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Patricia ‘Patty’ Schrankel Bio, Age, Job, Shauna Rae Mother

Meet Patricia ‘Patty’ Schrankel, mother of Shauna Rae. This article covers information on her relationships, her family, and her appearance on the show. Scroll down this Patricia ‘Patty’ Schrankel Bio to learn more about her.

Scroll down to learn more about Patricia.

Meet Patricia ‘Patty’ Schrankel, Shauna Rae Mother

Patricia is the mother of Shauna Rae from TLC’s new show “I Am Shauna”. Shauna was born to Patricia ‘Patty’ from her previous relationship/marriage with her baby-father/ex-husband Scott Lesick. Together, Patty and Scott had two daughters Tara Lesick and Shauna Rae Lesick.

However, after they separated, Scott meet Kimberlee Swidrosky-Lesick who is a singer and loves performing on Smule. Talking about Patty’s ex-partner, he graduated from Deer Lakes High School and also studied at ATC (AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL) at U.S. Navy. He is on Facebook (@scott.lesick).

As for Patty, she met Mark Schrankel. They have been together at least since 2003.

Mark Schrankel and Patricia ‘Patty’ Schrankel have been together for at least 18 years. After dating for an unrevealed period, Mark and Patricia tied the knots on 19 March 2003. On their 16th wedding anniversary, Mark posted a cute picture of him and his wife. He captioned the post, “16 years ago this woman was dumb enough to marry me….(lucky her).”

The married couple will be celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary in March 2022. But, even after all these years, anyone can tell they are so much in love with each other. Mark has proved himself as a loving husband and father to his wife and kids.
Shauna and her sister are very close to both sides of the family. Mark treats Tara and Shauna as his daughter and they are also in touch with their biological father Scott.

Patricia ‘Patty’ Schrankel Age

Reportedly born on 31 December 1969, Patricia ‘Patty’ Schrankel turned 52 years old in 2021.

Patricia ‘Patty’ Schrankel Job

Not much is known about Patricia ‘Patty’ Schrankel’s job. She might be a housewife tending to the needs of her kids and her husband. However, the job which she did to make a living remains unknown. But, now that they are starring in TLC’s show on ‘I Am Shauna’ she has debuted her career as a reality star with her husband and her kids. So, she will be making an extra buck with her career as a reality star.

Patty also spoke in the documentary about the heartbreaking time when her daughter had brain cancer as a baby. She revealed, “Shauna was six months old when we found out she had brain cancer. I feel I guess almost guilty, that she will have to go through this for the rest of her life, so all I can do is protect her.”

The record reveals that TLC paid The Roloffs $7000 to $10,000 plus Farms Revenue, they paid $15,000 to $20,000 to Here Comes Honey Boo Boo family per episode. Likewise, The Willis Family made $32,500 per episode and revenue from a rigorous tour schedule, and Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Kate Plus 8 made $50,000 per episode.

So, the popularity of the ‘I Am Shauna Rae’ determines the family’s income from the show. Whereas, her husband Mark Schrankel currently works as an existential decorator. He was also an aspiring musician and has appeared on a music video with his puppets.

How Tall Is Patricia ‘Patty’ Schrankel?

Patty ‘Patty’ Schrankel stands tall at over 5 feet 8 inches.

Is Patricia ‘Patty’ Schrankel On Instagram?

No, Patricia is not on Instagram. However, she has a Facebook account (@patty.schrankel).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Patricia ‘Patty’ Schrankel From?

Patricia hailed from Long Island, New York.

  • What Is Patricia ‘Patty’ Schrankel Maiden Name?

Patricia’s maiden name is Carter. She was born to her father James M Carter and her mother Diane C. Dagan. Her parents married on 12 August 1995 and stayed married until his death on 14 February 2021 at the age of 72. Patty’s father worked at both Target and Dinesol Plastics. He retired in 2016.

James was also a member of Highway Tabernacle Church.

He was also survived by James Carter Jr. of New Castle, Pa., Terrie (Jim) Cameron of Naperville, Ill., Florence (Marc) Attisano of Bessemer, Pa., Casper (Sharlee) Thomas of Pulaski, Pa., and Christopher (Vision) Thomas of Union, Pa.

  • How Much Is Patricia ‘Patty’ Schrankel Net Worth?

Patricia has a net worth under $400 thousand.

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