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Riley Hubatka Family: Parents, Siblings Names

Not every TikTok star lets their fans into their personal life. But Riley Hubatka, once in a while, didn’t mind showing glimpses of her family over her social media.

Get to know more about Riley Hubatka’s family as you scroll down.

Why Is Riley Hubatka Famous?

Riley Hubatka is a social media influencer who was most popular for sharing lip-synching and trending videos on TikTok. Also, she often let her followers know about what was going on with her life and aspired to inspire them.

As of October 2021, she flaunted a whopping 7.9M followers over TikTok @rileyhubatka

But TikTok wasn’t the only platform she ruled. Her Instagram @rileyhubatka then boasted 2.3M followers and her eponymous Youtube channel then had 129K subscribers.

How Old Is Riley Hubatka?

The TikTok star was 20 years of age in 2021.

Riley Hubatka Parents

Riley Hubatka was born to parents Kelly and Larry Hubatka.

Her father Larry, a University of Washington graduate, worked as the general manager of Tiny Horse, and as a consultant of Carrot and Stick in 2021. Before that, he was the creative director of Elevation for over 9 years; the director of business development of Steelroot in Charlotte, NC, and a consultant of national programs for ABC, NY.

Also, back in 2007, he owned The Charlotte Group Real Estate for a year.

As for Riley’s mother Kelly, she boats her portfolio. She said, “Behind every great man is an even better woman but I picture myself beside my man, not behind him.”

All the while Larry worked as the creative director of Elevation, Kelly was right there beside him overseeing everything at the company from graphics to print to video. Also, at the time, she was working as the pastor of the Uptown Campus.

She also spent her time working as a certified personal trainer then.

Riley’s parents moved to Charlotte in August 2005 from Portland, Oregon for their job at Elevation.

The two recently centered their 21st wedding anniversary on January 2021.

Overall, Riley’s parents are very supportive of her career. Larry shared that he was proud of his daughter, who she was becoming, and “the great things.” He was last seen on Riley’s TikTok on his 45th birthday on October 25, 2021.

Riley Hubatka Siblings Names

Riley Hubatka has three siblings, namely — Lily Joy @lilyhubatka, Audrey Hubatka @audreyhubatka, and the last one remained anonymous.

The four girls were very close to one another. “It’s such a different type of bond than you’ll experience with anybody else, and I’m just very, very lucky to be able to have that,” Riley talked about her siblings.

Also, she shared that having “an irreplaceable connection with your family” was very important. Emphasizing building memories, Riley mentioned that whenever she had to think of one, she “almost immediately” thought of her sisters and parents.

Her younger sisters were quite frequently featured on her socials. 

Trivia: Riley’s biggest fear was losing someone she loved.

How Much Is Riley Hubatka Net Worth?

Riley Hubatka garnered a net worth of over $1 million by 2021, all thanks to her time as a social media influencer. As of then, her biggest accomplishment in her career was working with H&M. Besides that, she has worked with brands like Nordstrom Rack, Jane+Mercer, and Zara.

But being an influencer was never her dream job. She wanted to pursue a career in styling, which she might in the future.

In light of her education, Riley never graduated from Cuthbertson High School.

Riley Hubatka Boyfriend

Riley Hubatka was one of the big names in the TikTok world, and naturally, her love life was a matter of discussion amongst her fans. 

In March 2021, after the TikTok icon Bryce Hall split with Addison Rae, he was spotted getting cozy with Riley. The two were seen on several TikTok clips, and soon, rumors began to float around that Bryce was her boyfriend.

Moreover, over one of the videos, the pair even shared a kiss.

But Bryce denied he was dating Riley. Also, Riley mentioned that she kissed Bryce “just because” he lost a sparring match.

Later, adding fuel to the rumor, Riley made a TikTok where she mentioned that she wouldn’t go see Bryce, just because he was in NC. But at the end of the clip, it showed that she went to see him.

Before this, Riley was also rumored to have dated the social media star Payton Moormeier 

However, despite all the rumors, Riley claimed to be single in October 2021.

Fun Fact: The picture of Riley and her alleged first boyfriend @ryeust from their prom was still on Larry’s IG (Riley’s dad) at the time of writing this article.

Riley Hubatka Height

Riley stands tall at a height of 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Riley Hubatka Birthday?

She celebrates her birthday on September 3 and is of Virgo zodiac.

  • Where Is Riley Hubatka From?

Riley hails from Portland, Oregon.

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