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Qaysean Williams Bio, Age, Partner, Height, Next In Fashion

Qaysean Williams suffered a nerve injury at birth leaving his left arm permanently paralyzed. But, he never let the disability stop him. Even when he was being bullied throughout his early childhood and adolescent years, through fashion he rediscovered the self-love he had been seeking for years. He made his shortcoming his strength and today he goes around as the “one-hand sewing man”. He is a rising New Jersey fashion designer and a contestant on Netflix’s Next In Fashion Season 2. More about him, let us tell you in this writing called ‘Qaysean Williams Bio’.

Qaysean Williams On Netflix’s Next In Fashion Season 2

Qaysean Williams kept the secret of his competing in Season 2 of the show for almost a year. So, when he was finally allowed to talk about it in January 2023, he was beyond proud. He wrote on a social media post that he is competing in this game show hosted by his baby Gigi Hadid and big brother Tan France.

As a creator of fashion, Qaysean has always wanted to create fashion that bridges the gap between accessibility and style by creating garments that do not point out the obvious of someone’s disability. His mission is to create adaptive garments that follow the same aesthetics of other brands so that anyone can slay by expressing and showcasing their uniqueness without the label.

His proudest achievement before landing a creative spot in Next In Fashion was to debut one of her collections during New York Fashion Week in February 2020 for the Carol Galvin Foundation Cancer Fundraising Gala.

Over the years, Qaysean has established himself in the fashion world for his elaborate designs and his ability to cut and sew gowns, tuxedos, and all types of accessories using only one arm. He calls his fashion aesthetic ‘Streetwear Fantasy’. And whenever he is creating any garments, he is always keeping in mind the streetwear aspects of something that one can actually wear down the street, but with glamour and fantasy.

Qaysean Williams’s Net Worth

Qaysean Williams reportedly had less than $1 million net worth as of February 2023.

Since February 2014, Qaysean has been working as a designer at Manikin LLC. Also, since December 2015, he has been a fashion stylist and wardrobe coordinator/assistant manager of styling and wardrobe at  Plitzs Fashion Marketing, Inc. Qaysean also has not quit his job in retail at Bella Fashions, the one he started in June 2015.

Between 2011 and 2014, he went to Mercer County Community College to study Fashion Merchandising. Then, from 2016 until 2020, he also studied Fashion Studies, Fashion Merchandising at Montclair State University.

How Old Is Designer Qaysean Williams?

A 21 December 2011 tweet made by Qaysean Williams read “I see they sleeping on my abilities. lol, it’s cool remember I’m only 20!!! I haven’t even started doing what I really want to do.” So based on this, he should have turned 33 years old in 2022.

Qaysean Williams’s Family

Qaysean Williams is lucky he has the most inspiring parents and he is really thankful to have been chosen as their son. “If something happened to my parents I might lose it! I love them sooo Much! Everything I do is for them!”, one can often find him writing things as such on his social media posts. On Twitter, he also gushed about how they showed him to stand for what they believe in. “Parents made sure I wanted for nothing. My goal is to return the favor”, Qatsean also tweeted once. Time and again we see him brag that his parents raised a soldier.

Qaysean also is very fond of his big sister, Darlene Williams. On her birthday in May every year, we see him celebrate her like this: “To my big sister the one who has my back 2000% love her soooo much!!!!!”.

Where Is Qaysean Williams From?

Qaysean Williams originally hails from Trenton, New Jersey. As of 2023 though, he had been residing in Los Angeles, California.

Qaysean Williams Partner

Until around 2015, Qaysean Williams felt like social media was making dating harder for him. “Online dating….. Lol,” he tweeted his thoughts like this around that time.

Then, in December 2017, we saw him tweet “If I had a boyfriend right now… he’d be having a great night right now 😂 but this bed & blNket about to get the business instead.”

Considering all this, one can tell that Qaysean is openly gay. But, his relationship status was unclear. If he had been dating anyone, he chose not to talk about it.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Qaysean Williams’s Birthday?

Qaysean Williams’s birthday is on June 11 and that makes him a Gemini.

  • How Tall Is Qaysean Williams?

Qaysean Williams stands below 5’8” in height.

  • Is Qaysean Williams On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Qaysean Williams could be found on Instagram and Facebook. On his @reallifemanikin there were 4,367 posts and 11.8K followers as of 4 march 2023. While on ‘Qaysean Williams (Roeman)’ Facebook, he was followed by 8.9K users.

He also handled another account @theonehandsewingman. On its BIO it’s been quoted as “The Custom Designs Of @reallifemanikin a designer with #brachialplexus shaping and diversifying fashion one stitch at a time”.

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