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Richard Stampton Bio, Age, Job, Bella Heathcote Husband

Bella Heathcote was successful to impress her viewers one more time with the role of Andy Oliver (alongside many great co-stars including Jacob Scipio) in a new Netflix series that premiered on 4 March 2022.

Sure, the Australian actress/model has been a part of many TV shows and films including Tim Burton’s film adaptation of Dark Shadows, Pride and Prejudice, Zombies, and Fifty Shades Darker. But none of these were as big as the leading Andy.

With that being said, in the rest of the writing, we shall discuss everything there is to about Richard Stampton, the one man who has got her quoting The Sound of Music.

Meet Richard Stampton, Bella Heathcote Husband

Bella Heathcote makes it look like she has been happily married to Richard Stampton.

Bella constantly gushes about him and expresses pride in their relationship, on her Instagram @bellaheathcote (160K followers). “So somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good” feels right so thanks Rodgers and Hammerstein, and thank you @richardstamptonarchitects for marrying me”, the Melbourne-born beautifully wrote on the day of their wedding, a year after they got married on 18 January 2019.

This came as a confession because this was the first time Bella indicated they had married. Bella did however display Richard on her social media over the past year, and he was believed to be her boyfriend only.

Then on 2022’s Valentine’s Day, Bella took it to her Instagram to write “15 years since we first met 💘”, revealing that they met in 2007. However, the couple certainly were not dating all those years. Because, before Bella started dating Richard, she had been engaged to film director Andrew Dominik. However, they had called off their engagement before September 2018.

Bella, here, attended Korowa Anglican Girls’ School. In 2008, she went to Australia National Theatre Drama School student. A couple of years later won the Heath Ledger Award. And she had already begun her acting career in between.

Bella did dancing and singing when she was little. Then, at 12, because her friends were taking speech and drama at school and taking private lessons, she too started doing that. Over the years everyone else dropped out. But she just kept going and started loving it.

Richard Stampton Age

Richard Stampton was born before 1985 on the 1st of December. So. he should have become 36-year-old, at the least, in 2021.

Richard Stampton Job

When still young, architect Richard Stampton got to hone his skills working for Peter Corrigan in Melbourne and celebrated Italian architect Renzo Piano in Paris. Then in 2009, he established his very own practice called Richard Stampton Architects. The studio is still functioning and based in Phillip Island. Richard always wanted his workspace to remind him of his lifelong connection to the ocean and he is fully pleased with how everything has turned out to be.

Richard shared, while their work is mostly built in Melbourne, their studio is on Phillip Island, and Gipsy Point. (Gypsy Point, because Christy Bryar, a very talented architect who has worked at Richard’s since 2011, is based there.) Richard mused he and his team particularly enjoy shifting between these contexts.

However, despite all the greatness in his work, Richard, himself confirmed that he is not interested in standing out. That, he particularly not interested in publicity. He loved to keep an altogether quieter, slower, and less ‘hyperactive’ approach to building design. But sure this does not stop him from getting more attention with each passing day.

In 2019, Richard had notably facilitated the renovation of a heritage-listed building in the suburb of Collingwood, reimagining the Victorian-era space as ‘Simhanada’, an Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga studio.

At last, Richard credits his success to his great teachers and mentors. He especially pointed out that, working for Peter and Renzo Piano were both, in very different ways, great influences on him.

Is Richard Stampton On IG, Facebook?

For some reason, Richard seemed to have revived/temporarily deactivated his account on Instagram @richardstamptonarchitects as of 6 March 2022.

And Richard did not seem to be using any other social media platforms including Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Richard Stampton From?

Richard Stampton grew up sailing and surfing in Melbourne in Australia. Ever since he can remember, the ocean has been a big part of his life. And so he has always homed himself near one.

Giving The Design Files a little insight into his background Richard Stampton had briefly told how his parents are still “amazingly” handy and crafty; that he is thankful that they taught him to collage, sew and use PVA glue and timber.

So you know, the other people in Richard’s family are his father-in-law Robert Heathcote, a lawyer, and brother-in-law Sammy Kingsley.

  • How Tall Is Richard Stampton?

Richard Stampton who in Bella’s words is ridiculously good-looking stands above 5’11” tall. He and Bella indeed make a very bright couple whenever the “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women” star stood next to him 5-foot-6-inch tall and in men’s fashion. For some reason, Bella prefers to go with oversized shirts, boyfriend blazers, and trousers; whenever her job does not require her to dress in a certain way.

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