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Rex Heuermann Parents: Theodore And Dolores Heuermann

Meet Theodore and Dolores Heuermann, the parents of Rex Heuermann. How old are they? Are they still alive? What is their job? How many children do they have?

Read all about them via this article.

Long Island Serial Killer: Who Are Rex Heuermann Parents?

Rex Heuermann, the Long Island serial killer, was born to his parents Theodore and Dolores Heuermann. He lived in the house that he grew up in, and tinkered with furniture in his father’s old workshop. A man who went to high school with him said he was bullied as a teenager but sometimes fought back.

Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney confirmed that Rex is under arrest in a news conference on July 14, 2023. “These young women went missing between July 2007 and September 2010. They were found in September 2010 by the Suffolk County Police Department and then there was nothing, absolutely nothing. For the next 13 years, their cases went unsolved. Until today,” Tierney said.

According to NBC News, Rex Heuermann’s attorney, Michael J. Brown, told reporters that Heuermann maintains his innocence and called the accusations “extremely circumstantial in nature.” “The only thing he did say, as he was in tears, was ‘I didn’t do this,'” Michael said, according to NBC News. “He’s distraught. He’s clearly distraught about the charges here.”

Rex is an accomplished architectural consultant who considers himself to be an authority on the complexities of New York City’s building code. His precise instructions impressed some clients while driving others insane. He worked at a building not far from the Empire State.

American Airlines, Catholic Charities, and the city’s Department of Environmental Protection were among Rex’s clients, according to his resume and the website of his business, RH Consultants & Associates. He frequently appeared on behalf of clients before the Landmark Preservation Commission and took credit for hundreds of applications that were approved by city agencies.

Meet Theodore Heuermann, Rex Heuermann Father

Theodore Heuermann is the dad of Rex Heuermann. Theo is the son of William Heuermann. At one of his crime scenes, Theo had left a belt with the initial “WH” engraved on it.

  • Theodore Heuermann Age

Theodore Heuermann was 50 years old when he died in November 1975. At the time of this death, Rex was 11 years old.

  • Theodore Heuermann Job

The New York Post reported that Theodore Heuermann had been an “aerospace engineer who built satellites” and was a cabinet maker.

Theo was also a World War II veteran.

  • How Much Is Theodore Heuermann Net Worth?

Theodore Heuermann’s net worth is not available.

Meet Dolores Heuermann, Rex Heuermann Mother

Dolores Heuermann is the mother of Rex Heuermann.

  • Dolores Heuermann Age

Born in May 1930, Dolores Heuermann is 93 years old.

  • Dolores Heuermann Job

There is no information about Dolores Heuermann’s job. However, when her husband died, she was left alone to raise her children.

  • How Much Is Dolores Heuermann Net Worth?

Dolores Heuermann’s net worth details are not available at this moment.

Related FAQs

  • How Many Kids Do Rex Heuermann Parents Have?

Rex Heuermann’s parents Theodore and Dolores Heuermann had other two children.

They have a son named Craig Heuermann. Born in 1966, Craig is 57 years old and reportedly resides in Chester, South Carolina. Court documents show that Craig was once accused of causing a head-on crash in Massapequa that killed a man named Winnion Buskey.

Winnion’s obituary, obtained through, says he was a captain. A Newsday article from 1988, also accessed through, says Buskey was a captain for the city housing police, and Craig was 22 at the time.

A 1988 article in The New York Daily News says Buskey was driving to a bowling league. “Mr. Heuermann was charged with various offenses as a result of the accident and pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide and one of two counts of driving while intoxicated,” the documents say.

They note: “The cause of this accident was the negligent driving by an intoxicated driver. The evidence showed Mr. Heuermann had a blood alcohol level of .20, twice the legal limit (see, Vehicle and Traffic Law § 1192), and a blood cocaine level of .05 milligrams. Obviously, this was a man who should not have been driving.”

Craig appears to be married to Jacqueline M Eberle. Jacqueline is 53 years of age and was born in January 1970.

Sources have reported that the Heuermann brothers also have a sister but it is not confirmed yet.

  • Are Rex Heuermann Parents On Facebook?

No, Rex Heuermann’s parents are not on Facebook.

  • Where Do Rex Heuermann Parents Reside?

Only Rex Heuermann’s mom Dolores has survived and she seems to be residing in Palmyra, Virginia.

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