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Sergio Rincon Age, Job, Love Is Blind Sweden, Amanda

Sergio Rincon is the first-season star of 1 Love Is Blind: Sweden. Who is he? What does he do for a living?

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Sergio Rincon On Love Is Blind: Sweden

Sergio Rincon is the star of Love Is Blind: Sweden. This January, viewers of Love Is Blind: Sweden will get to meet a fresh group of singletons. The ultimate sociological experiment, Netflix’s dating show debuted in style during the winter. As many fans of Love Is Blind are already aware, dating starts in the pods before some people bond and take off on a glamorous honeymoon.

Though the idea might seem a little strange, the show’s happy-ever-after couples, Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton from season one, and Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett, are still going strong. It seems possible that the new Netflix spin-off participants may soon meet their true love, based on the experiences of the previous cast members.

Love Is Blind Sweden star Sergio Rincón presents himself as a 37-year-old who’s been residing in Barcelona, Spain for the past two years. Sergio replies in jest, “I can’t reveal that, then we’d have to get married,” when Kimia asks him his name.

When the football coach says he wants to “play hard to get” and won’t give his name, Kimia is completely perplexed.

In the ladies’ room, Sergio’s attempt to play the mysterious character in the pods didn’t go over too well. Evidently, word spread that he was keeping his identity a secret, leading some of the women to conclude that he was getting a “no from them.”

Sergio was super-keen to keep the “mystique” continuing but ultimately began to let his guard down. The native of Stockholm became more forthcoming with Amanda, disclosing his name and further personal information. The Netflix star explained he’d lived in Stockholm all his life and that his parents were from Colombia.

Sergio was asked additional questions as the dating in the pods went on, and he responded with increasingly cryptic responses. Andrea questioned whether he typically dated this many women at once, to which he replied, “I’m so good-looking,” leading her to believe he had a “big ego.” His attempts at “trying to be funny” turned Andrea off, but it appeared like Serge was merely looking to chuckle.

The fact that there is just interaction amongst participants in the pods to determine whether or not they click was one of Sergio’s more perplexing features. Reversing the order of events a little, Sergio stated that he preferred to postpone discussing most subjects until later because “there wouldn’t be anything to talk about” otherwise.

Sergio also said he’d been asked what his name was “so many times,” but in what’s effectively blind speed dating, the girls don’t really have a lot to work with.

Are Sergio Rincon And Amanda From Love Is Blind: Sweden Together?

Sergio Rincón made quite a name for himself among the female cast members of the Netflix series’ first season of Love Is Blind: Sweden. It turns out that he had received mixed reviews for being elusive when it came to disclosing his name to several of his dates. After hearing the stories, Amanda walked into the pod with Sergio, and she was pleasantly pleased when he revealed his name. The two truly clicked right away because of their similar hobbies and sense of humor.

However, Sergio was still interested in Alexandra and Kimia, so Amanda wasn’t the only lady he was after. He was unsure of how he would handle picking one woman over the other two despite his intense interest in all three of them. Ultimately, there was a feeling he had with Amanda that he didn’t believe he had with any of the other girls. He finally admitted to her that he was only seeing her at one time, even though he was still going on dates with the other two girls.

Even though Sergio made the decision to break up with Kimia and Alexandra during his subsequent dates with the two ladies, Amanda was still unaware that Sergio had not been truthful. But Sergio was able to discuss the same thing with Amanda, and the two were able to proceed with the relationship, with each calling the other their boyfriend or girlfriend. Sergio handed Amanda a bracelet that resembled his own during one of their later outings.

This in turn led Amanda to talk about how she was teased as a child for having scoliosis and donning the appropriate medical gear to manage it. Sergio wondered for a long whether she was attractive, a feeling he shared with the other male competitors. Many of them thought Sergio’s concerns were inappropriate, and he later referred to himself as “shallow” and said that this just served to highlight Amanda’s inner strength.

Sergio Rincon Age

At the time of filming the show, Sergio Rincon was 37 years old.

Sergio Rincon Job

Sergio Rincon was a former DJ but still appears to be working in the music business. He hasn’t posted anything for more than 4 years now, per his SoundCloud where he goes by the name DJ Nook.

According to his website, Sergio wrote, “The year is 2000 and Sergio Rincón was working at the bar of Glade Viking as a bartender in Spain, and Sergio was asked about if he wanted to take care of putting some music at the place. As the days went by, Sergio started to notice that he got lots of compliments for the music. Soon a friend of Sergio asked if he wanted to play at a club he worked for (klubb exit in Sweden). The first gig was a success; the people loved the mix of music that was played. As the weekend went by Sergio got more and more gigs.”

Sergio has played in many places such as Stureplan, Stockholm, Tyreso, Telefonplan, Haninge, and more.

How Tall Is Sergio Rincon?

Sergio Rincon stands tall above the height of 5 feet 10 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Sergio Rincon Birthday?

Per one Instagram post, Sergio Rincon celebrates his birthday on 24 August.

  • Where Is Sergio Rincon From?

Sergio Rincon has been living in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Is Sergio Rincon On Instagram?

Yes, Sergio Rincon is available on Instagram (@mrsergiorincon).

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