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Priya Ashra Bio, Age, Parents, Job, Indian Matchmaking

Season 3 of Indian Matchmaking premiered on 21 April 2023 and we have been told to expect some new and familiar faces as they seek the help of Sima Taparia to find their lifelong partners through the process of arrangement. Priya Ashra from Season 2 is also returning. So, in the rest of the writing, let us tell you about her life in general and her  Indian Matchmaking journey, from before and now.

Indian Matchmaking: Priya Ashra And Bobby Seagull

On Indian Matchmaking this time, Priya Ashra gets matched with fellow Londoner Bobby (or Jay Bobby), an overly well-educated, mathematics enthusiast, author, teacher, and public figure.

So, viewers get to see them meet for the first time, with both their parents and the matchmaker by their side. Priya and Bobby as seen on the show will set the foundation of their relationship with small talk. Their common ground of being optimistic, curious, family-oriented individuals, comes as of great help. But, with time, Priya feels like there is no spark/chemistry between them. ( And at last, she even openly friend-zones him.

After seemingly this unsuccessful journey, Bobby appeared in BBC Celebrity Hunted. Also, since, she seemed to have grown closer to his screen partner, YouTuber Saffron Barker.

As for Priya, she first was seen in Season 2, and even then she ended up not finding what she was looking for, a guy with a topknot, one ear piercing, a good smile, and who at least stands 6-foot tall.

Indian Matchmaking: Are Priya Ashra And Vim Kansara Still Together?

Following Priya Ashra’s failed dates with Bobby Seagull and Jai Vasani, Vimal “Vim” Kansara lands on the scene. And when that happened Priya seemed to be ‘over the moon’ from the very start. She opened up about feeling intrigued by Vim from the get-go because of 1) his hair, 2) the fact he wears his heart upon his sleeves, and 3) because he seemed to be giving her a safe space to talk for them to find common ground.

Eventually, the two shared interests in food, traveling, as well as family. Both of them even signed up for supporting each other and seeing how far their bond gets.

But, until the time of this writing, on their relatively active social media, they gave away no clues as to if they are still together. Also, at this point, they were not following one another on social media.

To the cameras on the show, Priya also talked about her now defunct nearly two years of marriage. She explained that with her ex-husband, she was together for 11 years and despite that, he betrayed her in more ways than one.

Priya Ashra Age

Priya Ashra was born in 1986 and so she turned 36 years old in 2022.

Who Are Priya Ashra’s Parents?

Priya Ashra’s mother is Alka Ashra. She is a former alumnus of Saurashtra University and a very proud mother.

On her IG @alkaashra1, we have seen her gushing about Priya being her pride and joy, wonderful, kind-hearted, confident, and persistent in whatever she puts her hand into. About her “mama bear” too, we have seen Priya write “Although the years pass by, you still have an amazing zest for life and value FUN above all to create lifelong memories.” Priya also has time and again appreciated her mom for having evolved with her daughters as a new generation with an open mind and heart whilst always keeping perspective.

Then there is Harish Ashra, Priya’s father, who she is just as fond of.

At last, Priya’s family also includes her sister Seeta Ashra, who on her IG @reyamoremua, goes around as a hair and make-up artist based in London. In Seeta’s words, Priya, her “big bad sister”, has been her constant throughout all the highs and lows in life.

The whole family has been really excited to see Priya on Indian Matchmaking.

Priya Ashra Job

On her social media, we see Priya Ashra regularly hosting the Tiku Tiku Supper Club. She in fact even goes around as a supper club host around London.

Bustle meanwhile introduced Priya not only as a private chef based in London but also as a clinical pharmacist.

Also, let us tell you that back in April 2019, Priya was “so so excited” to be launching a food venture, or in her exact words, her side hustle, a passion project, and something that is good for the soul.

How Much Is Priya Ashra’s Net Worth?

Priya Ashra reportedly had an estimated below $300K net worth as of April 2023.

If you also need to know, she seems to take home £20.91 per hour or more working as a private chef in London, i.e., according to

Priya Ashra Height

Priya Ashra stands around 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

Related FAQs

  • Is Priya Ashra On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Priya Ashra can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 21 April 2023, her IG account @priya.ashra included 120 posts and 781 followers. And she also showed regular glimpses of her life on ‘Priya Ashra’ Facebook.

  • When Is Priya Ashra’s Birthday?

Priya Ashra’s birthday is on August 30th and that makes her a Virgo.

  • Where Is Priya Ashra From?

Priya Ashra had been residing in London, United Kingdom as of April 2023. She was also born and brought up here.

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