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Ramona Edith Williams Ethnicity, Parents, Height, Age

Ramona Edith Williams, who took the No. 1 spot on an IMDb list of the “Best Kid Actresses of 2020,” is now portraying the role of “Makayla” on Chicago P.D. As the adoptive child of Kim Burgess, she was predicted to bring a major turning point in the officer’s life, and the viewers were gradually taking interest in her.

So, who is she? Get to know more about her ethnicity, parents, height, and age as you scroll down. 

Ramona Edith Williams Chicago PD

Ramona Edith Williams as “Makayla” was first introduced on Chicago P.D back in Season 8, and her introduction was marked by a tragedy that gave her nightmares throughout the show. In case you missed it, her biological father had murdered her entire family right in front of her.

So, the kind-hearted Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) and Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) then adopt Ramona as their own and try their hardest to provide for Makayla. Over time, Burgess then finds herself with desires to have “more boundaries with Makayla,” which naturally puts her at odds with Adam.

The last we saw them, the rift between the officers was affecting Makayla. Let’s just hope that the officers makeup soon, and live as a happy family.

Trivia: Ramona confessed that though she can easily make herself look like she’s been traumatized, she never actually had any traumatizing experience in real life.

What Is Ramona Edith Williams Ethnicity?

Ramona was very open about her ethnicity. As per her IG bio, she is African American, Afro-Latina, and Louisiana Creole. Also, she had tagged the flags of U.S. Outlying Islands, Puerto Rico, and Mexico over it, hinting at her origin.

To be specific, Ramona inherits Mexican/Puerto Rican ethnicity from her mother and African-American/French Creole roots from her father.

Who Are Ramona Edith Williams Parents?

Ramona Edith Williams was born to parents, Clarence Nathan and Lucia Williams. Her father Clarence was a photographer who owned “King Papa Photography,” while her mother Lucia seemed busy managing her daughter.

Find them on IG @king_papa_photography, and @luciw76.

According to her parents, Ramona was very outgoing and talkative. “She liked being around people and in front of people talking to people; she was never shy. We thought it would be good to corral that energy,” Clarence explained why they let their daughter become a child actress.

Also, Lucia added that as acting opportunities arose for Ramona, she simply presented acting as role-playing, which her daughter loved to do.

As for Ramona’s siblings, she has a brother named Clarence Noah Williams, whom she tries very hard not to fight with. Her brother, Noah was an ice hockey fanatic. Someday he hopes to be a hockey star and have dinner with Ben Eager.

Here’s his IG @c_noah_williams.

Clarence turned 8 on December 22, 2021.

Ramona Edith Williams Age

Ramona Edith Williams was 9 years of age when Chicago P.D season 9 ended in 2022.

Did you know: She was named after her two Great-Grandmothers’ Edith Reeves and late Ramona Puente. 

Ramona Edith Williams Height

Ramona Edith Williams stood tall at a height under 4 feet 8 inches (142 cm) as of 2022. Know that she was only 9 then, and will grow taller over time.

Mentioning her distinct features, she has curled dark hair and a dimpled smile.

How Much Is Ramona Edith Williams Net Worth?

Ramona Edith Williams garnered a net worth of under $100 thousand by 2021.

This promising actress introduced herself as “Princess Ramona.” who loved to skate and do ballet. As of 2022, she had only graced two movies Saint Frances (2019) as Frances, and The Christmas Pitch (2021) as Maggie Dyer, and a TV show Chicago P.D. (2021) as Makayla Ward.

Besides being an actress, Ramona is also a model, who partook in multiple beauty pageants. It was August of 2013 when Ramona first walked the ramp in a local pageant. And fast forward to 2016, she had already earned her first National Pageant title after being named the “Pure International Pageants Toddler Miss America.”

Also, at the time, she competed at the ISI World Recreational Championships where she won both the First Place for Showcase and Second Place for Basic Skills. Her popularity from the show even prompted her to participate in the 2016 ISI Education Foundation Benefit Show held at the Fogerty Ice Arena later.

Since Ramona was doing a lot better at ice skating, she had to let go of her passion for ballet due to lack of time. Her goal in ice skating was to perform in the Olympics one day as part of TeamUSA.

For her outstanding talent, “TRB News Media” has labeled her to be “an honest and endearing child actor.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Ramona Edith Williams From?

Ramona hails from Joliet, IL.

  • When Is Ramona Edith Williams Birthday?

She celebrates her birthday on May 21, making her of the Gemini zodiac.

  • Is Ramona Edith Williams On Instagram And TikTok?

Yes, as of Jan 2022,  Ramona was on Instagram @princess_ramonas_world with 3.2K followers and Twitter @RamonaEWilliams with 485 followers. Both of her social were managed by her parents then.

Sadly, she wasn’t present on TikTok.

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