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Trevor Sova Bio, Love Is Blind, Family, Age, Job, Height

Love Is Blind Trevor Sova has a long history of dating. His interests in his 20s included “hookups, messing around, and not taking relationships seriously.” Now that he’s over that stage, though, Trevor is looking for a committed relationship. He’s looking for a lasting companion, and the perfect match for him would be someone who shares his “driven” nature.

“Who has no goals” in life is a warning sign for Trevor. If the woman he is after shares his dedication to physical well-being, that would be an added plus.

Trevor is looking for the perfect woman to put up with his one vice, which is “chewing ice while watching TV.” Trevor wants a lady who loves pets as much as he does because he views his dogs as his children. He also has a special place in his heart for youngsters, having worked with those who have difficulties. He therefore imagines a future in which he will be with a woman who is eager to have children.

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Trevor Sova On Love Is Blind

Trevor Sova came into the Netflix series hoping to find a match for his intensity. Luckily for him, the reality star was able to establish an immediate rapport with none other than Chelsea Blackwell. Their easygoing conversation and interests made it easy for them to form a bond that they would come to treasure. But Chelsea had also discovered that she was easily slipping into a comfortable connection with Jimmy Presnell.

As time passed, Trevor came to understand that he had a special bond with Chelsea and that he should devote all of his attention to her. Trevor made it clear that he did not believe it was a big deal, even after finding out that Chelsea had actually been married to her high school boyfriend for five years, having married him when she was eighteen.

Trevor went on to say that he didn’t think their spouse had ever experienced physical intimacy with another person. He was willing to assist Chelsea in any way he could, as Chelsea was devastated by Jimmy’s unsatisfactory response to the same news.

Jimmy and Trevor stayed close friends, even though both men were trying to get in touch with Chelsea. It did not, however, deter him from announcing his love for Chelsea with abandon, hoping that he would be picked instead of Trevor. At first thrilled, Chelsea could not help but feel overtaken when Jimmy admitted to the same thing.

Soon after, both guys were prepared to ask Chelsea to marry them, but she wasn’t sure which one to choose.

Chelsea went to talk to Jimmy on that fateful day, and he declared his intention to marry her. Chelsea accepted the proposition despite her mixed feelings and was eager to see him. Trevor was heartbroken and could not help but talk to her after that. He revealed that he was ready to ask her for her hand in marriage and pondered out loud if Chelsea would have accepted his proposal if she had entered the pod across from him first.

Trevor said that this was not a good omen, particularly for Jimmy’s sake, since Chelsea did not dispute it.

Ever since leaving the world of Love Is Blind behind, Trevor has returned to his regular routine and his work as a project technician for Cardinal Health. He’s back in North Carolina, working out at the gym and hanging around with his dogs, Bear and Goliath, according to a glance at his Instagram. About his animal friends, the reality TV personality lamented the demise of his family dog, Duke, early on January 20, 2024.

According to Trevor, Duke had been experiencing respiratory issues due to a tumor in his nose, which forced Trevor’s family to make the painful decision to put him to sleep.

Trevor Sova Age

As of February 2024, Trevor Sova was 31 years old.

Trevor Sova Family

Gregory Sova and Jill Sova are likely the parents of Trevor Sova. In April 2023, Gregory turned 59 years old. Jill reached 54 in September 2023.

But, Trevor is very private about his family details.

Trevor Sova Job

While Trevor Sova is a fitness enthusiast, he is also working as a project technician at Cardinal Health. He started the job in March 2023.

Before that, Trevor was working as a technical recruiter at PruTech Solutions, Inc., and later as an account manager. From 2018 to 2021, he worked as a general manager at Complete Nutrition. Moreover, he was a direct support professional at InReach NC.

From 2013 to 2016, Trevor was a Fitness Professional/Membership Sales at the YMCA of Greater Charlotte.

Trevor graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Trevor Sova Height

Per his pictures, Trevor Sova stands tall at the height above 5 feet 11 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Trevor Sova From?

Trevor Sova hailed from Summerville, North Carolina.

  • Is Trevor Sova On Instagram?

Indeed, Trevor Sova is available on Instagram (@itstrevorsova).

  • When Is Trevor Sova Birthday?

Per the public record, Trevor Sova celebrates his birthday in August.

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