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Reba Wood Bio, Age, Instagram, Job, Farmer Wants A Wife

Meet Reba Wood from season 2 of Farmer Wants A Wife. What does she do for a living? How old is she now? Is she on Instagram?

Here is what we’ve discovered about Reba.

Reba Wood On Farmer Wants A Wife

Reba Wood, a bar supervisor from Spearfish, South Dakota is out to find love on Farmer Wants A Wife. “I liked the demographic that it was like wholesome, and sweet and fun to watch so then I just applied,” Reba told Blackhillsfox. For Reba, all she wants is her chance at happily ever after.

“I wanted to do Farmer Wants a Wife because I do desire the country lifestyle and a wholesome good ol’ boy. I’m a North Dakota girl and I do tend to fall for country boys. Being where I am it’s hard to meet guys that don’t drink and don’t gamble, you know I meet so many men here, right, and so many men that fit that mold, but a completely different lifestyle than myself, and being a mom and things like that,” Reba added.

Reba stated that she connected with her farmer, Brandon, right away. She said that coming from tiny villages together was what first drew them together.

“I think Brandon valued that I’m from a small town already. You know he was asking me about Target and if I have a problem driving to a Target, and I’m like ‘I already drive an hour to Target.’ So we meshed well on a lot of those aspects that is a small town vibe. We just like a slow-paced lifestyle, just kind of stick to the basics,” Reba added further.

Since Reba is also a mother of a little child, this journey has involved more for her than simply finding her match. She knew there would be no issues when she brought her daughter to meet Brandon after her initial conversation with her farmer.

“Brandon was the utmost supportive about my child. You know he taught children’s basketball and he was actually a school teacher before he kind of took over the farm. I didn’t worry on that aspect so much and my daughter is a lover of all people, “After the anxiety of the first day and her first meeting with Brandon, viewers will get a closer look at the more emotional aspect of the journey. I didn’t worry on that aspect so much and my daughter is a lover of all people.”

“This was my actual first rodeo. The first episode was all adrenaline and Red Bull, and this episode was definitely more down to the emotional side of things. We really slowed things down and brought out the romance,” Reba went on.

However, fans at home aren’t very thrilled about Reba’s journey though they initially rooted for her and Brandon. But the charm went away when Reba started complaining about Joy and it created a bad impression in the viewers at home.

Reba Wood Daughter

Yes, Reba Wood has a daughter and posted one photo without revealing her face in the first week of February 2024. The mother and daughter duo were in a bowling alley. “Sometimes you gotta leeeaan to get that ball to listen… 🎳 No bumpers kid!” the post’s caption read.

Is Reba Wood On Instagram?

Yes, Reba Wood is on Instagram and goes by the handle (@rebadid). She has 384 followers as of this writing.

Reba Wood Age

Born in 1994, Reba Wood reached the age of 29 in 2024.

Reba Wood Job

Reba Wood was working as a bartender at the Midnight Star in Deadwood when he joined the show. According to her LinkedIn, she has been working at the Midnight Star since October 2022.

Who Are Reba Wood Parents?

It is not clear who Reba Wood’s parents are. But some of the people she is related to are Robert Bruce Merwin, 61, Robert A Berube, 89, and Breeghn Couch, 41.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Reba Wood From?

Reba hailed from Spearfish, South Dakota.

  • When Is Reba Wood Birthday?

Reba Wood’s birthday is in July.

  • How Tall Is Reba Wood?

Per her pictures, Reba stands tall under 5 feet 5 inches.

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