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Paris Phillips Weight Loss Secret, Net Worth, Boyfriend

Meet “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Paris Phillips. Someone who was bullied on social media for her size, her amazing transformation after her weight loss is undeniable. Now fans have been asking, what is the secret behind her weight loss?

We address it all here in this article below so keep on reading!

What Is Paris Phillips Weight Loss Secret?

Fans are stunned by Paris Phillips’s amazing transformation after her recent weight loss which fans couldn’t help but notice. Comparing pictures from 2020 to now in 2022, her looks have changed and now her jawlines are visible. Coming to 2021, fans started noticing she was a lot smaller in her face.

Fans are interested to know how she managed to pull it off, but she is yet to reveal her weight loss journey. Back in the day, she used to wear a lot more clothes to cover up her body. But, now she is confident and doesn’t hesitate to show off her legs. Her changes became distinctly noticeable in April 2021 for the first time.

Paris Phillips before she lost her weight (Pic: Paris’s IG)

Fans have been applauding her for her accomplishments. One fan wrote, “I need to know the diet so I can follow.” Likewise, another wrote, “Don’t lose no more weight you look amazing baby!!!”.

Since Paris Phillips never opened up about her methods, there were rumors of her going through weight loss surgery. However, it hasn’t been confirmed.

Paris Phillips Clothing Line

Paris Phillips doesn’t have a clothing line of her own. But, that doesn’t mean she isn’t deep into the fashion industry. Paris is currently Fashion Nova’s ambassador. Fashion Nova Curvey is best known for making wearable clothes for curvy, plus-sized women. Paris speaks in favor of the company through her channels but mostly on her Instagram.

She has tagged Fashion Nova on multiple posts in 2020. Fashion Nova has staggering 4.1 million followers and has posted more than 22,856 posts on the platform.

Paris Phillips Net Worth

Paris Phillips, at the time of this writing in February 2022, should have a net worth of nearly $1 million.

Before her thriving fame on “Love & Hip Hop” she had worked as an assistant to R&B singers Keyisha Cole and K. Michelle. She appeared on “K Michelle: My Life season 1. In the show, she had a serious dislike towards Tracie, K’s friend from Tennessee. She also appeared on the New York version of “Love and Hip Hop” in season 4.

However, K accused Paris of stealing her money and now their relationship has soured.

She appeared on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” in season 5. She developed a bond with Tierra who she also helped to discover the lies of her new boyfriend Akbar. She and Kimberly had ended their long feud but later the confrontation reignited. She and Zell also sparked a feud against Brittany B,

Some of the TV shows Paris appeared on Love & Hip Hop franchises like Secrets Unlocked and Atlanta. She also appeared on VH1 Family Reunion: Love & HipHop Edition. Besides reality shows, she also made an appearance in the dramedy “The Assist”.

Paris had also beefed with Princess Love in 2020. This occurred after Princess posted a photo of herself out and about on Instagram and Paris said she hopes she doesn’t get stranded. As a response, Princess said that she’ll “just call her if that happens” since Paris has unlimited Uber accounts.

Does Paris Phillips Have A Boyfriend Or A Husband?

Paris Phillips’ dating or marital status remains unclear as of 2022. However, she has been seen frequently with Zell Swag on various social media posts. She appeared with Zell a few days after Valentine’s in 2021. Two of them appeared cozy in the post with long Versace robes. Paris captioned the post, “They gave the wrong 2 Money HF !!!!”.

Again in July 2021, Paris appeared with her alleged boyfriend where she wrote, “Peyoncé And Zell-z .. I Promise This is Our Mood 4EVA …. @zellswag”.

But, despite all the dating rumors and presenting Zell as someone more than a friend on her socials, Zell confirmed that Paris was her friend in his post in February 2022. Paris had also posted pictures in October 2019 sharing the similar sentiment, “REAL FRIENDS ‼️‼️💯❤️👫”.

Oftentimes, Zell Swag is posed questions regarding his sexuality by his fans. Although he is comfortable in his skin, he meets challenges sometimes that eat him up with regrets. He had girlfriends when he was young. He always knew he wanted to play for the other side, and at age 23 he did just that.

But, when his mother taunts him with “wanting to have grandbabies” it impacts his lit lifestyle and fills him with regrets. Zell shared that he’s neither gay nor straight. He is just Zell Swag.

Is Paris Phillips On Instagram?

Paris Phillips is on Twitter and Instagram. Her Twitter account is (@whoisparisp) and Instagram (@whoisparisphillips).

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Paris Phillips?

In Aug 2021, Paris Phillips turned 35 years old.

  • How Tall Is Paris Phillips?

Paris Phillips’ height measures under 5’7″.

  • Is Paris Phillips Still Friends With K Michelle?

Fans on Twitter were wondering if Paris Phillips ever reconciled their relationship after the incident. One Twitter user wrote, “I’ve been under a rock. Did .@kmichelle & . @WhoIsParisP makeup? I liked them 2gether!”

After the fall out of their relationship when K Michelle accused Paris of stealing her money the friendship between the two ran its course. Fans sent words of support to Paris when K Michelle body-shamed even after “paying back” what she owed to K. One user wrote, “@kmichelle still bringing up this old drama with @WhoIsParisP didn’t she pay you back? Then you’re body-shaming her. Somebody find the miserable hag a man that’s why she’s so bitter !”

In 2021, another user tweeted, “I need K Michelle and Paris to stop talking about each other at this point #LHHFamReunion”.

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