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Randy Herman Jr Wikipedia, Today, Brooke Preston

The Hulu documentary Dead Asleep was all about Randy Herman Jr who murdered his long-time friend Brooke Preston while asleep. “All I remember is standing over top of her and I’m holding a knife in my hand,” Randy shared over the trailer.

But what happened in real life? And where is he today? Keep reading this Randy Herman Jr Wikipedia to learn all about it.

Randy Herman Jr Murdered Brooke Preston

It was March 2017 when Randy Herman Jr woke up with bloodied hands holding a hunting knife and women lying face-down at his feet. He panicked, rushed to the bathroom, washed and rinsed, but it hardly made a difference. It seems that Randy had already murdered his long-time friend Brooke Preston.

So, it all began with Randy’s dream to move to Florida. At the time, Randy and Brooke’s older sister Jordan (then 24-year-old) were very close and they spent hours over Facetime joking about how life would be if they moved to South Florida. And in July 2016, Randy decided to make it happen and made the 20-hour drive to Florida.

The three (Randy, Brooke, and Jordan) then started their new life — Jordan started a new job at the regional water management plant, Brooke was working to finish her degree at State College of Florida, and Randy who had recently reemerged from probation after his second DUI landed a decent job at a marketing firm. 

However, Randy quit four months later because he couldn’t deal with the inconsistency of a commission-based salary. He then decided to take some time off to clear his head, meanwhile using the $25,000 inheritance from his father to pay his checks.

Unfortunately, Randy’s brief hiatus from work turned him into an alcoholic and drug addict, and he blew his entire inheritance in just three months.

Five months after moving to Florida, with Randy spending all his savings, Brooke then decided to move back North. In December 2016, she went on to live with her boyfriend in Buffalo, leaving her sister and Randy alone in their West Palm Beach house.

Brooke then returned 3 months later to say a final goodbye to her friends. And on the second day, Randy and Brooke made a run for a 12-pack of Bud Light and a bottle of champagne and headed to the beach.

Randy said his last memory of that night was sitting on their back patio, marveling at how drunk he was while the sun was still shining.

As per his friend Kyle McGregor, who showed up at the house, after receiving a text from Brooke, “Just come get me, I’m ready to kill Randy. He’s pissing me off.” — Randy was stumbling around drunk and opening and slamming the fridge door. 

Brooke then went to her bedroom to pack her bag before heading to Kyle’s. 

The next morning, Randy woke up in his bed still a bit drunk and with a gnarly hangover. Brooke was packing the last of her things to load into her car, and she invited him for breakfast, but Randy said he was in no shape to leave the house. So, he headed back to bed to sleep it off.

Brooke returned to the house after breakfast about an hour later. She then hugged  Randy to say goodbye and the last thing Randy remembers is watching Brooke close the door behind her as she left.

Less than 20 minutes later, Randy came to his senses and realized he was clutching his hunting knife, and Brooke was brutalized beyond the point of recognition. He had scratch marks on his chest and arms. Meaning, Brooke had put up a fight.

Randy Herman Jr Verdict

Randy Herman Jr was found guilty of first-degree murder by a 12-person jury, after about five hours of deliberations, and was sentenced to the mandatory term of life in prison. His defense that he was sleepwalking when he attacked Brooke Preston, was rejected.

After the verdict was read, both Randy and Brooke’s family teared up silently on opposite sides of the courtroom.

Talking a little about Randy’s family, he and his older sister were raised by a single mother. Their parents divorced when Randy was young. As for Randy’s father, he was a drunkard who was the prime suspect in the murder of his live-in girlfriend. It was later reported that he fled to Alabama and took his own life.

What Is The Hulu Documentary On Randy Herman Jr Called?

The Hulu documentary show on Randy Herman Jr is titled Dead Asleep. It was set to premiere on December 16, 2021.

The cast and crew inducted — Skye Borgman (Director), Sandrine Magloire-Szlasa (Producer), Skye Borgman/ Marisa Clifford/ Nelesh Dhand/ Poppy Dixon/ Sunshine Jackson/ Jack Oliver (Executive Producers), Peter Santana/ Darren Valdez (Flim Editor).

Where Is Randy Herman Jr Today?

Randy Herman Jr is serving a life sentence in a prison in Florida today (as of Dec 2021). However, the exact facility where he resided was kept a secret.

He has been in prison ever since he was convicted of first-degree murder in May 2019.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Randy Herman Jr?

Randy Herman Jr was 28 years of age in 2021.

He was 24 years of age when the dreadful incident took place.

  • Where Is Randy Herman Jr From?

Randy Herman lived in Laceyville, Pennsylvania before arriving in Florida. So, we believe that could be his hometown.

Where Did Randy Herman Jr Recieve His High School Diploma From?

He received his high school diploma from Wyalusing High School in 2011.

  • What Was Randy Herman Jr’s Job?

After graduation, Randy Herman went on to study criminal justice at Mansfield University. It was also the time he started using recreational drugs and practiced heavy drinking.

Meanwhile his studies, Randy worked part-time as a corrections officer at the county jail. 

Then, in August 2013, he was jailed for marijuana possession, and it also cost him his job. Later that year, he left school and moved back home. Then he worked for his family’s stone-cutting business as well as at a beef-processing plant.

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