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John Franklin Bio, Height, Parents, Girlfriend, The Circle

The US versions of the first three seasons of The Circle on Netflix were a huge hit with audiences. So, they returned with new episodes calling it a season 4 on 4th May of 2022. The Circle US like old times sees contestants battle it out on ‘The Circle’ app to become the most liked user, and players can play either as themselves or someone else. One of its contestants is John Franklin and he was going into ‘The Circle’ as his mother Carol.

In the meantime, here’s everything you need to know about John who is “so stocked” to be a part of The Circle.

Meet John Franklin aka Carol On The Circle

John Franklin appears in this game on Netflix as a catfish named Carol. Carol is his mother and he reasoned he is becoming her because the most popular person in every Italian family is the mom. He also picked to play his mom because he knows everything about her, her favorite tea, her favorite artist, and even the fact that he is her favorite child among his siblings.

As for the prize money, it has been increased to $150K with players rating each other one last time in the finale to see who is crowned the winner.

One of the most important rules to keep in mind is that players must rate each other through a popularity-based ranking process. And those labeled as “influencers” have the power to decide who is going to be eliminated next.

Upon getting eliminated, real identities get revealed to the other players in the game.

Then, just as the season 4 twist, Netflix also hinted that the Spice Girls would play a part in the season.

John Franklin Parents

In John Franklin’s words, his mom is an incredibly smart, strong, independent woman. The matriarch continued to be married to John’s father John Franklin, as of 2022. They had had their wedding back in 1987 on the 18th of September.

Once on his birthday (sixteenth), John’s dad had taken to his Facebook to lovingly write “16 years ago today, God blessed me with a son. I thought I was thankful then. Now I have a best friend, a student of life, and a scholar-athlete. Happy Birthday John Anthony!! I love you very much!!”.

John got his name from his dad who also goes around as John Franklin. Speaking of him, he had been working as a regional manager at Central Care Solutions in Linden, New Jersey as of 2022.

John Franklin as seen with his parents and sister in October 2015 (PIC: Instagram)

John is fond of both his parents and one sister. Often on his social media, he means when he says he is grateful for his crazy bunch of people and what they bring to his life.

John’s sister is likely named Tori Franklin. John had wished her a ‘Happy 21st’ on 14 December 2019.

John Franklin Height

As Italian as it possibly gets, John Franklin has got a tattoo of Saint Anthony on his Chest and he stands below 5’10” tall in height. But then again John is not only Italian. He goes around mostly as Italian American from New Jersey.

As for the tattoo, John had it inked in 2019 as a homage to his grandfather. It is the image is St. Anthony for his family’s middle names, and the saying “I expect no less” for what his elderly used to say to all of his successes. This grandfather, Frank Cozzarelli Jr., of his, passed away back in 2017.

Is John Franklin On Instagram?

Indeed! John Franklin could be found on Instagram @_johnfranklin__ and it included 192 posts and 3,195 followers as of 5 May 2022.

Other than that John entertained around 3035 people on TikTok @johnfranklincomedy and 381 followers on Twitter @_johnfranklin_.

John also seemed active on Cameo aiming to earn a couple of dollars or even more.

Does John Franklin Have A Girlfriend?

John Franklin identified his sexual orientation as straight but he never really gave away any information about his dating life. His social media or open mic sets also did not likely hint at him having a girlfriend as of 2022.

John Franklin Age

Jorn Franklin was 24 years old when he went on The Circle. So, he was likely born in the year 1997. And at this age, he was the second-youngest contestant after Parker Abbott who was going in ‘The Circle’ as her father Paul.

John Franklin Job

On LinkedIn, John Franklin introduced himself as someone with a drive to make a splash in the social media realm. And since January 2021, he had started working full-time as a social media content creator at BetMGM.

Related FAQs

  • When Is John Franklin’s Birthday?

John Franklin’s birthday is on the 6th of January. And for people born on this day, their zodiac sign is Capricorn.

  • Where Is John Franklin From?

John Franklin hails from Caldwell, New Jersey. He says he is proud to have grown up in the same hometown as The Sopranos was filmed.

  • How Much Is John Franklin’s Net Worth?

John Franklin reportedly had more than $200K as net worth as of April 2022.

Between 2018 and 2020, he completed his MS in Interactive Media and Communications at Quinnipiac University. Before that, in the same institution, he got his bachelor of Broadcast Journalism from 2015 through 2019.

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