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Rasmus Hedenstedt Bio, Age, Job, Krisse-Ly, Love Is Blind

Rasmus Hedenstedt was introduced to the fans of Love Is Blind as a 32-year-old self-employed individual. In the show, he was linked to Krisse-Ly. But are they still together? What does Rasmus’s job and career look like?

If you want to find out more keep scrolling down to read all about him here.

Rasmus Hedenstedt On Love Is Blind: Sweden

Rasmus Hedenstedt is one of the cast members of Love Is Blind: Sweden. This January, viewers of Love Is Blind: Sweden got to meet a fresh group of singletons. The ultimate sociological experiment, Netflix’s dating show debuted in style during the winter. As many fans of Love Is Blind are already aware, dating starts in the pods before some people bond and take off on a glamorous honeymoon.

Though the idea might seem a little strange, the show’s happy-ever-after couples, Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton from season one, and Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett, are still going strong. It seems possible that the new Netflix spin-off participants may soon meet their true love, based on the experiences of the previous cast members.

Thirty-two strangers have the courage to go on dates without ever setting eyes on one other. They will only be dating if they have a genuine connection, and their dates will take place in the most reasonably priced nation.

Are Rasmus Hedenstedt And Krisse-Ly From LIB Sweden Still Together?

As of this writing, neither Krisse-ly nor Rasmus Hedenstedt have disclosed their romantic status to the public, although it is evident from their social media feeds that they are still happily involved. It looks like they tied the knot after this experiment in the spring of 2023, then took a summer honeymoon in Italy before moving to Stockholm.

There was an electric spark that neither Krisse-ly Kuldkepp nor Rasmus Hedenstedt could ignore from the moment they saw each other in the pods. It all began when they were talking about her line of work, which led him to comment in passing that he had constructed his home lighting because he’s “not all thumbs,” which she found endearing.

The topic of their mutual love of dogs and tattoos quickly came up in discussion, and they both made it obvious that they were wearing their hearts on their sleeves rather than engaging in any games.

So it should come as no surprise that Krisse-ly and Rasmus felt quite excited after their first date; the former even said she was overcome with emotion. “We had the same deal breakers,” she remarked. “He stole my lines. I was like, f**k, we’re so alike… I liked that.” Unfortunately, the self-employed hottie quickly discovered that he was forming a natural bond with Catja Lövstrand as well, which put them in a state of temporary uncertainty even though the former was aware that this was all part of the experiment.

Even yet, Krisse-ly didn’t hesitate to give Rasmus access to her most private parts, believing that if they made it through, it would contribute to their solid foundation and help him come to a conclusion. He broke up with Catja while still making it obvious he cared for her because he realized he had already fallen for her and that she could carry her soul without expecting anything more from him than honesty in return. Driven by this evident division as well as his own persistent attempts to be more approachable, the former took the risk and asked her beloved to marry her on his birthday, to which he enthusiastically accepted.

The first meeting between Krisse-ly and Rasmus went just as planned; they were ecstatic, kissed a lot, and he made the whole thing official by popping the question. Then followed their opulent vacation to Cyprus, which gave them a clear indication of what was ahead: lots more romance, foolishness, understanding, and support through it all.

Though they were confident in their ability to handle whatever came their way, the couple became extremely anxious toward the end when they discovered they hadn’t had a single major or minor argument. There was no pushback or dissatisfaction of any kind, only complete respect for her need to refrain from physical intimacy on the first night.

Rasmus Hedenstedt Age

According to his Netflix bio, Rasmus Hedenstedt is 32 years old.

Rasmus Hedenstedt Height

Per his pictures, Rasmus Hedenstedt’s height measures above 6 feet.

Rasmus Hedenstedt Job

Rasmus Hedenstedt is a Chief Operating Officer at Transiett.

Rasmus was working as a Business Consultant at Vroom Stockholm AB. He also worked as a CEO at Stressless Watches Stockholm AB. Moreover, he was a car salesman at Bilia.

Furthermore, Rasmus was a facility manager at Riddermark Bil AB. He also served as a Customer Manager at European Motor AB. He was also employed at Alert Alarm AB as a sales manager of direct sales and as a Salesperson/Team Leader at Sector Alarm.

Rasmus studied . For that, he went to the Education Center Jan Fridegård.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Rasmus Hedenstedt Birthday?

Sadly, Rasmus Hedenstedt’s birthday is not available.

  • Is Rasmus Hedenstedt On Instagram?

Indeed, you can find Rasmus Hedenstedt on Instagram (@rasmushedenstedt).

  • Where Is Rasmus Hedenstedt From?

Rasmus Hedenstedt is residing in Stockholm, Sweden.

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