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Pjay Finch Bio, Net Worth, Height, Family, MAFS UK

Pjay Finch is a stripper. Obviously, many would think twice before getting romantically involved with one from such a profession. And so did Jess Potter — his wife from Married At First Sight MAFS UK. But Pjay wasn’t surprised at all. Because he had struggled with trust issues with his ex-partners in the past as well.

Keep reading this Pjay Finch Bio to learn more about him.

MAFS UK: Are Pjay Finch And Jess Potter Still Together?

Neither Pjay Finch nor Jess Potter revealed if they were together post-MAFS. However, the last we checked, the pair still followed each other on Instagram so things can’t have ended badly.

Looking back, Pjay and Jess had a rough start. After the groom revealed his job, unimpressed Jess insisted she wouldn’t go on the honeymoon and told the camera, “I don’t want to go out with a stripper.” Plus, she was also disappointed with the fact that her husband still lived with his mom.

But Pjay, who was already smitten by Jess, assured his bride that was willing to change his career for her. Upon hearing this, Jess then warmed to her new husband and even opened up to him about her past relationship.

According to Jess, her ex slept with a “very, very close family member” of hers.  “Like literally I was in bed upstairs and it was downstairs on the dining room table. And what upsets me and just angers me the most is how it affected everyone else in my family,” she explained.

However, though the pair made up, fans who were enraged at Jess and her mother for threatening to boycott their honeymoon, kept sending her hate messages, and even death threats!

“Can people stop sending me death threats because I’ve literally done f*** all wrong in this situation. You were not at my wedding. Let’s remember it’s edited so not everything you see is what happened. There’s a lot more context to it,” she addressed the situation.

Who Is Pjay Finch Ex?

Pjay Finch’s ex-girlfriend is former MAFS UK contestant Marilyse. Yes! The star herself confessed that her ex is Pjay whom she dated in October/November 2021.

Also, she added that seeing him now in the reality show, she was “super proud” of him. “He came across like a complete gentleman and he looks fit doesn’t he? It was nice to watch and to get to know him a little bit better obviously from a different angle,” she explained.

For those who don’t know, Pjay’s ex, Marilyse is a Personal Trainer who resided in Yorkshire with her two sons Calum and Josh. She appeared on MAFS UK 2021 and went on to marry Luke Dawson (a Strength and Conditioning coach).

Find her on IG @marilyse_elena_corrigan_pt and FB @marilyse.corrigan.

Trivia: Pjay’s ideal partner was someone with “whom he can create a peaceful and loving environment.”

Pjay Finch Age

Pjay Finch was 32 years of age when Married At First Sight UK premiered in 2022.

But he was a year younger when he filmed the show.

Pjay Finch Job

Pjay Finch is a dancer and performer.

As of 2022, he was in the group Dreamboys for over 4 years. He confessed to having joined the strip group because “the team they had and the strengths and talent they have collectively would just push (him) to be the best version of (himself).”

However, Pjay has been stripping for 9 years already. He absolutely loves his job, and his favorite part about it was “giving everything you have and leaving it all on stage.” But with this being said, Pjay shared that stripping can be “terrifying” and “nerve-wracking” at times.

Before “getting naked for a living,” Pjay shared that he had a boring job. “I lived the typical 9-5 doing meetings and events management, it was all office based. I always felt like my life was a consistent circle, the same thing day after day, I was bored,” he explained.

So, one day he was introduced to a smaller company that handled male strip events business. And once he got the taste of it, there was no stopping him!

How Much Is Pjay Finch Net Worth?

Pjay Finch garnered a net worth of over $400 thousand by 2022.

For those who want to know, a male stripper in the UK made around £11.50 per hour (this is without the tips).

Pjay Finch Height

Pjay Finch stands tall at a height above 6 feet (183 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Pjay has an oblong face and a ripped body, and he likes to maintain short hair.

Pjay Finch Family

Pjay Finch comes from a family of four — his parents, himself, and his big sister.

Among them, Pjay is closer to his sister and mother whom he labeled as his “best friend.” Also, he confessed that he told his mother everything and his future wife will need her seal of approval”

“A man who treats his woman like a princess is a proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of a true queen,” Pjay praised his mother.

As for his sister Sarah Slowjam Finch, she was Pjay’s “partner in crime.”

In 2022, she resided in Birmingham, UK with her boyfriend Damian Scarle.

Now, talking about Pjay’s father, he’s “old school Jamaica” who supported his career and even advised Pjay on some dance moves.

Did you know: Pjay’s a father himself. He has a son who’s the “reason why (he) can’t fail in life.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Pjay Finch From?

Pjay hails from Birmingham, United Kingdom.

  • Is Pjay Finch On Instagram?

Yes, find him on Instagram @pjayfinch.

Also, here’s his Facebook @pjay.finch, and TikTok @pjayfinch

  • When Is Pjay Finch Birthday?

Pjay receives his birthday wishes on January 26 and is of the Aquarius zodiac.

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