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PJ Burchett Bio, Secret Restoration, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Meet PJ Burchett, one of the restoration experts in the History Channel series Secret Restoration which premiered on the channel on 9 November 2022.

The series follows PJ and the team as they work day and night to restore old, priceless objects and heirlooms inside a tool factory.

Now, in the rest of this writing, let us tell you more about PJ, his journey on Secret Restoration, and more.

PJ Burchett On Secret Restoration

Secret Restoration bills its cast members as the best restoration experts in the nation. So, this applies to PJ Burchett as well. As for this series, it is called so because the owners of these old, priceless objects and heirlooms featured on the show have no idea they are getting expert restoration treatment.

Speaking particularly about PJ, he is an automotive expert who has been spending his days lately building “one-of-a-kind” custom cars at his shop, B Rod orCustoms, in Knoxville, Tennessee.

His BIO on the History channel also introduces himself as a second-generation car builder bringing a creative flair to a wide variety of restoration items, from arcade attractions to vintage animatronics. He is also dubbed the master/magician of automotive painting as he is always trying to create the “Wow factor” with a spray gun in his hand.

Reportedly, this “highly classified” Secret Restoration factory is based in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Another filming also took place in the cities of Stamford and Southington.

PJ is joined by fellow experts Leah Bolden, Sara Porter, David Dall, Alfred Dill, LaTasha “LA” Thym, and Dave Weinman.

How Much Is PJ Burchett’s Net Worth?

PJ Burchett’s reportedly had above $400K net worth as of 2022. He earned most part of this wealth from the family business of course.

He and his father’s B Rod or Custom, aside from its full line of restoration services, also excels in creating its own product. It is said on the company’s BIO that during the past decade, PJ and his dad have been “aggressively” developing unique automobile designs that offer both attractive style and advanced technology. That, unlike so many other major automakers, B Rod or Custom has taken a different approach. They claim that their designs incorporate racing-style power plants, suspension, and transmission technology while still giving ample attention to comfort features.

PJ, along with his father, also Strip Technologies to look after. Even this sandblasting service was founded by automotive enthusiast and expert restorer Larry Burchett, in 1992. In 2022, lately, PJ invited people to check out Strip Technologies on its website and Facebook page. He particularly emphasized people are going to love to see their coating removal specialists bringing new life to old items.

So, blessed with knacks as such from a very young age, P.J. never really felt the need to pursue a college degree. He seems to have graduated from only high school. He went to Carter High School in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee.

PJ Burchett Age

PJ Burchett was born in 1972. He turned 50 years old in 2022.

PJ Burchett Height

PJ Burchett stands above 6 feet in height.

Who Are PJ Burchett’s Parents?

PJ Burchett’s father is Larry Burchett of Knoxville, Tennessee. He is the founder/owner of B Rod or Custom. The patriarch comes with nearly 40 years of experience and passion for automotive restoration. He launched B Rod in 2003 with the primary purpose of designing, building, and marketing a new line of component cars. The company, in their words, has quickly evolved into a full-fledged, one-stop destination for all things automotive. In this same company, PJ works as a fellow gearhead.

Together, they say, the father-son duo, Larry and PJ possess the creative energy, innovative mindset, and expert knowledge to take any automotive project from a mere idea drawn on a napkin, to that “unforgettable” first drive.

PJ’s mother Diann Clinton is no more. According to the internet, she died in December 1999 at the age of 56.

By the time PJ’s paternal grandfather, Johnnie R. Burchett passed away in January 2011, his father had already remarried Debbie Burchett.

PJ Burchett Wife

PJ Burchett’s wife is Cheryl Bohlken Burchett or just Cheryl Burchett. According to her Instagram @cherylburchett beautiful, ginger-haired Cheryl is an artist, art teacher, and mom. She loves fun and creative ideas. She also talked about having a “teacher gram” called ‘Mrs.B_in_TN’ where she only posted about school stuff.

Other than a very loving and supportive wife PJ also is blessed with two adorable kids, a daughter Lydia and a son Joshua. Among these Joshua with his sweet and fun personality is the youngest. These kids can be often seen on their parents’ social media and one can tell both PJ and his wife are really proud of them.

Related FAQs

  • When is PJ Burchett’s Birthday?

PJ Burchett’s birthday is on February 27th and that makes him a Pisces.

  • Is PJ Burchett On Instagram?

Yes. PJ Burchett could be found on Instagram @pjburchett with 2,258 posts and 2,156 followers as of 4 December 2022.

He also entertained thousands of followers on Facebook.

  • Where Is PJ Burchett From?

PJ Burchett has always remained in Knoxville, Tennessee. He was born and bred here and continued to be a native of this place as of 2022.

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