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Cha Hyun-Seung Bio, Age, Job, Height, IG, Singles Inferno

Netflix’s Single’s Inferno initially started with 9 contestants but three more were added on its ep 5 to spice up things a little more. Cha Hyun-Seung was one of them who went on to couple up with the show’s sensation Song Ji A.

So, who is he? Keep reading this Cha Hyun-Seung Bio to learn more about him. 

Cha Hyun-Seung On Singles Inferno

As if Single’s Inferno wasn’t already hot enough, the producers decided to Cha Hyun-Seung, alongside Kim Su-Min, and Seong Min-Ji in its ep 5. However, his addiction to the show wasn’t unforeseen. Back when its trailer hit the screen, many noticed a person with similar tattoos to him. Turns out it was Cha Hyun-Seung.

Contestants who entered the show before him were Song Ji A, Choi Si Hun, Kang So Yeon, Kim Jun Sik, An Yea Won, Oh Jin Taek, Shin Ji Yeon, Moon Se Hoon, and Kim Hyeon-Joong.

Also, it seems that Cha already knew contestants Kim and Song, way before joining Single’s Inferno.

For those of you new to the show, Single’s Inferno is unlike other dating shows, filled with fun and parties. The contestants on the Korean show are left on a deserted island with the bare necessities and an opportunity to find love. And the only way to escape this “hellish” place was to pair up and head for date nights in “Paradise”.

Talking about his dating history, Cha broke up with his last girlfriend back in 2018. He’s been single ever since. Guess, he’s finally ready to move on and reinvigorate his love life now.

The last we saw him, Cha was coupled up with Song Ji A on day 5 and day 6.

Previously, Song and Kim Hyeon-Joong went for the date night in “Paradise” on day 1 and day 2, after mutually choosing one another. But on day 3, Song pick Choi Si Hun and went on a date night with him.

There were no selections on day 4.

His ideal girlfriend would be some who is “cheerful, funny, positive — with a beautiful smile.” Also, he added that he was looking for someone he can click with.

Cha Hyun-Seung Age

Cha Hyun-Seung was 30 years of age when appeared on Single’s Inferno in 2022.

He was older than most of his fellow contents that season.

How Tall Is Cha Hyun-Seung?

Cha Hyun-Seung stands tall at a height above 6 feet (183 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Cha has a well-proportioned body and a charming smile. Also, he has tattoos over his left arm and right hand.

Besides working out and hitting the gym, Cha also likes to spend his free time freediving or wakeboarding.

Cha Hyun-Seung Job

Cha Hyun-Seung is a popular backup dancer for K-pop idols. He has worked for bands like StrayKids, EXO, Taeyeon, Girls’ Generation, Yezi, and multiple other K-pop groups. But mostly, he spent time working as a main dancer for solo artist Sunmi.

Some even say that Cha stole the spotlight from Sunmi at the 2018 Waterbomb festival. Well, he did have the audience enhanced with his muscular figure at the performance but we’re not sure about him completing stealing the spotlight. 

The pair had been working together ever since Sunmi’s solo debut with the song 24 Hours in 2014. Last we saw them, they were doing a raunchy photoshoot for Buckaroo clothing brand.

Looking at his career in a retrospective, Cha shared that he always wanted to learn to dance but he didn’t know how or where to go. “So I found a choreography team and did some dancing. I loved dancing so much that I continued to be a dancer,” he added.

Soon, Cha was popular not only amongst the fans but also among K-pop idols. And before he knew it, he was already a K-Pop idol trainee.

As to name the best K-Pop idol he’s ever worked with, Cha chose EXO’s Kai.

For those who are interested in his technique, go find the video on the Youtube channel “What are you watching today” titled “MEGASTAR:D” — where Cha explains signature K-pop choreographies of ITZY and BTOB 4U in just 3 minutes.

But while Cha undoubtedly is good at dancing, a few think of him as a “poser.” A Reddit user claimed that Cha wasn’t “flexible”, and every performance he’s ever seen of him proved that “he is wooden AF.”

“He just gained popularity because he’s more built than the average Korean,” another user agreed.

Is Cha Hyun-Seung On IG, Facebook?

Yes, as of Jan 2022, Cha flaunted 474K followers over Instagram @502bright.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find him on Facebook.

But here’s his TikTok @502bright, and Youtube @chahyunseung. Most of his Youtube videos featured his daily life, dance routines, and his time on the sea.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Cha Hyun-Seung Birthday?

Cha Hyun-Seung celebrates his birthday on May 2, making him of the Taurus zodiac.

  • Where Is Cha Hyun-Seung From?

This K-Pop star is from South Korea. But his hometown wasn’t specified.

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