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Rebecca Musser Family: Husband, Daughter, Parents, Siblings

Meet Rebecca Musser Family: Husband, Daughter, Parents, Siblings.

Growing up, Rebecca Musser was taught that being a mother in Zion, being absolutely obedient to the prophet, and one day having the opportunity to be placed by a fine priesthood man, being flawlessly obedient to him, was the highest thing she could ever expect to achieve. Knowing what she knows now, she looks back on many of those lectures and realizes the enormous level of mind control that is required to maintain such a controlled environment.

But that was all they knew as a child growing up. These things were imparted to them. And she aspired to be a nice priesthood girl who was obedient and who would one day be granted the great blessing of marriage, allowing her to enter heaven.

Learn more about her early life and her family here in this article.

Meet Rebecca Musser Family Members

Rebecca Musser was born to her mother Sharon Steed and her father Lloyd Wall. She grew up learning that men were in charge of women and that suffering in this life meant “salvation in the next”. Sexual crimes were rampant: Rebecca was 4 the first time an older relative abused her.

Chosen to be the 19th of Rulon Jeffs’s wives, “I didn’t want it,” Rebecca recalled. “But rejecting that ‘blessing’ would have brought tremendous shame to my family”. Rulon was considered a prophet by the FLDS. Why didn’t she feel grateful that she had been chosen by him? she wondered. “Holding this old man’s hand… I felt lost,” she said, recalling how he was so weak he could barely stand.

“I was ashamed that I was not more thrilled”.

She remembers “feeling Rulon’s hand and how bony it was at our wedding. I had to pull him out of the chair because he couldn’t walk by himself. I kept thinking, ‘This is what I’m supposed to be in love with?'”

However, nothing compared to the seven years of sexual abuse that followed. She was called into his bedroom to engage in sexual acts at least three times a month, Rebecca recalled.

When she refused his advances, Jeffs’s son, Warren – who would ultimately become the FLDS leader – promised that she would be ‘destroyed in the flesh’ if she refused him again.

Who Is Rebecca Musser Husband, Ben Musser?

Rebecca Musser married her husband Ben Musser who was technically her grandson. When she made the decision to flee from the compound, she trekked half-mile to meet Ben, who would meet her in his brother’s truck. At the time, Ben was 19-year-old, and the grandson of her husband Rulon from one of Rebecca’s sister-wives.

Rebecca spoke about Ben to MarieClaire, “He had shown kindness to me, telling me not to be forced into doing anything I didn’t want to do. Without him, all was lost”.

Reflecting on the moment, Ben and Rebecca were escaping from Utah to Las Vegas, she recalled: “In the silence of the growing light, I stole furtive glances at Ben, whom I barely knew. I had just left everything and nearly everyone I’d ever known, and so had he.”

They headed to Oregon, where Rebecca’s brother Cole lived after banishment from FLDS when he tried to shield our younger siblings from a beating.

Days passed feeling homesick and remembering her mother, sisters, and friends, but she consoled herself in the meantime, as they started earning money. Two weeks later after countless applications, they both got jobs at restaurants.

Later on, they married and became parents to two children: Kyle and Natalia. In her book The Witness Wore Red, Rebecca wrote, “I also dedicate this book to Ben Musser, whom I’ve watched become a most incredible and loving father.” But, they divorced later.

Note: Learn more about Ben Musser and his current life here.

Who Is Rebecca Musser Daughter, Natalia Musser?

When Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey was premiered on Netflix in June 2022, Rebecca Musser’s daughter Natalia Musser was 14 years old. Rebecca’s latest IG post was about Natalia. She posted, “Watching @netflix Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey with my daughter, Natalia. It is hard to find words to describe what it is for us to watch the early stories of my family and life told on-screen”.

She concluded with the caption, “Natalia is 14. She has never lived or known FLDS life. The reality of what her life could have been vs. what her life is now is one of the greatest gifts and accomplishments of my life”.

On National Daughter Day in 2021, Rebecca wrote, “Happy National Daughters Day to all you amazing daughters out there! One of the greatest gifts of my life is being a mom to this beautiful, courageous, loving, kind, inspiring, sassy, adventurous, determined, brilliant, fun, sparkling, ABBA-loving soul, Natalia. Every day, she amazes me Every day, she inspires me to be better. Every day, I am endlessly grateful for her”.

She concluded, “Be wild, dear child….happiness awaits you. See goodness in this world. Be grateful Be bold. Be wild and gloriously free Be you. I love you past the moon and beyond the stars”.

Natalia, like her mother, loves the violin. In fact, Natalia is getting the violin lessons from Rebecca, based on IG posts. Rebecca started giving her lessons in November 2016.

Does Rebecca Musser Have Siblings?

Rebecca Musser was the fifth of the fourteen children born to her mother Sharon Steed (her father’s second wife) and one of the 25 children born to her father Lloyd Wall.

Who Were Rebecca Musser Parents, Sharon Steed And Lloyd Wall?

Rebecca Musser’s father is Lloyd L. Wall. Her father didn’t grow up in the FLDS community but eventually converted to it. By profession, Lloyd was a businessman. At the time of his conversion, he had a wife and five children. A few years later, Lloyd married Sharon, Rebecca’s mother, and her father’s second wife.

However, being a businessman, Lloyd never opened up about being a polygamist. While Sharon and her children lived in the basement of her father’s house, Lloyd and his first wife lived upstairs of the house. Her father’s first wife didn’t grow up around polygamy.

Rebecca revealed that the first wife welcomed Sharon with an open arm at first but later resorted to jealousy.

As for her father, upon the release of her book, Lloyd released his own book titled Truth Matters: A Father’s Rebuttal of “The Witness Wore Red”.

As for her mother, Sharon Steed was still inside the compound when she left. After getting a job, she excitedly called her mother. She was anxious to share with her what she was learning in life and through books.

Rebecca shared about her mother’s reaction, “While she was glad to know I was safe, she told me I was trading my salvation for material goods”.

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  • Is Anyone From The Rebecca Musser Family Famous?

Rebecca Musser’s family members weren’t famous until she made them famous. However, a few of her sister-wives are famous after testifying in court and appearing on TV shows and documentaries.

  • Where Do Rebecca Musser Family Live Now?

Rebecca Musser is currently living in Idaho.

  • Are Rebecca Musser Family Members On Social Media?

No, none of her family members are on social media. However, she features a few of them on her social.

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