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Mike Daniels Bio, Michaela McManus Husband, Age, Job

For Michaela McManus, the last few days have been very joyous. One, her new show You was released on Netflix on October 15, 2021, and October 19 was the birthday of her husband Mike Daniels.

The fans of You will be delighted to know more about Michaela McManus, who is the new addition to the show, and her husband. This article in particular will provide all the bio details about Michaela’s husband Mike.

Michaela McManus And Mike Daniels’ Married Life

Michaela McManus was one of the actresses in One Tree Hill and Mike Daniels had worked for the show as a writer and script editor. That must be where they first met. The date was around 2008.

Fast forward a few years (because we do not know the story in between), Michaela and Mike married each other on 3 July 2011. They celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary this year. And every year on their anniversary either Michaela or Mike has something poetic to say about each other.

On their 9th wedding anniversary, Michaela posted a photo on her Instagram with the words “Forever and ever and ever. #happyanniversary #9”

The previous year, Mike had posted a photo from their wedding with a poem (Amor) by Pablo Neruda and under the poem, “Happy Anniversary, Sweet. Thanks for braving the woods with me.”

Apart from the anniversary posts, Mike Tweeted things like, “Sometimes I take for granted how out-of-my-league my wife is. And then she gets new headshots.” Or, “Thanking past-life-me for whatever heroic feat earned me this perfect wife…”

Based on those Tweets, it seems Mike and Michaela have the happiest marriage two famous successful people can have.

In the 10 years of their married life, Mike and Michaela had two sons, Gabriel October Daniels and Declan Griffith Daniels. Gabriel, the elder one, was born on 3 April 2014; and Declan was born in September 2016.

They also had their third and youngest child in May 2021. It was a daughter and they named her Indie Irene Daniels. On the occasion of her birth, Michaela made a post on Instagram with captions:

Hello, Indigo.💛… I always felt you in my heart, sweet girl. And now you’re finally here. Welcome to the world, Indie Irene.

And Mike was a very good father to his children or so says Michaela. And during a 2019 interview, she also talked about her experiences as a mother.

Since becoming a mom, everything has changed! I don’t even know who I was before my kids were born…Being a mother is the hardest thing I’ve ever done but it’s also the most rewarding…I try to enjoy every moment because they grow up so fast…They’re my everything.

How Old Is Mike Daniels?

As of 2021, Mike Daniels was in his late 30s. We do not know his exact age. But he celebrated his birthday on this very day this article was written (i.e. 19 October 2021). And thus his zodiac sign was Libra.

What Does Mike Daniels Do For A Living?

Mike Daniels is a very important person in the entertainment industry. He is a writer and producer.

Mike grew up with parents who were stage actors and so he was always involved with “scripts and stories”. He started to write from an early age. But it was only after he moved to LA that he committed to the entertainment industry.

He spent a few years as a waiter, or an office temp, or in a corporate job, and writing on the side. Then in 2008, Mike found a job to write for a drama series called One Tree Hill. Between 2008 to 2010, he wrote five episodes of the show and worked as an executive story editor.

After that, Mike went on to write for popular shows like The Vampire Diaries, Sons of Anarchy, Shades of Blue, The Brave, The Village, and more.

In 2010, Mike also made his debut as a producer for The Vampire Diaries. He has also worked as a producer for Sons of Anarchy, Shades of Blue, The Village, The Brave, and pretty much the same shows he wrote for.

There was another show he wrote and produced with Jessica Rhoades and Wolfe Coleman called Bad Blood. The show was announced in 2019, but it appears the show has not been released yet.

Is Mike Daniels On Instagram?

Yes, Mike had a blue-tick handle on Instagram but did not have many followers (only 925 as of October 2021). You can also find him on Twitter.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Mike Daniels From?

We do not know the exact place where Mike was born, but his hometown is in the state of Michigan.

Not much is known about Mike’s family, but he has mentioned his father a few times on his Twitter. Also, Mike had mentioned during an interview that his parents were stage actors.

  • How Tall Is Mike Daniels?

Mike Daniels was a tall guy and stood at a height of about 6 ft.

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