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Leah Bolden Bio, Age, Husband, Illness, Secret Restoration

Leah Bolden is a master craftswoman who’s been offering free video tutorials on home repair/DIY for over 4 years. And now, she’s officially getting paid by the History Channel to help with the toughest restorations on this brand-new series Secret Restoration.

This Leah Bolden Bio explores her life.

Leah Bolden On Secret Restoration

History Channel’s new series Secret Restoration follows a team of restoration experts including Leah Bolden who work diligently to restore old heirlooms inside a tool factory, but of course, without letting owners of these items know they’re getting special restoration treatment.

Leah Bolden, alongside Dave Weinman, PJ Burchett, David Dall, Alfred Dill, Sara Porter, and LaTasha “LA” Thym, worked on these heirlooms in the show’s “secret factory” reportedly located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. And it might be true for the history buff, Dave tagged the location of Bridgeport on a FB post of him working on a 150-year-old cannon carriage in the Secret Restoration factory.

As for Leah, she kept her work at the Secret Restoration a secret for 3 months. “I’ve been keeping a secret for several months now. And I’ve been keeping a lot from you guys. It’s time just to come clean and tell you why I disappeared for three months,” she revealed in a video.

“I just have to say this, it was so difficult for me to keep it from you guys for so long. It was killing me. So, I’m really glad that now you know. I feel so honored to be a part of the History Channel’s new television series called Secret Restoration,” she continued.

Also, the star future shared that she felt “really very fortunate” to be a part of it all “I think you’re going to be blown away by the restorations that we did on the show. And I hope I make you proud,” she added.

Interestingly, anyone can apply to be on an upcoming episode of the series. If you have an item of any historical significance you want to be restored, just apply on their official website stating you’re relationship with the owner of the item.

How Much Is Leah Bolden Net Worth?

Leah Bolden flaunted a net worth of above $900 thousand by 2022.

The co-founder and master craftswoman of See Jane Drill — an online resource center offering free video tutorials on home repair specifically for beginner DIY enthusiasts — Leah has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry; 20 of which was spent as a journeyman plasterer for a public agency CMHA.

She’s also developed and taught numerous construction workshops, and was dedicated to preparing women for jobs in the skilled trades. Infact, she’s been opening doors for girls and women since junior high.

Leah was the first girl to join her school’s shop class. Years later, she then took a side job in construction while working towards her aerospace engineering degree at Kent State University. Discovering right there and there, she began a career in the trades industry, where she often faced discrimination from many of her male colleagues.

“I was the only woman at the time, and I was met with a lot of resistance. It was tough, but I stuck with it because I was really passionate about the work and it was something that I really enjoyed,” she recalled.

Three decades later, Leah is now one of the reputed craftswomen. Her classroom of 50 to 60 students has grown into a classroom that encompasses the world.

Find See Jane Drill on FB @SeeJaneDrill, Pininterest @SeeJaneDrill, and Twitter @seejanedrill.

Also, support her on Patreon @seejanedrill, and buy her merch at “”

Leah Bolden Height

Leah Bolden stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm).

Does Leah Bolden Have An Illness?

Leah Bolden is already in her 60s. And at her age, it won’t be a surprise if she had a certain illness. But the craftswoman has put on a strong face up until now and showed no sign of weakness or illness.

And in case you’re wondering, the three months she disappeared from Youtube weren’t from any illness. Rather, she was busy filming Secret Restoration.

Leah Bolden Husband

As of 2022, Leah Bolden resided in Seattle, Washington with her wife (not husband) who’s likely the co-founder of See Jane Drill, Karen C Devenaro, and their two kids.

Yes, Leah is allegedly a lesbian.

Her alleged wife, Karen (born: August 27, 1965) also worked as a technical writer at their company She holds a BA in Creative Writing from Hampshire College in Massachusetts and is a leading expert on electrical apprenticeship programs which operate in the public sector.

Before co-founding See Jane Drill with Leah, Karen served as an electrical apprenticeship manager for a major metropolitan public utility.

Leah Bolden Age

Leah Bolden was 64 years of age when she appeared on Secret Restoration in 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Leah Bolden From?

Leah hails from Cleveland, Ohio. But as of 2022, she resided in Seattle, Washington.

Her family/relatives include Leah M Bolden, Grace Bolden, Dave Bolden, Staci Bolden, Nate Bolden, Paul Bolden, and Kimberly Bolden.

  • Is Leah Bolden On Instagram?

Sadly, we couldn’t spot her on Instagram.

However, here’s her Facebook @leah.m.bolden.

  • When Is Leah Bolden Birthday?

Leah celebrates her birthday on June 16 and is of the Gemini zodiac.

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