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Rebecca Musser Husband: Who Is Ben Musser? His Age, Job

Rebecca Musser‘s husband Ben Musser played a huge role to help her become the woman she is today. She spoke highly of Ben in her book and on media. So, who is Rebecca Musser’s husband Ben?

Below, we cover details regarding his age, job, and his current wife. So, keep on scrolling to learn more about Ben Musser.

Meet Ben Musser, Rebecca Musser Husband

Ben Musser saved Rebecca Musser’s life from being abused and being assigned to or married to someone she wouldn’t want to. She barely knew him when she first escaped from the FLDS church’s compound. But, she trusted him to safely rescue her from the hell she wished to escape from for a long time.

Rebecca made the decision to flee from the compound of the FLDS church which was possible after her husband Rulon died in September 2002. Warren, the new in charge of the church had given her the ultimatum to marry the person he chose.

One night, Rebecca gathered all her courage and escaped from the compound in a sly manner so that she wouldn’t be caught. Rebecca trekked half-mile where Ben was waiting for her who would meet her in his brother’s truck.

At the time, Ben was only 19-year-old. Rebecca spoke about Ben to MarieClaire, “He had shown kindness to me, telling me not to be forced into doing anything I didn’t want to do. Without him, all was lost”.

Reflecting on that day, Ben and Rebecca were escaping from Utah to Las Vegas, she recalled: “In the silence of the growing light, I stole furtive glances at Ben, whom I barely knew. I had just left everything and nearly everyone I’d ever known, and so had he”. They traveled to Oregon, where Rebecca’s brother Cole was expelled from the FLDS for attempting to protect our younger siblings from a beating.

It was difficult for both Ben and Rebecca outside in the world they knew and trusted very little. But, eventually sending countless applications, after two weeks of escaping, they ended up getting a job at a restaurant which helped them support themselves.

In her book The Witness Wore Red, Rebecca wrote, “I also dedicate this book to Ben Musser, whom I’ve watched become a most incredible and loving father.”

How Many Kids Do Ben And Rebecca Musser Have?

Ben and Rebecca married not long after. They ended up becoming parents of two children; Kyle and Natalia. Kyle in September 2021, turned 18 years old. Whereas, Natalia is 14 years old in 2022.

However, after having the children, they separated and eventually got divorced. But, even after the divorce, they are still in touch with each other. They are connected on Facebook and tag each other on FB posts.

Ben has found a new wife for himself. On 14 September 2019, he tied the knot with his new wife Shandra Musser. Shandra is the mother of one daughter named Taylor who turned 12 years old in June 2022.

On 27 September 2021, Ben and Shandra celebrated their 7th dating anniversary.

Moreover, Shandra posted on her Facebook, “7 years!!!! 7 years of adventures with Ben! In that time we have had more good times than many have in a lifetime. We have also faced challenges most can’t fathom…. But we’ve done it together! This weekend we shut off! Enjoyed no service and no worries. Found a couple of new hot springs that were awesome! While I took a nap my sweetie set up music, chairs, and champagne on Stanley Lake (we were the only people there)! Blessed beyond words babe cheers to the next 100 years! I love you!”.

Ben Musser Age

Born in July 1983, Ben Musser reached 38 years old in 2021.

Ben Musser Job

Ben Musser is a general contractor by profession. He is the co-owner and president of Paradise Paradise Building Company Inc. The company is engaged in the construction of buildings.

According to OpenCorporates, the company was incorporated in November 2014. His wife Shandra has also been listed as the secretary of the company. He reportedly founded the company with his brother Wendell Musser. The company also has a business page on Facebook.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, Ben shared that he started the company in 2005. In September 2020, the company’s Facebook page shared that one tree-house-inspired shed that they built for their client Evelyn and Kelly Dame was featured on According to the article, the multiuse shed on their 13-acre property matches their main home.

The homeowners hired local draftsman Kyle Hall to design their shed. Meanwhile, Ben Musser helped to frame and finish the structure.

Is Ben Musser On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Ben Musser is on Facebook (@ben.musser.1). However, he doesn’t seem to be on Instagram.

Ben Musser Parents

Technically, Ben was Rebecca Musser’s grandson. He was born to Rulon Jeffs and one of Rebecca’s sister-wife. He has 45 siblings in total. Although he never share anything about his mother, on Mother’s Day 2020, he wrote on his Facebook: “Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful and beautiful moms out there!!! You make the world go round!!!”.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Ben Musser Birthday?

Ben Musser celebrates his birthday on 3 July.

  • Where Is Ben Musser From?

Ben Musser was born in “Short Creek,” as the twin towns of Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Ariz., were once known. He is currently living in Payette, Idaho.

  • Was Ben Musser A Member Of FLDS?

Yes, Ben Musser was once a member of FLDS.

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