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Reagan Hack Boyfriend: Who Is Reece William? Age, Job

BIn the 6th episode of Southern Hospitality, Bravo decided to bring in a new member to the cast — Reagan Hack — who is no stranger to the staff of the Republic. Considering the drama surrounding Reagan, the Republic staff were quite stunned when Leva Bonaparte brought in Reagan as the VIP of sales at the Republic. In the article below, we will be talking about Reagan Hack’s boyfriend Reece William, whom the reality TV star has been dating for almost a couple of years.

Find out about Reece’s age, job, family, and details about his relationship with Reagan.

Meet Reece William, Southern Hospitality Reagan Hack Boyfriend

South Carolina native Reagan Hack previously worked at the Republic but quit to travel the world with her boyfriend. In the past, she has also worked as a part-time waitress at a steakhouse restaurant, interned for the South Carolina House of Representatives as a campaign assistant, held the part-time position of Client Sales Manager at a medical spa, and completed her bachelor’s degree from the College of Charleston.

Now, Reagan is again back at the Republic as a VIP of sales. Furthermore, she models for Ursula Wiedmann and moonlights remotely for Palmetto Publishing as a marketing copywriter.

However, Reagan’s busy schedule is not what is troubling the other staff at the Republic. Season 1 Episode 6 of Southern Hospitality dished on Reagan and her previous relationship with cast member Will Kulp. Reagan reportedly cheated on Will during their relationship with another cast member, Bradley Carter.

It’s also worth noting that there’s a rumor going on around that she may also have cheated on her current boyfriend, Reece William, with Bradley. However, the rumor is not confirmed yet.

As per Reece’s Facebook, he and Reagan have been in a relationship since May 20, 2021. Reece has featured Reagan on his Instagram quite a number of times.

One time, he wished Reagan during her 23rd birthday, and in another IG post, he promised Reagan the world.

Talking more about their relationship, the staff at the Republic have alluded to Reece being a possessive boyfriend who is not very happy with Reagan’s decision to return to the Republic. What will happen to their relationship because of Reagan’s return to the Republic is yet to be seen.

Reece William Age

Born in 1989, Reece William’s age was 33 at the time of this writing in Jan 2023. In his whole life, Reece has only had one scrape with the law when he was arrested in 2009 in Charleston, South Carolina for driving under the influence (DUI).

Reece William Job

Reece William has been serving Middleburg Communities as Principal, Head of Site Acquisitions since April 2021. There, he is responsible for developing and executing acquisition strategy for new development opportunities for Middleburg Communities. Some of the work that Reece has to do include sourcing and shepherding all new deals through the negotiation, underwriting, analysis, and due diligence process.

Besides working at Middleburg Communities, Reece also works as a Managing Principal at Wayah Wake Real Estate Advisors, which offers strategic solutions for land owners, developers, and investors in the acquisition, disposition, and development of multi-family and single-family real estate in the Southeastern US.

Before moving to acquisitions, Reece practiced commercial real estate and transactional law in Charlotte, North Carolina with the southeastern regional law firm Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein, LLP.

As for Reece’s education, he received his dual Master of Business Administration in corporate finance and real estate from Wake Forest University. He also completed his JD in transactional law from Wake Forest. Reece earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Is Reece William On Instagram?

Coming to Reece’s Instagram, he seems to be a person who values privacy as his Instagram handle, @younggreece, was private at the time of this writing. As of January 2023, Reece had close to 2.1 thousand followers on Instagram. You can find Reece on Facebook as well.

Reece William Height

Reportedly, Reece William stands at an average height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Reece William Family

Marty and Susan Lester Kimsey are Reece William’s parents. Reece’s father was 64 years old and his mother was 51 years old at the time of this writing.

Marty and Susan both work at Kimsey Realty and Auction. While Marty is a broker/agent there, Susan is only a member. Additionally, the 64-year-old Marty is also a broker/agent at Remax Elite.

Reece also has one sister, Sarah Kimsey, in his family. She was 36 years old at the time of this writing. Sarah is married to Allen Shearl. The couple has 3 kids from their relationship.

Furthermore, Melanee Buchanan Lester is Reece’s maternal grandmother. Melanee went to Andrew College and South Dade High School for education.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Reece William From?

Reece William is originally from Franklin, North Carolina, even though he lives in Charleston, South Carolina now.

  • When Is Reece William Birthday?

According to online sources, Reece celebrates his birthday on the 12th of May every year.

  • How Much Is Reece William Net Worth?

Reece William’s net worth, as of January 2023, was estimated to be under $1.5 million. Although we did not know Reece’s salary as a Principal, Head of Site Acquisition at Middleburg Communities, showed  $78,468 as the average salary for a site acquisitions manager in Columbia, South Carolina.

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