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Vikash Mishra Bio, Age, Job, Parents, Indian Matchmaking

Being a doctor means you get very less time for yourself. Plus, if you’re too picky and are waiting for the right person, you’re love life obviously falls behind. The same thing happened to Vikash Mishra. Thus, in search of a partner, he sought help from the matchmaking guru Sima Taparia, and his romantic adventure was featured on Indian Matchmaking season 3.

Keep reading this Vikash Mishra Bio to learn more about him.

Indian Matchmaking: Are Vikash Mishra And Anjali Naskar Still Together?

No, Vikash Mishra and Anjali Naskar couldn’t work it out.

Loud and proud Indian-American, Vikash was looking for someone hailing from the same culture, and also who knew the Hindi language, liked Bollywood, and understood family values. On top of that, he wanted his potential wife to be attractive, charismatic, energetic, kind, outspoken, positive, and tall too.

Nevertheless, Vikash also knew he had been single for a long time thanks to the disastrous combination of his intense “work, waiting for the right person, and maybe being too picky.” Thus, he unenthusiastically accepted to date Anjali from the three matches —  Sonia Patel, Vinita Patel, and Anjali Naskar — initially presented by Sima Taparia.

But diving into something half-heartedly is never a good idea. Vikash felt no spark with Anjali as she was too younger and did not speak Hindi at all.

So after rejecting Anjali, Vikash went on a date with India-born Namrata Shah, only for him to reject her as well because his ideal woman was American-born or raised!

Indian Matchmaking: Are Vikash Mishra And Janki Kaneria Still Together?

It isn’t clear if Vikash Mishra and Janki Kaneria are still together. But from what we can tell from their social media, the two are still in touch as close friends — which is a good sign (given the NDA). They often interacted on IG through likes as well as comments, but without making things too obvious or explicit.

Vikash and Janki connected on Indian Matchmaking, after the former rejected two ladies Anjali and Namrata. From the get-go, the two seemed compatible as they shared similar interests and personalities. Whether it be their sense of humor, opinion on food, or distaste for adulting, they indeed clicked on every level, making Janki go as far as to admit, “There is definitely a vibe, as the kids say.”

Plus, right on their first date, they were able to engage in serious discussions regarding their careers, expectations, and individual goals — which was a big green flag for Vikash. This conversation was also necessary because should they decide to take their relationship further, they would have to manage how the long-distance thing works.

Fortunately, by the end of their date, the two only exchanged numbers to meet up again.

“I just love that [Vikash is] so gracious, and he’s really, really kind,” Janki said at one point. “You know, you gotta pick up on the softer stuff on a first date. ‘Cause everyone can tell a great story, but is everyone going to be, like, a good, caring, nice, sweet person?” 

Likewise, Vikash had a high opinion of Janki. “She’s like really vibrant and fun to talk to, easy to get along with. Yeah, North Carolina is a plane ride away, and logistics are logistics. But I think if there’s a will, there’s a way. I’ll try to make something happen,” he said.

Vikash Mishra Age

Vikash Mishra was 41 years of age when he appeared on Indian Matchmaking in 2023.

He is a decade older than Janki — just like Anjali. But while the “age difference” mattered to Vikash in Anjali’s case, it wasn’t the same with Janki.

Who Are Vikash Mishra Parents?

Vikash Mishra was born to his parents, Chandra W and Lalji Mishra. They turned 74 and 76 years of age respectively in 2023.

You can often spot them on Vikash’s IG.

Also, Vikash seemed close to his nephew Akash Mishra (a UNC and NYC graduate) and niece Jaya Mishra (a UNC graduate).

Vikash Mishra Job

Vikash Mishra is an emergency medicine physician based in San Francisco, California. The last we checked, he worked at Sutter Davis Hospital and Contra Costa Regional Medical Center.

Also, he was a physician at Vituity for almost 3 years then.

Prior to that, he worked as a medical doctor at SCP Health (Feb 2019 to Nov 2021) and Go Health Urgent Care (Oct 2017 to Dec 2018).

As for his education, Vikash got his Bachelor’s Degree in Cell/Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of California in 2004, and his Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) from The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences in 2009.

For residency, he then attended Lincoln Medical Center as a resident physician from Jul 2011 to Jun 2014.

Vikash Mishra Height

Vikash Mishra stands tall at a height of above 6 feet (183 cm).

Mentioning his district features, Vikash has brown eyes and an intimidating body.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Vikash Mishra From?

Vikash hails from Davis, California.

  • Is Vikash Mishra On Instagram And Facebook?

As of April 2023, Vikash is on Instagram @vdmdlv with 1.4K followers.

Sadly, we couldn’t find him on Facebook.

  • When Is Vikash Mishra Birthday?

Vikash receives his birthday wishes in April and is either of the Aries or Taurus zodiac.

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