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Randen Montalvo Bio, Survivor 46, Wife, Job, Height

When the 46th season of Survivor debuted in 2024, Randen Montalvo was a member of the Nami Tribe cast. One of CBS’s longest-running television programs is “Survivor”  which debuted in 2000, and features several castaways as they attempt to survive for several days on an island. One of the cast members perseveres and wins the ultimate title of “Sole Survivor” as the others start to go out.  There’s more to Randen than meets the eye.

Here we bring you details about his age, wife, and his job.

Randen Montalvo On Survivor 46

Survivor 46’s contestant Randen Montalvo was encouraged by his family who watch the show religiously to compete on the show.

He told, “They’re like, “Hey, you’ve been through a lot in your life. Why don’t you try Survivor?” And I said, “What are you talking about?” I’ve had a really, really chaotic childhood. I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I work so hard to provide for my family. And my wife was like, “You can do that. You’re probably not gonna make the merge.” And my daughter says, “You’re probably gonna get voted out first.” So you might understand, very competitive family.”

But they believed that his lack of social graces would make him more inclined to murder a chicken than to bring you cookies and milk.

“She says, “Out of the group, think of the person who would bring cookies and milk to your door. You’re not that guy.” [Laughs.] “If you twisted the ratio and said, ‘Who would look like they’d kill a chicken if they see it?’ then your odds increased dramatically in terms of favor.” So I was like, “You know what, honey? I’m gonna apply.” And I did, because I like to put my money where my mouth is,” Randen elaborated on that.

“My daughter says she’s gonna have a number one party for me when I get back if I get voted out first. It’s so bad. That’s not even funny. That’s terrible.”

Randen has been able to comprehend relationships and not being seen because of a difficult upbringing.

Randen Montalvo Age

As of March 2024, Randen Montalvo is 41 years old. He was born in 1982.

Who Are Randen Montalvo Parents?

Randen Montalvo has a successful career and has his life figured out, but he didn’t have a very pleasant upbringing, so to speak. He ran away from the foster care system when he was younger.

“I used to run away from foster care, used to be on the streets. I don’t know my parents. I have siblings that I actually don’t even know. I know more about Jeff Probst than I do my own biological mother, and I’m not proud of that. And respect to her. I know she’s alive somewhere. We’re just not there. I just don’t have that,” Randen explained further.

But his ordeal gave him a sense of understanding the moment, being keen on relationships, and understanding people from the experience of people not seeing him.

Randen added further, “All my life, I had to struggle to figure out how to be seen. I was an extreme introvert when I was a child, and I still am. People don’t know that. If I was on this beach right now, I would have a book and a glass of wine. I’d probably sit here for hours. But guess what? Nobody sees you sometimes. And it’s sad. So, I had to teach myself how to be an extrovert.”

Public record shows that some of his family members are named Anthony Montalvo, John Montalvo, and Homayra Montalvo.

Randen Montalvo Job

Randen Montalvo is working as a Technical Consultant – AT&T Business – Mid Markets- West Region at AT&T. He joined the company in 2015 as an Assistant Sales Manager II – AT&T – Florida. After nearly four yours in that role, he became Sales Manager III – AT&T – Florida, then took on the role of Sales Program Execution Lead – AT&T Business – Small Business – Florida in October 2020 and served in that role until October 2022.

After that, Randen worked at AT&T as Sales Program Execution Lead – AT&T Business – Mid Markets- West Region until April 2023 before getting promoted into his current role.

Besides his job at AT&T, he is also working for the United States Air Force as an Aerospace Technician – Staff Sergeant.

Randen went to Seminole State College of Florida where he studied

Randen Montalvo Height

Based on his pictures, Randen Montalvo stands tall at the height above 5 feet 10 inches.

Randen Montalvo Wife

Randen Montalvo has been married to his wife Alicia Montalvo since 29 May 2017. Hence, as of February 2024, they have been happily married for nearly 7 years. According to Alicia’s Facebook, Randen proposed to her in December 2015 and has been together for more than a decade.

Alicia is 39 years old as of 2024. According to her Facebook, she works at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

The married couple shares two children an older daughter and a baby boy.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Randen Montalvo Birthday?

Randen Montalvo celebrates her birthday on 23 September.

  • Where Us Randen Montalvo From?

Randen Montalvo hailed from Kissimmee, Florida.

  • Is Randen Montalvo On Instagram?

Indeed, you can find Randen Montalvo on Instagram (@r.r.monty).

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