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Peter Duke Bio, Now, Married, Zombie House Flipping

After more than a two-year-long hiatus, A&E’s home renovation TV show, Zombie House Flipping. As the name suggests, the Zombie House Flippers bring the houses left for dead back to life in Zombie House Flipping. However, when the Season 4 of Zombie House Flipping premiered on November 6, 2021, viewers found out that one of the OG cast members, Peter Duke, was missing from the episode.

Today, in this article, we will talk about whether or not has Peter left the show–and if he has what he is up to now. We will also talk about Peter’s partner, net worth, and more.

Where Is Zombie House Flipping’s Peter Duke Now?

Despite a very spooky-sounding name, Zombie House Flipping follows a very basic premise. The cast of Keith Ori, Justin Stamper, Ashlee Cassely, and Peter Duke himself renovated some of the nightmarish homes and flipped them into charming domiciles in A&E’s Zombie House Flipping, well that is what happened until the end of 3rd season.

Since we can’t see Peter Duke renovating homes with his older counterparts in Season 4 of Zombie House Flipping, he’s probably already left the show. That, however, does not mean he has left house flipping.

From what we know, Peter still works on wrecked homes off-camera for profit. From his social media handles, it’s clear that he did not leave the show because he was not skillful or something. His works are a testament to how amazing a homemaker he is.

Most probably, the main reason behind quitting Zombie House Flipping would be to work on his own business, Hour Glass Homes. More about his business is below somewhere in the article.

Is Peter Duke Married? Who Is His Partner?

Coming to Peter Duke’s personal life, we know that he is a married guy. According to Peter’s Facebook, his partner’s name is Jenny Zeng.

While we may not know anything about their dating life, we know that the two got engaged on May 30, 2016. Furthermore, the lovebirds exchanged their wedding vows in a marriage ceremony on June 5, 2016.

In October 2016, Peter and his wife, Jenny had their first child, Beau Duke, a son. Jenny had first teased about her pregnancy through an Instagram post on April 11, 2016. Beau celebrated his 4th birthday on October 8, 2020.

Peter and his wife, Jenny, celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary.

More about Peter and Jenny’s relationship, the two celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary on June 6, 2021, in Mandarin Oriental, Miami.

Peter’s partner, Jenny Zeng, is originally from Yingjiang, Yunnan, China, and she works as a purchaser/shipper at Tormenter Fishing Products Inc.

Peter Duke Age

Peter was reportedly born before 1985, which means his age is at least 36 as of this writing. Furthermore, Peter celebrates his birthday on the 23rd of August every year.

Peter Duke Net Worth

Peter Duke’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

According to Peter Duke’s website, he was born an entrepreneur. He shared that at the mere age of 7, he planted a potato garden and then dug up the potatoes to sell them to neighborhood grocery. He also said, “At ten I was buying used go-carts, repairing and upgrading them, and then selling them in the classifieds. My teens found me installing car sound systems and then moving on to auto security and my first real business.”

Peter began his real estate career in 2003 by buying his first rehab in Orlando. He shared that he did all the works–installing the roof, digging the septic, and what not–himself since he had no connections. Sometime later, he found a mentor who guided him into the business and offered him insights to see how good he was at his work.

Peter met his friend Keith Ori, with whom he starred in Zombie House Flipping, in 2010 during a chance encounter over a classified ad. Later, he also met the likes of Ashlee Casserly and Justin Stamper. In 2013, Peter received a random call from a production company seeking a team of flippers for the TV show, which later turned out to be Zombie House Flipping.

Talking more about his career, Peter also owns Hourglass Homes, a house renovation company. Hourglass Homes have renovated and built homes in Central Florida for over two decades.  According to the company website, Hourglass Homes “combines inspired design with exceptional construction for a lifetime of comfortable living.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Peter Duke From?

Peter Duke is originally from St. Petersburg, Florida. However, he was raised in rural North Carolina and the west coast of Florida.

  • How Tall Is Peter Duke?

Peter stands at an average height of 5 feet 10 inches.

  • Is Peter Duke On Instagram?

Peter Duke is on Instagram as @dukebravo. He has over 4 thousand followers on the platform. Peter’s Instagram bio reads: “+designer+renovator+builder+developer+ I enjoy creating beautiful spaces, traveling, learning, and new challenges.”

You can also find him on Twitter and Facebook.

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