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Meet Abbi Murphy Husband, Patrik Pereira! His Bio, Age, Job, Instagram

It’s been a while since Abbi Murphy got engaged to her boyfriend Patrik Pereira in an episode of Bravo’s Below Deck in November 2019.

So, now is about time we check in if Abbi and Patrik are still together. All along let us also discover who Patrik Pereira is.

Meet Abbi Murphy Husband, Patrik Pereira

After Abbi Murphy graduated from college, her aunt invited her and her sister to join her on a sailing boat in Greece. Back then, Abbi was working in a law firm and was planning to get into law school. But, things changed as of this boat trip. She found a new passion for traveling. And it was along the way of going to new places that she met Patrik Pereira.

Patrik invited her to come back on the boat, just the two of them. And that was kind of where, in Abbi’s words, it became more of like a friendship slash something else.

Abbi, who faced some visa issues at the time, says the trip ended up completely changing her life personally and professionally.

However, the season of Below Deck saw them on-again, off-again. As a result, some of the Below Deck crew members and fans alike even branded their relationship as “pretty damn crazy”. And when they got engaged the spectators were a bit skeptical at the nature of the engagement; and about Abbi’s decision to leave the boat to be with Patrik.

Abbi was even criticized by Captain Lee on Twitter for her decision to step out of the boat to be with her partner. Meanwhile, to this, Abbie had bravely countered that she was on the right mind to focus on her future that will last her longer than her time on the boat. Citing her recent engagement, she had also reasoned — “I don’t think you should be newly engaged and in, you know, a type of environment with a lot of partying and a lot of different elements with guys and this and that”.

Further, when still a deckhand in the show, and before getting serious with Patrik, Abbi had a kind of a fling-thing with Ashton Pienaar. Later, however, she had clarified that despite their sleep out on the bunny pad there was never anything romantic going on.

Anyway, the couple’s engagement was played out on the show in November 2019. And by that time, they had gotten married already in March the same year.

Fast forward to two years and Patrik took to his Facebook to write “2 years today married to this beauty! Couldn’t have asked for more, LOVE YOU! ❤️” on 14 March 2021 proving that they are still together and married.

Patrik Pereira Age

As Patrik Pereira celebrated his most recent birthday on 16 September 2021, he turned more than 32 years old.

Patrik Pereira Job

Together with his now-wife Abbi, Patrik Pereira continued to run his family business called Vacation Yachting. The venture, as they claim, is an affordable catamaran chartering company established in 1994 in Greece.

Since leaving Below Deck and Valor, Abbi continued to work with Patrik in Greece.

With that being said, it was not clear if Patrik also continued working as a skipper.

Together, after their wedding, Abbi and Patrik had flown to Greece to begin the charter season on Syros Island in the Cyclades.

Also so you know, it seems Patrik only got his high school education. It was 1998 when he graduated from the American Community Schools of Athens.

Is Patrik Pereira On Instagram?

Until 28 December 2021, Patrik Pereira was not active on Instagram. But, he did post from time to time on his Facebook where he goes by the name of Pato Djalma Pereira.

Also, Abbi, who is on Instagram, has set her account as private since Below Deck.

With this, the couple successfully hid most of their everyday affairs.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Patrik Pereira From?

Patrik Pereira comes from his hometown of Rome, Italy. Although currently (2021), he is based in Syros, Kikladhes in Greece.

And while Patrik had not revealed much about his family, his wife Abbi had spilled some about hers to PEOPLE. When briefing about their courthouse wedding at a town hall in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Abbi also shared that she and Patrik as, bride and groom, were wearing homemade rope rings made by her dad’s girlfriend’s elementary school student. “My dad was there and it was a beautiful, meaningful, and simple ceremony. We didn’t want or need a fancy wedding because we only needed each other at that moment”, Abbi wrote on Instagram, per PEOPLE.

  • How Tall Is Patrik Pereira?

From what little Patrick Pereira has shown himself on social media, one can tell, he stands above 6 feet tall.

  • What Is Patrik Pereira Real Name?

As it turns out, the name (Pato Djalma Pereira) that is on Patrik Pereira’s social media handle is his real name.

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