how Pam plotted Russ’s arrest and tried to take his fiance’s life.

Learn more about Pam Hupp’s kids below. Here, we cover their ages, social media reach, and information on their fathers.

Who Are Pam Hupp Kids?

During her lifetime, Pam Hupp was married twice.

From each marriage, she had one child. Her first marriage gave her a daughter named Sarah.

Whereas, her second marriage gave her a son named Travis Hupp. Read more about them below.

Meet Pam Hupp Daughter, Sarah

Pam Hupp had her daughter Sarah with her high school boyfriend.

  • How Old Is Sarah?

Records online show that Sarah is 43 years old as of 2022.

  • Is Sarah On Instagram?

No, Sarah doesn’t seem to be on any of the social media platforms.

Meet Pam Hupp Son, Travis Hupp

Pam Hupp, after the end of her first marriage, she married met and married her second husband. The relationship gave him her second child, her son Travis Hupp.

  • How Old Is Travis Hupp?

Born in June 1987, Travis Hupp turned 34 years old in 2021.

  • Is Travis Hupp On Instagram?

No, Travis Hupp is not on Instagram. But, he has a Facebook account (@travis.v.hupp).

  • What Does Travis Hupp Do For Living?

According to LinkedIn, Travis Hupp started working as a kitchen manager at Donatelli’s Bistro in January 2012. He managed the staff to assure back-end operations flow smoothly allowing timely delivery of food and beverages. He worked in that role until July 2014.

From September 2014, Travis joined Enterprise Consulting Group as Network Security Engineer till October 2021. In that role, he was responsible for working and resolving customer issues promptly. Provide support for Check Point, Linux (Basic), Microsoft, and VMWare products. He also maintained company assets and inventory and made sure backup systems were running correctly.

In July 2016, Travis joined Perficient Inc as Technology Deployment Technician/Asset Manager then became a Client Support Technician and worked for the company until October 2021.

He has moved to Tampa, Florida, and is serving as a Help Desk Level 2 Technician at Metropolitan Ministries starting from February 2021.

Travis completed his high school education at Timberland High School and studied Information of Technology (IT) at Ranken Technical College – West. He earned his Associate’s Degree in IT in 2014.

Related FAQs

  • Do Pam Hupp Kids Have The Same Father?

Pam Hupp’s kids have different fathers.

Sarah’s father is her mother’s high school boyfriend. Her father has been defined as a real catch who was soft-spoken, and well-liked, a member of the soccer team, golf team, and National Honor Society. Pam and her ex-husband also went to prom together. Three months after that, they tied the knots. Her friends were attending college but she was sitting in a cheap apartment spooning strained beets. Pam’s marriage with her ex-husband only lasted for six years.

As for Travis, his father was Mark Hupp. Pam and Mark married before 1989 in Missouri. After marriage, Pam and Mark moved to Naples, Florida in 1989 with their kids. They returned to Missouri in 2001 and settled in O’Fallon, Missouri.

Two of them shared a harmonious partnership in both life and business for three years. The O’Fallon subdivision was new when the Hupps moved in and most of the couples were younger, just starting families. Their neighbors remembered them for keeping things to themselves.

Mark was quiet but congenial. He did some deer hunting and lent a hand to neighbors. But, neighbors spoke about a few odd incidents at the time: multiple mean-spirited anonymous letters, a mound of bloody animal bones placed in someone’s yard People dismissed them at the time. They ponder in retrospect.

Also, Pam called the shots in the marriage, people said, but Mark didn’t seem to mind. He was the quiet one.

  • Where Do Pam Hupp Kids Live?

Pam Hupp’s daughter Sarah allegedly lives in St. Louis, Missouri. Whereas, Travis lives in O’Fallon, Missouri.

  • What Actors Play Pam Hupp Kids On The Thing About Pam?

In The Thing About Pam, actress Sarah Stipe played Sarah Hupp whereas Drew Scheid played Travis Hupp.

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