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Rubee Lana Bio, Age, Family, Job, TikTok, What Happened?

Rubee Lana posted a video on TikTok and YouTube in 2023 and the viral videos caused people to worry about her well-being. The TikToker has established a huge following on the short-form video medium for both her dance and faith-related videos. She currently has a massive following of more than 5 million people as of the time of writing.

On August 7, 2023, Rubee shared a little clip, leaving her followers inquisitive as to what had actually occurred. This video was a little excerpt from her lengthy YouTube video, My Last Video, which you can watch here. The content creator’s brief TikTok video focused on her decision to permanently delete her social media accounts because, according to her, she is utterly broke.

What Happened To TikTok Star Rubee Lana?

Rubee Lana, in the opening of her 1 hour and 41 minutes YouTube video, informed the audience that she had come here to confess things that “God wanted me to confess.” The TikToker made it clear that she will permanently delete all of her social media accounts seven days after her video is posted. Rubee related a tale in which an apostle allegedly messaged her on TikTok with a message from God urging her to join a Zoom call.

A “heavy word” from God, the content creator said, and she went on to offer intricate details regarding the previous two months. The purported apostle reportedly informed her that she was given a deadline for deleting her social media accounts, which she at first disagreed with.

The TikToker, however, was informed by the apostle Adilia that she must leave her previous ministry and join Free Him Now, which Adilia and her husband, apostle Berthold, also run.

Rubee discusses specific situations in her life where the apostles gave her directions, such as traveling from California to Chicago and subsequently to Florida, throughout the movie. She revealed that social media was her sole source of income, which sparked a fight with her family. She also related a tale of a Christian man she met who she says was speaking in many tongues. She obeyed the man’s instructions and returned home, but later received a letter from Berthold accusing her of having committed a “grievous act” against God and the Free Him Now ministry.

After hearing that she will be dismissed from the ministry, Rubee fasts for three days to earn her reinstatement. According to the content creator, she was given a submission form that “legally binds me, spiritually.”

Rubee Lana Age

According to Famous Birthdays, Rubee Lana was born on 27 November 1999. She is now 23 years old.

Rubee Lana Family

Rubee Lana is reportedly of African-American (dad’s side) and Mexican (mother’s side) heritage. However, she is very quiet about her family members and reportedly doesn’t have a sound relationship with her folks.

Rubee reportedly grew up alongside two older siblings and three younger ones. She has made two videos of catfishing her younger sister that she has posted on her YouTube.

What Is Rubee Lana Real Name?

Per the old Facebook of Rubee, Rubee Lana’s real name is Christina “Cheryz” Lober.

Rubee Lana Job

Rubee Lana stated in her recent viral video that social media is her current job and her only source of income. She currently has 398K subscribers on YouTube. Her TikTok page has garnered her 5.1 million followers.

Rubee entered the social media world via “TikTok,” which was then known as “” By the time she was 18, she had a sizable following on the platform. Rubee mainly posts dancing and lip-sync videos to well-known songs. In one of her ‘TikTok’ videos, she once sampled the B.Smyth song ‘Twerkoholic,’ originally performed by her.

Rubee rose to prominence on the platform over time, and at the start of 2019, she had amassed over a million followers as well as over 10 million heart emojis.

Rubee’s debut YouTube video was “Telling my Hispanic grandparents im pregnant.”

Is Rubee Lana Dating Anyone?

Rubee Lana rarely talks about her dating life. In November 2019 she made a TikTok with the caption, “Yes I have a boyfriend for everyone asking..” However, as a twist, she added that her boyfriend is “non-existent.”

One fan commented, “I don’t get why u your single your hella pretty sis💓☺️(bet you won’t like this).”

Rubee Lana Height

Rubee Lana in fact made a TikTok where she asked her followers to guess her height. The most liked comment on the video was “5’4 or 5’3? Sum like that.”

Rubee’s height appears to be under 5 feet 6 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Is Rubee Lana On Facebook?

Rubee used to be on Facebook, but not anymore. However, you can see a lot of fan pages on her platform.

  • When Is Rubee Lana Birthday?

Rubee celebrates her birthday on 27 November.

  • Where Is Rubee Lana From?

Rubee is originally from Chicago, Illinois. She now reportedly resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

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