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Penn Holderness Bio, Net Worth, Height, Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is one of the most fun reality series on TV right now. And the team of Kim and Penn Holderness are one of the favorites to win this season of The Amazing Race.

The 33rd season of The Amazing Race started to air on 5 January 2022. So far, 5 episodes have aired. Kim and Penn, who are a husband and wife pair, started the series with 4th and 5th position in the first two episodes. However, in all the subsequent three episodes they remained in the top three.

They even came in the 1st position in the third episode. And that has made them one of the favorites to win this season of The Amazing Race.

Read everything about Penn, the one half of the Kim and Penn duo, as well as their participation in The Amazing Race.

How Much Is Penn Holderness Net Worth?

Penn was not an unknown figure before he appeared on The Amazing Race. He was quite a popular social media personality with a lot of content and audience on Youtube. Penn, alongside his wife and their two kids, has a family Youtube channel called The Holderness Family.

Kim and Penn started their Youtube channel in 2011 but it was in 2013 that their popularity skyrocketed. In 2013, the family posted a video called Xmas Jammies, which was a spoof of Will Smith’s son called Miami. The video got viral and suddenly The Holderness Family was one of the most beloved Youtube channels out there.

Today, The Holderness Family has 728k followers on Youtube. Apart from Youtube, The Holderness family was also present on Instagram (where they had 695k followers) and on Tiktok (where they had 681k followers and 8.5M likes).

They also had a Facebook page with 4.3M likes. Interestingly, or sadly, The Holderness Family has been called “the world thing on Facebook”.

Furthermore, Penn also hosts a podcast called The Holderness Family podcast with his wife Kim. The family also has a blog. And they even sell merch like hoodies, caps, T-shirts, and more.

The family has been interviewed by big media outlets like Fox News, The Today Show, ABC News, and more. They also have their TV shows like The Holderness Family on UPtv, The Greatest Holiday Video Countdown on the CW, and The 12 Foods of Christmas on the Food Network.

With his wife, Penn has also written a book called Everybody Fights: So Why Not Get Better At It. Published by HarperCollins, it is a book about married couples fighting as well as ideas about getting better at marriage.

From their Youtube alone, the Holderness family earns between $12k and $191k in a year. And as of January 2022, Penn Holderness alone has earned a net worth of over $3 million. Although, during a Q&A session on their Facebook, they admitted to not knowing what their net worth was.

What Does Penn Holderness Do For A Living?

Penn Holderness is mostly a social media personality and most of his income is from Youtube and other social media earning. However, Penn is also the co-founder and CCO of Holderness Family Productions. Furthermore, he is also working for Walk West as a partner and a creative consultant.

And he had previously worked as a reporter for ABC Television, a news anchor for WNCN TV, and as a creative director for Greenroom Communications.

Kim And Penn Holderness Relationship

  • How Did Penn And Kim Holderness Meet?

Penn revealed during an interview with Carolina Parent that he met his current wife Kim Holderness in Orlando, where he was working as a sports reporter for a TV station. It was around 2002/2003 and Kim was working for the same TV station as a news reporter.

Little is known about their pre-marriage dating life. Although they shared their engagement story on their Youtube channel. They got married on 22 April 2005 in Orlando. They celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary on 22 April 2021.

After getting married, they moved to New York, where their eldest kid, the daughter Lola, was born. She was born on 7 February 2007.

After Lola’s birth, Penn and Kim faced a lot of stress because of the need to find a preschool for Lola. So, they decided to move to Raliegh, North Carolina to be closer to Penn’s home. Penn’s hometown is Durham, North Carolina. He was born to a Presbyterian minister father and an educator mother.

It was in Raliegh that their second child, the son Penn Charles, was born on 23 December 2009.

  • Is The Holderness Family Mormon?

No, the Holderness Family is not Mormon. But they are a religious family and go to church regularly. Also, unlike many Mormon families, they do not homeschool their kids.

Penn Holderness Height

According to Penn Holderness himself, he is 6 ft 4 inches “when he does not stress” and he is 6 ft 5 inches “when he does stretch”.

Penn Holderness Brother

Penn Holderness has a brother named Dale who the entire family has called “the nicest person on earth”. Dale Holderness is an accountant but he also DJs at weddings and parties. He lives in Raleigh as well.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Penn Holderness?

Penn was born on 13 October 1974. Thus, as of December 2021, he was 47 years old. And his zodiac sign is Libra.

  • What Is Penn Holderness Full Name?

Penn’s full name is Penn Dameron Holderness.

  • Where Did Penn Holderness Go To College?

According to his Linkedin profile, Penn went to the University of Virginia and graduated with a BS degree in Philosophy.

  • Is Penn Holderness on Instagram?

Well, Penn has a huge presence all over social media as the patriarch of the Holderness family. But he also has personal social media profiles. He was on Instagram as @doublechinpennstagram and Twitter as @pennholderness.

  • What Role Does Penn Holderness Portray In Iron Man 3?

Penn had an uncredited role in Iron Man 3. In the movie, he portrayed a news reporter. Apart from Iron Man 3, Penn also portrayed a news anchor in a 2014 movie called Tammy.

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