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Tiania Haneline Bio, Boyfriend, Height, Job, Family

Tiania Haneline is in hot waters after being accused of exploiting her five years old daughter Scarlett for fame. A few months before, she also introduced her boyfriend her fans know very little about. This article is about her boyfriend Randy, her job, and her family members.

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Tiania Haneline Accused Of Exploitation

It’s not news that TikTok is a platform where you meet all sorts of people doing all sorts of things. Some have used it as a medium to entertain their followers and share information, while others have used it to build careers it. However, being in the eye of the public doesn’t always work in your favor, and Tiania Haneline, a momfluencer from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, knows it the best. They currently have 6 million followers.

Tiania has been bashed for exploiting her daughter Scarlett for clout. The mother-daughter duo rose to popularity in 2022 after one of their videos went viral. Claims against Tiania were only strengthened after the mother was shown in a now-viral video appearing to reprimand Scarlett.

I’m Going to Have a Good Day!: Daily Affirmations with Scarlett, a new children’s book by Tiania and Scarlett, is scheduled to be released on January 24. However, Tiania finds herself in trouble before it is published. After a contentious clip from her live feed went viral, the mom was accused of exploitation. This is what transpired.

A screen capture of one of Tiania’s live broadcasts circulated on TikTok in January. Scarlett encouraged her daughter to hurry up as they left the house in it. Scarlett poked her head in as Tiania moved out of the shot. Her daughter sank down in her seat and informed her mother she didn’t want to be on camera after realizing she was being videotaped.

Off-camera but still visible in a mirror, Tiania gestured angrily at her daughter, who then started to cry and apologize. Soon, Tiania turned off the webcam. Many people believe that the mother could have responded more immediately. The event rekindled a discussion that had been dormant concerning momfluencers profiting from the privacy of their children.

Later, Tiania used TikTok to set the record straight. In a video published on Jan. 10, Tiania made an effort to clarify what she thought the now-viral TikTok video’s viewers were seeing. “I wanted to wait [and] address this when we were done with our vacation but this has gone way [too] far. To everyone that has shown me so much love and support thank you,” the TikToker captioned the video.

Following that, she addressed many of the significant errors she had made on social media, and many users praised her for accepting responsibility.

Tiania Haneline Boyfriend

Yes, Tiania Haneline has a boyfriend, and his name is Randy Watson. She introduced him to her fans via TikTok and an IG post in September 2022. Fans were dying to know how they met and when they started dating but they never publicly shared about their relationship.

The momfluencer, a few days after introducing her boyfriend took to IG and wrote, “Moms, stop feeling guilty for taking time away from your children. And world stop making us feel guilty for taking time for ourselves.”

In another post, Tiania added, “Don’t mind us we are just enjoying each other, making memories, laughing like crazy, and pushing each other to be the best versions of ourselves.” Tiania confirmed that the man she introduced was not Scarlett’s father.

On his birthday on 2 January 2023, Tiania wished her man, “Happy Birthday to the man that stole all of our hearts! Thank you for loving me and my family the way you do! Randy Watson.”

They appear to be in a long-distance relationship as Randy is likely from Virginia and made several posts about how much she misses him. Randy likely had a job as a “non-CDL licensed driver” who has his own truck.

Tiania and Randy also have a shared FB page (@OurPerfectlyBlendedFAM).

Tiania Haneline Children

Besides Scarlett, Tiania also has two sons; Riece Alexander Walden and Walker Chase.

Reice turned 15 years old in January 2023. Walker the oldest turned 17 years old in September 2022.

Tiania was previously married to her ex-husband Michael Walden, 42-year-old from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He is an American Painter and Graphic Designer Artist/Voice Actor/Script & Screen Writer.

Tiania had both Riece and Walker with Michael. Though they are divorced now they are still on good terms with each other.

As for her boyfriend, Randy is himself a father to a girl named Sheena Simmons, his pre-teen daughter.

How Old Is Tiania Haneline?

Tiania Haneline was born in May 1981. She reached 41 age in 2022.

Tiania Haneline Job

By trade, Tiania Haneline is a digital creator. It is also her full-time job now. Tiania worked as an assistant property manager for 10 years. After a management company bought the apartment complex where she was working in April 2021, she turned into a full-time content creator.

Tiania Haneline Height

Tiania Haneline stands tall under the height of 5’8”.

Is Tiania Haneline On Instagram?

Yes, Tiania Haneline is on Instagram (@tianiahaneline) and Facebook (@tiania).

Tiania Haneline Family

Tiania Haneline was born to her parents Debbie Collins Haneline and Wayne Haneline in Troutman, North Carolina. Her siblings are John Brandon Haneline (Laura)- Statesville, North Carolina, and Julie Lynette Haneline-Huntersville, North Carolina.

Also, Tiania’s maternal parents are James Davis Collins and Nattie G Collins. Her grandparents married on 30 June 1951 and were together for 60 years. Her grandmother passed away on 8 August 2016 at the age of 84. Nattie’s 2013 diagnosis of colon cancer spurred a brave and inspirational fight against the disease.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Tiania Haneline From?

Tiania Haneline is a resident of Statesville, North Carolina.

  • When Is Tiania Haneline Birthday?

Tiania Haneline celebrates her birthday in May.

  • How Much Is Tiania Haneline Net Worth?

As of 2023, Tiania Haneline’s net worth is above $700 thousand.

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