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Pickle Wheat Parents: Eddie Wheat And Missie Wheat

Get to know Eddie Wheat and Missie Wheat, the parents of Swamp People star Pickle Wheat. This article covers her age, job, and her social media reach.

Join us in this article to learn more about her parents.

Swamp People: Who Are Pickle Wheat Parents?

Pickle Wheat first appeared on the History channel’s Swamp People in the 2021 season. Pickle impressed the fans of the show with her skillset hunting reptiles, a trade that she inherited from her parents Eddie and Missie Wheat. The married couple welcomed her on 21 September 1995 which makes her 27 years old in 2022. Her great-grandfather was actually one of the first alligator hunters in St. Bernard Parish.

Pickle was introduced to the art of gator hunting by her grandfather and spent her childhood acing the art. Interestingly, her grandfather was one of the original gator hunters in St. Bernard Parish. Talking about her grandfather, she once wrote, “He had a unique style of shooting that managed to keep his people safe and fed for many years unnoticed by society growing around them… It’s important to me and my family to continue to share what we’ve learned from our ancestors and to keep following the grain. It keeps us rooted and happy.”

Besides alligator hunting, Pickle also lends a hand in her family business making duck and turkey calls. The family business is named Wheats Custom Calls which her parents co-own.

She has centered her life and career around the hunting she enjoyed as a child. Alligators that wreak havoc in the swampy area of the Atchafalaya River Basin are hunted by the young woman with pleasure. The show that depicts a normal day in her life during the gator-hunting season successfully documents her career.

Learn more about her family here in the article below.

Meet Eddie Wheat, Pickle Wheat Father

Eddie Wheat is the father of Pickle Wheat.

  • Eddie Wheat Age

Eddie Wheat was reportedly born in October 1972. He is currently 52 years old. He celebrates his birthday on 26 October.

  • Eddie Wheat Job

Eddie Wheat his wife and their two children run their little call center business together. Eddie’s father “Pop” established the concept for the game call years ago. Early in the 1970s, Pop would find slate from a long-since-demolished fort in Shell Beach, Louisiana, cut it into squares, plane it to a specific thickness, add a hand-carved striker, and presto—he was talking turkey.

Eddie was a force to be reckoned with, especially when armed with his Belgium Browning. We occasionally take that call out into the fields and give it a yelp or two, despite the fact that our sound and construction have advanced significantly.

The website reads, “Our heritage also plays a role in our company. Descended from the early Isleño settlers, we come from a long line of trappers, decoy carvers, pirogue builders, and early duck call makers. Our family has always made many of our own hunting products but we never considered selling anything.”

They added, “Then one day someone walked into our tiny little wood shop and bought a duck call. We decided to do a local show at the Los Isleños Museum and the response was overwhelming. It’s an honor that we are getting to share our family’s passion & heritage with others. Thank you for your support and Thank you for following the grain.”

  • Is Eddie Wheat On Instagram?

No, Eddie Wheat is not on Instagram. But they have Facebook (@searcy.wheat).

Meet Missie Wheat, Pickle Wheat Mother

Pickle Wheat’s mother is named Missie Wheat.

  • Missie Wheat Age

Missie Wheat celebrates her birthday on 5 April. She is currently 50 years old as of January 2023.

  • Missie Wheat Job

Per Missie Wheat’s Facebook, she works at Wheats Custom Calls which she co-owns with her husband. You can visit their shop here.

  • Is Missie Wheat On Instagram?

No, Missie Wheat is not on Instagram. But she has a Facebook (@missie.wheat).

Related FAQs

  • Are Pickle Wheat Parents Still Together?

Yes, Pickle Wheat’s parents are still together. They have been married since 29 August 1992.

  • Where Do Pickle Wheat Parents Reside?

Pickle Wheat’s parents are residing in Saint Bernard, Louisiana.

  • How Many Children Do Pickle Wheat Parents Have?

Besides Pickle, Eddie and Missie Wheat also share a son named James Wheat. James also works at Wheat’s Game Calls. He graduated from Chalmette High School. She is currently residing in Braithwaite, Louisiana.

James turned 29 years old on 17 June 2022.

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