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Peter Cappio Bio, Parents, Girlfriend, Height, Bachelorette

Peter Cappio is one of the suitors vying for the love of Bachelorette 20 contestant Charity Lawson. He appeared on the show to find the love of his life because he believes Charity is the one.

Learn about his parents, girlfriend, height, and more as this article proceeds.

Peter Cappio On Charity Lawson’s Bachelorette Season

Peter is one of the three men vying for Charity Lawson’s heart in The Bachelorette’s Season 20. Peter describes himself as ‘the life of the party’ and hopes his future wife can match his positive energy. Despite traveling all around the globe, Peter couldn’t find his perfect match.

Charity, a family therapist from Columbia, Georgia, is 27 years old. The ideal life mate for her enjoys “dogs, thrifting, and a good tailgate.” Her first goal is to pick someone who values her for who she is and is honest and sympathetic. For more on the men, Charity will be courting during Season 20 of The Bachelorette, keep reading.

However, Bachelor and Bachelorette always have spoilers from Reality Steve. While he gave away four names Joey Graziadei, Xavier Bonner, Aaron Bryant, and Dotun Olubeko, Peter is not on the list of the final four who will be having hometown dates with Charity Lawson.

Peter Cappio Girlfriend

Peter Cappio’s current relationship status is not available. He has always been looking for a partner who “can match his positive energy.” He added that Charity is the “perfect match he’s been looking for.”

Peter joined the show because he “still hasn’t found the love of his life.”

How Old Is Peter Cappio?

Peter Cappio was born on 21 September 1989. In 2022, he turned 33 years old.

Who Are Peter Cappio Parents?

Peter Cappio was born to his parents, Lorraine Cappio and Daniel Cappio.

Lorraine, her mom, is age 67 (January 1956). Not much is known about her life and career, but here are her socials, IG and FB.

His dad Daniel turned 72 in August 1950.

In 2022, Peter gave a shout-out to his parents who were supportive of making his dream come true. When Peter got a new job with a different airline, the switch meant he’d fly a route his parents would never travel. But when they decided to visit him in Florida during his final few days with his old airline, he saw one last chance to be their pilot.

Peter switched with a coworker so that he would be in charge of their flight without alerting his parents. He then announced something unexpected to them over the public address system just before takeoff, shocking everyone.

Regarding his siblings, Peter has a sister named Rachel Cappio. Rachel is 38 years old and works as a Nurse Manager at WPH Infusion Center, Cancer Center. She worked at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center as a Session Assistant.

Furthermore, Rachel attended Western Governors University.

Peter Cappio Job

Peter Cappio began his career as Customer Service Representative at Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) in 2010. He also worked as Flight Simulator Operator at Arizona State University, Flight Instructor at Mesa Pilot Development, and HS-125 First Officer at Custom Jet Charters.

Furthermore, Peter also worked as a Flight Instructor at Aero Safety Training, Ltd. From October 2012 to September 2015, he worked as a Supporting Crew Member at CAE. Moreover, he was a First Officer at Trans States Airlines.

Additionally, Peter was a captain at Allegiant for five years. He was a First Officer at Delta Air Lines in 2020.

In 2023, Peter is a pilot at FedEx since 2020.

Peter earned his BS at Arizona State University.

Peter Cappio Height

Peter Cappio’s height is above 5’11”. Fans of Bachelorette have hailed Peter as the “Jesse Palmers long lost son.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Peter Cappio From?

Peter is currently residing in Fort Myers, Florida. He calls Ramsey, New Jersey his hometown.

  • Is Peter Cappio On Instagram?

Yes, Peter is on Instagram. Here is his IG handle (, Facebook (@peter.cappio), YouTube (@pilotpetefly), and TikTok (

  • When Is Peter Cappio Birthday?

Peter Cappio’s birthday is on 21 September.

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