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Richard Tobin Bio, Rachel Morin Boyfriend, Age, Job, Facebook

Rachel Morin, a woman who went missing and was later found dead on a hiking trail, was in a relationship with her boyfriend Richard Tobin. Richard has been accused of his involvement in the foul play but he has denied the allegations. Authorities haven’t named him or anybody as a suspect as the investigation has just begun.

Who is Richard? What is his job? Is he on Instagram or Facebook? Find out here in this bio.

Meet Richard Tobin, Rachel Morin Boyfriend

Rachel Morin, who was a “victim of violent homicide,” had a boyfriend named Richard Tobin. The 37-year-old was reported missing Saturday 5 August around 11:20 p.m. after Richard said she failed to return from her walk. She was last spotted on the route at around six o’clock. According to the sheriff’s office, her car was also discovered close to the trail.

“This was an intentional taking of a person’s life,” Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said in a video posted on the sheriff’s office’s Facebook. Following the discovery of Morin’s death on Sunday near the Ma and Pa Trail in Bel Air, Maryland, Gahler stated that there are ten detectives working on the case. He claimed that the neighborhood had provided more than 100 tips.

“Together we will solve this crime and find the heinous coward who took Rachel Morin from her family and friends,” the Harford County sheriff said.

Sheriff Jeffrey also said that they have interviewed the boyfriend. Online sleuths on social media have started blaming her boyfriend, Richard, for the crime despite the fact that he has not been mentioned as a suspect by the police in their updates. Richard has denied any participation in her demise.

Richard also took to his Facebook in response to allegations against him. He wrote, “I love Rachel, I would never do anything to her, let the family and I grieve.”

When the dark past of Richard emerged on the internet, he said, “Yes I have a past but I also have 15 months clean and have changed as a person. Please.”

He was not more specific about his past. According to The New York Post, Tobin has a history of “two arrests for criminal second-degree assault, malicious destruction of property, drug possession, and violating restraining orders.” The Post added: “The 20 charges previously filed against him in Maryland also include resisting arrest and disorderly intoxication.”

Sheriff Jeffery did not state whether Richard was a suspect but confirmed he had been interviewed. “One question we have continued to get centers around whether we have interviewed the boyfriend in this case,” Jeffrey said. Despite not naming Richard, Jeffrey claims that the caller who informed sheriff’s deputies that Morin was missing and provided them with information on her last known whereabouts was Morin’s boyfriend.

Richard reported that she had headed out to the MA & PA Heritage Trail, Jeffrey said. When she didn’t return as expected, the family grew concerned, the sheriff said. But Richard wrote on the sheriff’s page that he called.

Richard’s top visible post on Facebook announced that he was in a relationship with Morin. It’s dated August 1, 2023. His only other Facebook post visible, other than the post confirming he was in a relationship with Morin, was a selfie.

On her Facebook page, Rachel wrote that she was in a relationship with Richard Tobin. “Only started taking pics a few weeks ago.. but these are a few of my favorites. From the beach to the mountains 🥰,” she wrote on August 3, 2023, two days before disappearing.

True crime groups have published Tobin’s comments about the case that were posted on the Harford County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page.


According to the sheriff, authorities believe the body is Morin, but the medical examiner will determine the formal identification. The cause of death was not released, although the sheriff said the death was obviously a homicide.

Does Richard Tobin Have Children?

Richard Tobin is yet to share about his previous relationship and if he has any children. But the GoFundMe page for Rachel which was started by her sister revealed that she was a mom of 5 kids.

Richard Tobin Age

According to Sportskeeda, Richard Tobin is 27 years old.

Richard Tobin Job

One LinkedIn of Richard Tobin suggested that he had a job as an apprentice electrician. He was employed at Jdaw electrical systems but his current job status is unclear.

One of his posts of Richard on Facebook is from July where he wrote, “Looking for recommendations for credit cards to build credit history, anybody has any thoughts? Also looking for an apartment for rent 2 bd, thanks guys.”

Is Richard Tobin On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Richard Tobin is on Facebook (@richard.tobin.37) and also on Instagram (@richiemcnuggz44).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Richard Tobin From?

Richard Tobin is living in Bel Air, Maryland. He hailed from Forest Hill, Maryland.

  • When Is Richard Tobin Birthday?

Richard Tobin’s birthday is in October.

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