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Rawia Monkii Bio, Age, Job, 90 Day Fiance, Hamza Sister

Rawia Monkii, sister of 90 Day Fiance‘s Hamza, confirmed via an Instagram and confirmed that her brother had a baby daughter in America with his wife, Memphis. Her brother and sister-in-law Memphis met each other online. Within eight months of dating, they decided to get married the first time they met in person.

But, they had second thoughts about their relationship. But, in the end, they did it. They had a Tunisian wedding and got pregnant within three weeks. But, the relationship between the two started shattering when Memphis discovered that Hamza had lied about his age and added two more years to look mature. So, she then decided to learn what else he had lied to him about.

Although Rawia welcomed Memphis with an open arm initially to their home in Tunisia, the relationship isn’t taking the pleasant course as it should’ve by now.

Learn about the woman who is opening up about the relationship between Hamza and Memphis. Below, you’ll learn about what she has been responsible for, her age, her job, and her relationship with Memphis. Keep reading to learn more.

Meet Rawia Monkii, Hamza’s Sister On 90 Day Fiance

Enter Rawia Monkii, translator for her sister-in-law Memphis Smith. Memphis wanted to find out if her husband lied about the HVAC certificate. Rawia also assisted Memphis in informing Hamza that in order to marry Memphis, he needed to vow to sign a postnuptial agreement. Rawia was disappointed that Memphis preferred a piece of paper to her brother.

However, there were rumors circling that Rawai might’ve caused the split between Hamza and Memphis.

While Memphis departed Tunisia on good terms with Hamza’s family, his sister has been openly discussing her brother’s connection on social media. On April 7, she first sparked suspicions when she used her Instagram stories to answer TLC fans’ inquiries.“Do you feel Memphis treats your brother well?” one follower asked. Rawia simply answered, “No.”

One follower asked her, “Has your niece been born yet!”. She posted “Yes” on her Instagram story. Soon, other fans joined her on Instagram to ask her questions that neither Hamza nor Memphis had previously addressed.

Another follower asked, “What is the baby’s [sic] name?”. To which she answered in a cryptic way, “It starts with a letter. K.”

Although she hasn’t traveled to the states, Rawia confirmed seeing her niece on the phone.

Rawia is thought to be nice for not revealing the baby’s name without her parents’ permission. During the 90-Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Tell-All Part 2, it’s believed that further details regarding Memphis’ pregnancy and the baby would be revealed. If not, is it true that Memphis and Hamza are filming 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

About the breakup rumor, Memphis and Hamza were spotted together in their hometown of Muskegon back in March 2022.

However, Memphis wasn’t going to maintain silence on the matter. She had an emotional breakdown while calling out Hamza Moknii and his sister Rawia on Instagram. Memphis recently a series of Instagram stories, in which she confessed she is “so tired.” According to the reality star, people “have no idea” of what’s really going on.

Rawia Monkii Age

As of this writing in 2022, Rawia Monkii is 25 years old.

Rawia Monkii Job

There is no information related to Rawia Monkii’s job. Since Rawia and her mother Hayet agreed to film for 90 Day Fiance, they kind of became a supporting cast in the show, which can be counted as a part-time job for them. Upon appearing on the show for the first time, Rawia’s mom became an instant hit with the 90 Day fandom.

Despite coming belonging to the Muslim community, they commended her for being an open-minded individual. Some even wanted her story to become the main plot of the show.

They also wished to see Hamza’s mother teaming up “with Gwen for a show,”.

As for her real day job, we are yet to discover details regarding that.

Is Rawia Monkii On Instagram?

Yes, Rawia Monkii is on Instagram. She has already garnered a staggering 11.8k followers on her IG (@rawia_mok). She has only made one post as of this writing. However, she doesn’t seem to be on any other social media platforms.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Rawia Monkii Reside Today?

Rawia Monkii still resides in Tunisia with her family members.

  • How Tall Is Rawia Monkii?

Going by the looks, Rawia Monkii should stand tall under the height of 5 feet 5 inches.

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