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Rhoda Blua Bio, Jorge Nava Girlfriend, Age, Job, Family

In Oct 2021, reality star Jorge Nava revealed that he is expecting his second child with his girlfriend Rhoda Blua. The first linked with each other in May 2020 and have been together ever since. Before this announcement, they already have a daughter named Zara. But, even after being together for more than a year, very little is known about Rhoda Blue’s life.

So, we bring you Rhoda Blua Bio that covers a few details in her life, age, job, and family.

Jorge Nava And Rhoda Blua’s Relationship

Congratulations poured in as Jorge Nava and his girlfriend Rhoda Blua announced that they were expecting their second child. The reality star announced the expecting a child by announcing it on his Instagram post.

“Never did I imagine my dreams becoming a reality so fast 🙈 Rhoda, you and Zara 🥰 are my world I Love you more than you’ll ever imagine ♥️,” Jorge captioned the post which showed him holding his baby mother’s baby bump.

When Zara was born he took it to his Instagram and wrote, “There’s no Love that can match what I have for my family 👨‍👩‍👧♥️ I Love them more than anything in this world 🙏.”

Jorge got linked with his girlfriend for the first time in May 2020 on Instagram. In June 2020 Jorge shared a snap of him kissing his new girlfriend on his social.

In late November 2020, Jorge revealed he and Rhoda were expecting baby Zara. Uploading a sonogram image, he wrote— “Thankful for all of my blessings.”

Previously, Jorge Nava was married to his Russian ex-wife Anfisa Arkhipchenko. Though she ignored Jorge’s advances initially, the couple ended up going on a lavish vacation around Europe. But, Anfisa and Jorge’s family had a rough relationship with Jorge’s sister naming her “a golddigger.”

The couple got married in court but before they could have any children Jorge got arrested in 2018.

To put his kinfolks to bed, Jorge didn’t buy her a wedding dress or ring. He even convinced his then-wife prospect Anfisa to marry in a simple courthouse wedding.

Before they could produce children, Jorge’s married life with his wife Anfisa hit a stalemate after his arrest in 2018.

After ditching their marriage, Anfisa met a new guy named Leo Assaf. After being released from the prison three months owning to COVID-19, he claimed that his now ex-wife had abandoned him.

Rhoda Blua Age

According to ExploreTalent, Rhoda Blua is 24 years old as of Oct 2021.

Rhoda Blua Job

According to ExploreTalent, Rhoda Blua had a job as an aspiring model and actress. However, we discovered nothing that built her portfolio on either of the career paths. But, because of her association with her boyfriend, she garnered fame as a girlfriend of TLC’s reality star.

Jorge’s gig as a TLC sensation bought him fame. It also solidified his alleged $300 thousand net worth.

The reality star announced a clothing line titled “Kilos To Paris”. The brand described itself as: “We are the Global Fashion Cartel — Kilos To Paris. You are either with us or against us. Simple as that.”

Pre-reality TV fame, Jorge admittedly made fortune from the legal medical marijuana business.

In the end, Jorge’s greed to amass more wealth became his downfall. In February 2018, Arizona police caught him with nearly 300 pounds of marijuana inside the trunk of his car.

Jorge and Rhoda Blua also started a YouTube channel. Their channel Jorge and Rhoda gathered 18.5k subscribers. They only posted two videos as of this writing; Our First Video (Meet My Family) and ZARA’S BIRTH VLOG | LABOR & DELIVERY |.

Is Rhoda Blua On Instagram, TikTok?

Yes, Rhoda Blua is on Instagram under the handle name (@msblua). Her IG account gathered 18.5k subscribers in total. But, she doesn’t seem to have any account on TikTok or Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Has Rhoda Blua Made TV Appearances?

No, Rhoda Blua is yet to make TV Appearances, as far as we know. Her boyfriend was the only one who appeared on a TV reality show from TLC.

  • Where Is Rhoda Blua From?

According to several sources that we’ve discovered, Rhoda Blua allegedly hails from San Diego, California. But, further confirmation on her part is yet to be shared.

  • Who Are Rhoda Blua’s Family Members?

Rhoda Blua remains completely anonymous when it comes to family details. She is of Hispanic ethnicity and her profile in ExploreTalent wrote the same thing. Meanwhile, she is yet to give further insights into her family, speaking on her parents and possible siblings.

However, we’ve discovered that she followed Aurora Blua on her Instagram. She also appeared on Aurora’s Facebook a few times. Going by the age difference and family resemblance, she could be Aurora’s daughter. Taking that under consideration, Rhoda also has a sister named Zoe Blua who also shared a few pictures with Rhoda on her Facebook.

Moreover, she is very private on social media. Unlike many people, she posted nothing that was even remotely related to her family members.

Hence, as of this article based on her life, we are yet to learn about the family and her upbringing.

  • How Tall Is Rhoda Blua?

Blessed with dark-brown hair and beautiful brown eyes, Rhoda Blua stands tall to the moderate height of 5 feet 4 inches.

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