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Reinhold Gebert Bio, Age, Net Worth, Elyse Slaine Husband

Former Real Housewives star Elyse Slaine is ending her marriage. Page Six and the others have exclusively confirmed that Elyse has filed for divorce from Reinhold Gebert. And Elyse also herself told in a statement to Page Six “Reinhold and I continue to care deeply for one another and remain close friends in what will be a very amicable divorce.”

So, we shall now tell you who Reinhold Gebert is, his age, net worth, and what was the reason he and Elyse decided to call off their marriage.

Meet Reinhold Gebert, Elyse Slaine Husband

Reinhold Gebert had been married to Elyse Slaine since 2018. They celebrated their second year of marriage anniversary in July 2020. But the memories of it no longer remained on Elyse’s Instagram (as of 2022).

Also around July 2020 was the only last time that Reinhold was seen on Elyse’s Instagram. The now-deleted post was a selfie of them shortly after the couple celebrated their beachside wedding. And next to it in the caption, Elyse had lovingly called Reinhold her best friend, her love, and the man who taught her how to make every day count.

Speaking of the divorce, Elyse did not go into detail to give reasons as to why they parted. Reinhold also had not commented. While on his Facebook, he had not changed his relationship status from ‘married’ to ‘single’. And he also had not removed his cover photo that is of beaming him and Elyse.

On Facebook, back in 2014, Reinhold shared a photo of seemingly his kids, three teenage appearing daughters, and a son (all of the close ages). He had also outlined each one of their university as VISTA, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.

  • Was Elyse Slaine Married Before Reinhold Gebert?

And before Reinhold, Elyse was married to fallen Galleon Group hedgie David Slaine. After more than two decades of marriage, the Slaines officially divorced in 2013; but first, they separated in 2007. And Elyse clearly decided to keep his last name. Elyse married Reinhold in 2018, five years after she officially divorced David.

David, here, had made headlines in the early aughts for engaging in illegal insider trading. He subsequently pleaded guilty to conspiracy and securities fraud and making a $500,000 profit.

From 2007 and 2009, David had therefore acted as an undercover informant for the FBI. His tips had ensnared numerous Wall Street traders, analysts, and consultants including his former Galleon boss, billionaire Raj Rajaratnam. (Raj later received the longest term ever for inside trading.)

Reinhold Gebert Age

Reinhold Gebert was reportedly born in 1967. So, he likely reached the age of 55 in 2021.

Reinhold Gebert Net Worth

Reinhold Gebert reportedly had more than $5 million as his net worth as of 2022.

Since July 2017, Reinhold had been working as the chief operating officer and chief risk officer at Teza Capital Magement LLC, a science and technology-driven global trading firm.

For 4 years before that, handled affairs at Gresham Investment Management also as its COO and CRO.

Also, in the past, in reverse chronological order, Reinhold was the chairman at NestEgg Wealth; e; head of business strategy and development, and later chief administrative officer at Lehman Brothers; consultant at McKinsey & Co.; postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Advanced Study.

Speaking of his education, Reinhold studied undergraduate courses in mathematics and physics at the Technical University of Munich (1986 – 1990); M.Sc., Mathematics at King’s College London (1990 – 1991); Theoretical Physics Doctorate at the University of Hamburg (1992 – 1994).

Is Reinhold Gebert On Instagram?

Reinhold Gebert could be found on Instagram @rwgebert where he had 7 posts and 16 followers, as of 6 June 2022.

He also occasionally shared glimpses of his life on ‘Reinhold Gebert’ Facebook.

Reinhold Gebert Height

Often in formal wear draped Reinhold Gebert stands below 5’11” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Reinhold Gebert From?

Reinhold Gebert hails from his hometown of Hanau in Germany. From there, he moved to Princeton, New Jersey in 1996 and to Manhattan, New York in 2014. As of 2022 and he called New York, New York his home.

  • When Is Reinhold Gebert Birthday?

Reinhold Gebert’s birthday is on the 15th of December or around that time.

  • Did Reinhold Gebert Appear On Real Housewives Of New York?

Fans of the Bravo series Real Housewives Of New York should remember Reinhold Gebert’s wife Elyse Slaine from Season 12. She appeared as a friend of the Housewives alongside full-time cast members McSweeney, Luann de Lesseps, Ramona Singer, Tinsley Mortimer, Sonja Morgan, and Dorinda Medley. And, albeit Elyse was married to Reinhold at the time of filming, their marriage/relationship was not a storyline in the season.

Elyse first appeared in the show with Ramona. And after that, she made many frequent appearances but had not been featured as a full cast until the 2020 season.

As for what Elyse is up to recently, as of 2020, she was notably enjoying paying her bills as a cryptocurrency trader. Several years before this, she had kicked off her career as a financial journalist at Reuters.

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