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RHONY Sai De Silva Children: London And Rio

Real Housewives of New York City star, Sai De Silva is all she is because of her children. After having her first kid, Sai wanted to share her newfound happiness with other “cool, like-minded moms.” Eventually, she started writing blogs where she also featured her daughter’s fashion. And before she knew it, she was featured on BuzzFeed!

So, who are Silva’s children? Learn everything about them as this article proceeds.

Who Are RHONY Sai De Silva Children?

Sai De Silva shares two kids, London Scout and Rio Dash, with her husband David Craig. Ironically, they are her inspiration. “Motherhood is all about pushing through the messy bun moments to reach the glamorous ones,” she said.

But with that being said, Sai admits that she doesn’t really know how to balance work and her motherhood. She takes one step at a time and does the best she can. And given her work (blogging), she indeed had some flexibility with her schedule. “I head to the office when the kids are already at school and daycare, and I try to leave the office at 5 whenever I can,” she explained.

Also, with her children in her mind, she does her best to stick to a schedule and leave the work emails behind when it’s quitting time. She remarked, “Your children will become who you are; so be who you want them to be.”

And this is all also possible because of her husband who helps with the kids. 

For those who don’t know, Sai and her husband David were together for over a decade. Infact, they dated for the first 8 years before they got married. Their courthouse wedding took place in Brooklyn on June 16, 2017 — which was “awful!”

According to the star, the person who married them was making up his own words, and she was in her jeans. “I need a do-over,” she said.

So, what led to this wedding?

In David’s words, he was pretty smitten with Sai right away because he thought this was the most beautiful woman he ever saw. He loved how she was so confident, funny, and most importantly, she shared a lot of the same kind of views on life and things. Some eight years later and after Rio was born, they finally decided to tie the knot.

Sadly, we’ll probably never get to see David on RHONY because he likes his privacy. And Sai doesn’t mind at all. “In a world where we share everything, it’s nice to have something private in my life. It keeps my sanity and I also think having a little mystery is fun,” she said.

But though David might be shy, he is very involved when it comes to his family. Also, he is actually very outgoing in social situations. It’s just that Sai’s job involved her being in the spotlight so much, they made a constant decision earlier on that he would be in the background to show the kids that social media is a job for mommy.

Today, Sai is the Founder and Creative Director of Scout The City, the clothing brand, and she’s living the dream. However, sometimes, the star feels like she doesn’t have privacy anymore.

Meet RHONY Sai De Silva Daughter, London

Sai De Silva had her oldest daughter, London, on September 6, 2012. It was right after her birth that Sai started blogging, and eventually climbed the spotlight.

Infact, alongside Sai, her daughter also is a star. No wonder, the mother-daughter often stars on Sai’s IG together. The last we checked, Sai and London were at a recycling and cycling program organized by H&M Kids and CAMP in August 201,

“Had so much fun learning about more sustainable ways to upcycle clothes and use kid power to generate donations towards Project Learning Tree. I love seeing these kinds of initiatives that teach kids about the power of conscious action,” Sai captioned an IG video from that day.

Now, London’s a teen. So, it means she’d be at sleepovers and school camps. But to Sai, she will forever be her mother’s little girl. “Missing my girl while she’s at sleepaway camp. I now stalk all her camp photos that are uploaded daily,” Sai once wrote on IG.

Meet RHONY Sai De Silva Son, Rio

Sai De Silva welcomed her son Rio in April 2017, almost 5 years after London was born.

In 2022, he was in kindergarten. And as for Sai, she was “currently approving Rio’s friends this fall based on which parent (she) thinks will drink wine with me on play dates.”

Surprisingly, Sai’s kids never hesitated to go to school. “They could totally rock boarding school style, but I rock the helicopter parent role harder so they’re staying with me. Love the way these kids get excited about back to school-season and own their own personalities through their styles,” Sai explained.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Sai De Silva Children Reside?

Sai’s children live with her in New York, New York.

  • Do Sai De Silva Children Appear On RHONY?

As of 2022, Sai’s kids have yet to grace Real Housewives of New York City 

  • Do Sai De Silva Children Appear On Her Instagram?

Yes, Sai’s kids; especially her daughter often graced her IG @scoutthecity.

But they didn’t have social media accounts of their own.

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