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Pam Hupp Mom: Who Was Shirley Neumann? Cause Of Death

Meet Shirley Neumann, mom of Pam Hupp. In this article, we cover Shirley’s age, parents, job, and cause of death.

Keep scrolling down this article to learn more about Pam Hupp’s mom, Shirley Hupp.

Meet Shirley Neumann, Pam Hupp Mom

Pam Hupp’s mother is Shirley Neumann. After the suspicious death of Shirley, rumors sparked that Pam allegedly killed her mother. There was even a did their thorough investigation done by Fox 2 St. Louis regarding the “accident” of Shirley and concluded that something like her “accident” shouldn’t have happened.

Towards the end of the trial — Russ’s attorney Joel Schwarz asked Pam why it took her so long to set up the trust for Betsy’s daughters. “My mother just died on [October 31] of Alzheimer’s that I was taking care of,” she said. But, multiple emails reached Joel which stated that “Pam Hupp’s mother didn’t die of Alzheimer’s.”

Shirley Neumann Cause Of Death

Shirley Neumann was showing signs of dementia, but it was a fall from her third-floor apartment’s balcony that killed her. Two of the vertical metal balusters had broken and lay near to her body on the ground. Four more had bowed outward, creating a nearly 3-foot-square opening—but the top guardrail remained intact.

She had eight times the recommended Ambien dosage in her bloodstream.

Shirley was an assisted living resident at Lakeview Park in Fenton, but she’d spent the night of October 29 with Pam following a trip to the hospital for back discomfort. Pam brought her mother back at 5 p.m. on October 30 and informed staff not to expect her for dinner or breakfast the next morning, but that she would most likely have lunch, according to the community manager. (Pam’s brother Michael Neumann later revealed that Pam had instructed employees to contact Shirley’s family if she did not show up for breakfast.) He filed a wrongful death action against the home and the railing maker, but withdrew it once Pam was charged with Gumpenburger’s murder, calling it “a circus.”

Shirley’s apartment door was cracked, water was running in the bathroom, and the patio door was open when a maid went to check on her after lunch. Neumann’s body was spread in the grass below when she gazed over the damaged balcony railing.

She was dressed in her nightgown. She’d been befuddled recently and had fallen. Maybe Shirley took seven more Ambien after forgetting she’d taken one. Maybe she was groggy and tripped while watering her flowers. (On the balcony, two garden gnomes were fallen, and glass was on its side.) Perhaps she managed to dodge the guardrail and crash into the lower portion of the railing with force.

But all Joel could think about was Pam’s casual statement to the Faria investigation’s lead detective: “If I really—I hate to say it—wanted money, my mom’s worth half a million that I get when she dies… If I wanted money, there was an easier way.”

Shirley Neumann Husband And Kids

Shirley Neumann was married to her husband Victor Joseph Neumann Jr.

From their marriage, together they had four children; Michael (wife Alexis) Neumann, Sheri (husband Mark) Wasserman, Pam (Mark) Hupp, and Dan (wife Juliann) Neumann.

Her husband Victor died on 2 June 2000. He was 68 years old at the time of his death.

Which Actress Plays Shirley Neumann In Hulu’s The Thing About Pam?

Actress Celia Weston played the role of Shirley Hupp in The Thing About Pam.

Shirley Neumann Age At The Time Of Her Death

Dying on 31 October 2013, Shirley Hupp was 77 years old.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Shirley Neumann Born?

The birthplace of Shirley Neumann remains unclear.

  • Who Were Shirley Neumann Parents And Siblings?

Shirley Neumann was born to her parents Roy Viston Russell and Bernice B Russell.

Her father Roy was born on 12 February 1908 in Humphreys County, Tennessee, USA. Whereas, he passed away on 19 January 1997 at the age of 88. He had four siblings Cinderella Russell Williams (1914-2012), William David Russell (1917-2010), John Wesley Russell (1919-2007), and James Albert Russell (@1922-2011).

Shirley’s mother Bernice was born on 21 March 1910 and died on 30 October 1986 at the age of 76.

Shirley was the only child born to her parents.

  • What Did Shirley Neumann Do For A Living?

Shirley taught grade school in the Jennings School District and at Good Shepherd School in Ferguson, MO.

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