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Lucinda Lovesey Bio, Age, Husband, Job, Pottery Throw Down

Channel 4’s The Great Pottery Thow Down is in its 5th season, which premiered on 2 January 2022. This season will feature 12 contestants, including the subject of today Lucinda Lovesey.

Lucinda is on The Great Pottery Throw Down to show her talents with clay and pottery in general. But who is Lucinda in real life? Get to know everything about Lucinda below.

Lucinda Lovesey On The Great Pottery Throw Down

Lucinda declared her participation in The Great Pottery Throw Down with an Instagram post on 24 December 2021. She wrote, “I am so excited to share with you that I finally got on the best show on earth! This is going to be a sweet treat on Sunday evenings…”

Apart from Lucinda, other participants on the show include AJ Simpson, Anna McGurn, Bill Thomas, Cellan, Christine Cherry, Jenny Cobb, Josh, Miles Johnson, Nick Robatto, Tom Demeranville, and Zahra Jabir.

Furthermore, host Siobhan McSweeney and judges Keith Brymer and Richard Miller will be returning to the show’s fold. And they are joined by a second host Ellie Taylor.

The first episode of the new season aired on Sunday, 3 January 2022. And the contestant Bill Thomas has been eliminated. Lucinda and the other 10 surviving contestants will battle it out for the top prize.

Lucinda Lovesey Age

As of January 2022, Lucinda was 58 years of age.

Does Lucinda Lovesey Have A Husband?

We do not know exactly. It was likely that Lucinda has a husband (or had a husband at one point) because she has two sons and a daughter. However, she has not revealed anything about her husband on social media or outside.

Coming to her children, Lucinda has three kids (who are known to the public), one daughter, and two sons. Her daughter’s name is Thomasin Lovesey. Thomasin is a manager at Rockababy UK. She lives in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, and is married with two children of her own.

An interesting thing about Thomasin is that she loves to change her hair color. Also, she was very proud of the fact that her mother was participating in The Pottery Throw Down.

The names of Lucinda’s two sons are Oscar Lovesey and Orlando Lovesey. Oscar is probably the youngest of the Lovesey kids. There was not much information about him. But his Facebook does say that he was single.

Orland lived in Picklescott, Shropshire. Apart from that fact, there was not much information about him. A few months ago (in November 2021), Lucinda made a pottery set called “Yin Yang Chip and Dip platter set”. And she mentioned that she made those pottery sets because her son wanted to make a present for his girlfriend.

Now, we do not know which of her sons, she was talking about. But it was likely that it was Orlando, as we know Oscar is currently single.

Lucinda Lovesey Job

Lucinda is a very good potter, but she also spent 25 years of her life working in a job at NHS. She had worked as a psychological therapist for the NHS. Lucinda is now retired from that job and is focusing full-time on pottery.

She first started to do pottery as a teenager and never really gave up, even when she was working in the medical field. If you peek at her social, especially Instagram, you will find so many pottery items that she made.

We found some of the pottery items very beautiful, like a fishbowl and ceramic coasters Lucinda made in November 2021, or Scrafitto Plates she made in October 2021. She also attempted making miniatures in November 2021. And they look gorgeous too.

Also, Lucinda is one of the trustees of Picklescotvillage Hall Charity.

Is Lucinda Lovesey On Instagram?

Yes, Lucinda is on Instagram. Although she is not as popular on the social media platform. Her handle @lucindalovesey only has 396 followers. However, that number will most likely go up as new episodes of The Great Potter Throw Down start to air.

Apart from Instagram, Lucinda was also on Facebook and Etsy. You can find many of her pottery works on Etsy.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Lucinda Lovesey From?

Currently, Lucinda lives in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. So, we can say that she is from Shropshire. But her hometown is London.

Not much is known about Lucinda’s early life. She has mentioned some of her relatives on her social media. For example, in October 2021, she prepared an Edwardian-style ceramic clock for her brother who lived in New Zealand.

Similarly, in December 2021, Lucinda made two ceramic model cars for her “stepfather who has raced in this car and a second one for the man who built it” as Christmas gifts.

  • What Are Lucinda Lovesey’s Distinct Features?

Presently, Lucinda had red hair, which mas pretty much her most distinct feature right now. However, her other distinct features include brown eyes, high cheekbones which stand out and look beautiful when she smiles, her smile, and of course, a pair of wide glasses that complete her amazing looks.

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