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Park Hyung-geun Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, Physical 100

Meet Park Hyung-geun, one of the in-top-physical-shape contestants participating in the intense challenges on Netflix’s first-ever Korean survival reality series Physical 100.

Premiered on 24 January 2023, the brand new Squid Game-style reality show follows 100 contestants as they compete against each other for the chance to win the title of “most perfect physique” and of course, the 300 million won the cash prize.

Now, let’s look at who Park Hyung-geun is, his age, job, Instagram, Physical 100 journey, and more.

Park Hyung-geun On Netflix’s 100 Physical

Episode 1 of Physical 100 saw fitness fanatics of all shapes and sizes come to one place and get acquainted with one another in a room filled with casts of their torsos. Jang Eun-Sil particularly was immediately approved for her athletic physique when she entered the room.

Park has been really excited about his fierce journey on Physical 100. He has been promoting it on social media for a while now.

Physical 100 is going to be a familiar challenge to both The Challenge and Survivor viewers. However, the show has also drawn considerable comparisons to Squid Game.

Speaking of the first two of nine episodes, one by one, the 100 participants were shown entering an intimidating room with their own body sculptures waiting for them. Then, their first task sees them hanging from bars for the last one standing and a mountain climber comes out on top. As they plan on competing against each other in a bout, one can see why casting directors purposefully brought athletes, influencers, performers, and more with bodies and not with typical beauty standards.

Park is joined on this journey by a glimmering set of people including fitness YouTubers, bodybuilders, medalists from Olympic and other Asian Games, weightlifters, stunt people, fitness coaches, wrestlers, trainers, athletes, fire squad workers, police officers, soldiers, fellow MMA fighters, and Cha Hyun Seung, a former participant from Single’s Inferno.

Is Park Hyung-geun Married?

By the time of this writing, Park Hyung-geun’s relationship status was unclear. If he had been married, he did not talk about it in Physical 100. And if he had been dating anyone since filming the show, he also did not reveal this.

So, until January 2023, Park managed to keep his marital life completely private. Not even his social media could tell us about his present or past love affairs, or his wife or girlfriends. There was simply no evidence of a girlfriend or a wife on his socials.

How Tall Is Park Hyung-geun?

Park Hyung-geun stands around 5’9″ (1.75 meters) in height. Also, according to his player profile on Tapology, he was listed under the weight class weighing around 145.5 lbs.

As an MMA player, tattoo-loving Park is always looking forward to building his body even better.

Park Hyung-geun Age

Park Hyung-geun was born in 1986. So, he reached the age of 36 in 2022.

Park Hyung-geun Job

The reason Park Hyung-geun works hard is because of his mother. He believes because she always protected her he has to protect her now in every way he can. So, what does he do for a living? Here’s what we know.

Park is a fighter and commentator. On social media, he introduces himself as an MMA fighter, former UFC commentator, former Road Fc Commentator, and recent times championship commentator.

Per his player profile on Tapology, he showed affiliation with SSABI MMA Gwangju, a gym in Gwangju, South Korea.

On Facebook, Park mentioned working as an MMA fighter at Hongdae Hapjeong Xavi Multigym, which according to the internet is an SSABI MMA led by coach Lee Jae-sun and the best trainers.

More recently, in December 2022, he a match of his got canceled because of his injury. A self-proclaimed fighter with “grounded confidence” he apologized to his fans who were expecting to see his match. He also shared in a social media post that he felt sorry for his opponent, Hong Jong-tae. With that, he promised his people that he would be back after recovering.

That same year earlier, on 18 August, Park had taken to the internet again to share that he was promoted to purple belt four years ago and was promoted to brown belt recently. “If I keep rolling, I think that there is not much left to be promoted to black”, he then wrote with pride but in his mother tongue.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Park Hyung-geun From?

Park Hyung-geun was born and brought up in Seoul, Korea. He continued to live there even today.

Speaking of his family, Park beside his mother also mentioned younger siblings, brothers, and pretty little nephews.

  • Is Park Hyung-geun On Instagram?

Yes. Park Hyung-geun could be found on Instagram @park_hyungkeun with 611 posts and 5468 followers as of 27 January 2023.

He also entertained 2.4K subscribers on his YouTube channel ‘Park Hyung-geun Jagam TV’ and was followed by 15.954K people on Facebook.

  • When Is Park Hyung-geun Birthday?

Park Hyung-geun’s birthday is on December 20th and that makes him a Sagittarius. A Sagittarius born on this day is supposedly sociable and direct and will not hesitate to ask things of people. They are believed to be very rational and guided by a strict code of their own.

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