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Rachel Evans Bio, Age, Height, Married, Job, The Circle

After three hit seasons of catfishing, hashtagging, and virtual bonding, The Circle returned for Season 4 on 4 May 2022. And among the nine newbies ready to make their best first impressions was Rachel Evans who unlike her fellow players John Franklin and Parker Abbott is not catfishing but playing herself.

Now, here’s everything you need to know about Rachel who was also finally very excited to be on a tv show with living people navigating the wild world of human interaction.

Rachel Evans On The Circle

Rachel Evans decided to go on ‘The Circle’ as herself because she thinks she is the best. Growing up as a chubby, Jewish kid, nobody told her that she was a “dweeb”. So, since then, she says in her introduction, that she has grown up her entire life thinking that she is just the coolest.

Sounding confident she also said that she is going to be a threat as she is funny, smart, and nice.

And if she comes off as the winner, Rachel will be taking home the prize money; which has been increased to $150K with players rating each other one last time in the finale to see who is crowned the winner.

One of the most important rules to keep in mind is that players must rate each other through a popularity-based ranking process. And those labeled as “influencers” have the power to decide who is going to be eliminated next. Upon getting eliminated, real identities get revealed to the other players in the game.

Rachel Evans Age

Born in 1992, Rachel Evans reached the age of 30 in 2022.

Is Rachel Evans Married?

Rachel Evans, who describes her dating style as a long stare into the abyss, was not married as of 2022. However, she often made jokes and tweets about her boyfriends, then and now. From the look of things, she could be dating this man with the Twitter account handle ‘Dj shrek rave’ as of 2022. And if what he wrote on his Twitter Bio is true, he should be someone rich and famous.

Talking about those witty boyfriend topic tweets, Rachel once revealed on one that four of her ex-boyfriends married the girl they got together with immediately after her. Then another time, she tweeted that two of her boyfriends broke up with her because she was available for all chill hangs and parties plus ones.

Rachel Evans Height

Curly-haired Rachel Evans stands around 5′ 6” tall in height. Fans also have adored Rachel for her glasses with purple frames and copious coral blush.

Rachel Evans Job

Rachel Evans is professionally a paranormal researcher for the Travel Channel when she not doing other stuff that includes playing the accordion.

Having paranormal experiences as a kid, she describes, allowed her to open that part of the brain.

At her job, Rachel says she is hanging out with the dead literally. Other times, the paranormal expert for the Travel Channel also ran social media for Smosh; a sketch comedy group that started off as a YouTube channel in 2005. Having expanded across multiple channels and social platforms in the years since it entertained around 2.9 million followers on Instagram @smosh as of May 2022.

Is Rachel Evans On Instagram?

Indeed! Rachel Evans could be found on Instagram @rachelsamevans; it included 1,281 posts and 32.1K followers as of 5 May 2022.

Rachel also kept his fans posted on Twitter @rachelsamevans and on TikTok @rachelsamevans.

Rachel Evans Family

Rachel’s mum Vikki Fallon Evans is a Memphis-born and now Houston realtor.

The Evans matriarch spent 10 years on the East coast, and in 1980, moved to Houston from New York City and never looked back. She has worked in sales most of her life, with a short break to raise her two daughters, Emily and Rachel, until they were in school. So, this way the mum of two got successful in her career, having also been involved in the non-profit world. She said she had sat on various boards for almost 40 years including the Jewish Federation, the Houston Jewish Community Foundation, the Business & Professional Networking Group, and Jewish Family Service. And despite getting this busy, she also managed to be her daughters’ best friend and the coolest.

Then, there is Rich Evans, Rachel’s dad who is also seemingly a realtor. Hailing from Cincinnati, he had been living in Houston with his wife Vikki who he married one fine day on 19 April 1986.

Rachel’s only sister Emily Evans identifies as non-binary and prefers the pronoun ‘they/them’. In recent times, they appreciated their fiancé for having worked her “booty off for the family”.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Rachel Evans’s Birthday?

Rachel Evans’s birthday is on the 11th of January.

  • Where Is Rachel Evans From?

is from Houston, Texas, and has since made the move out to California.

  • How Much Is Rachel Evans Net Worth?

Rachel Evans reportedly had less than $300K as net worth as of April 2022.

As per IMDB, she is a director and producer, known for Eat It or Yeet It! (2019), Tiffany the Teenage Grim Reaper (2016), Smosh’s Try Not to Laugh (2016), and a couple of other here-and-there appearances.

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