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Rinat Khayrov Bio, Elsina khayrova Father, Age, Net Worth

Meet Rinat Khayrov, the father of Elsina Khayrova who is rumored dating Tom Cruise. Learn all that we know about her father in this article here.

Scroll down this article where we cover details about his age, net worth & career, and more.

Meet Rinat Khayrov, Elsina Khayrova Father

Elsina Khayrova’s daughter Rinat Khayrov is reportedly dating Tom Cruise. Elsina rose to fame in December 2023 when she gave rise to reports that she was dating Tom Cruise. According to The Daily Mail, Tom and Elsina sparked romance rumors in December 2023 after they were seen together at a party in London’s Mayfair, seemingly going on a date.

According to reports, Tom and Elsina were “inseparable” and “clearly a couple” at the time. The insider told the outlet, “He seemed to be besotted with her.” After hitting the dance floor when they got to the party at around nine o’clock at night, the two departed a few hours later. The actor from Top Gun “was very friendly,” according to the source, and “politely” declined to take pictures when guests requested.

The insider disclosed that “He spent most the night dancing with Ms. Khayrova, but at one point he was just throwing himself around in the middle of a group of women” It is unclear how Tom and Elsina met and how long they have been dating, despite the fact that they were at ease with one another during the outing.

A former model turned socialite from Russia is Tom’s latest love interest. In addition, she is the daughter of Rinat Khayrova, a well-known MP from Russia and a supporter of Vladimir Putin. Elsina loves to travel and frequently shares pictures from her trips to places like Paris, Venice, San Tropez, Monte Carlo, Qatar, and California on her Instagram account, which is now set to private, according to The Daily Mail. Elsina is a citizen of the United Kingdom and appears to reside in London.

Rinat Khayrov Wife

Rinat Khayrov’s wife is called Aliya @Ryzaliya. However, he has not been highlighted in the family members section. On Mother’s Day Elsina wished her mom, “Happy Mother’s Day to all my powerful, wise, clever, strong, beautiful and creative MAMA’S ❤️😚.”

Although Rinat doesn’t seem to have any other children, Elsina has a sister we know as Acyprus. In January 2022, Rinat shared, “Sisterhood is powerful ❤️ and their kids 😎 #sisters #girlspower #love #sunkissed.”

Rinat’s daughter Elsina was previously married to Dmitry Tsvetkov. Elsina was accused by Mr Justice Peel of deceit regarding her assets, particularly her handbag collection valued at around £1 million.

After more than ten years of marriage, the couple divorced due to disagreements about large assets, which included a mansion in Surrey worth £22 million as well as other properties across the world. Elsina also moved assets under her mother’s name so that they would not be included in the settlement and took steps to limit her husband’s access to family finances.

Elsina was therefore ordered to pay half of Mr. Tsetkov’s £1.76 million legal bills after it was decided that she was mostly to blame for the expensive legal battle.

The exes shared two children; a son and a daughter.

Rinat Khayrov Age

Rinat Khayrov was born on 22 June 1964. He turned 59 years old in 2023.

How Much Is Rinat Khayrov Net Worth?

Although the actual figure is unavailable, Rinat Khayrov stands tall at $300 Million. He began his career in 1989 at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Tatarstan, as a senior tax auditor. In 1992, he joined the Federal Tax Service of Russia Directorate in the Republic of Tatarstan, as a senior state tax inspector.

From 1997 to 1999, Rinat worked as a Chairman of the Board for TATFONDBANK PJSC. In 1998, he was a First Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Tatarstan. For the next nine years (1998-2007), he was the head of the Republic of Tatarstan Directorate of the Ministry of Tax and Fees of the Russian Federation.

After that, he worked as Chairman of the Board at TATFONDBANK PJSC. He was also the head of the Federal Tax Service of Russia Directorate in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Following that, Rinat served as an advisor to the minister at the Ministry of Defense of Russia for three years. In 2010, Rinat joined the First Deputy of the Director General for State Defense Order and Military-Technical Cooperation at KRET JSC.

From 2011 to 2016, Rinat was a member of the Defense Committee at The State Duma. He was also a deputy, member of the Defense Committee at The State Duma.

Talking about his associated legal entities, he is %25 owner of EKOPET LLC, Taxpayer’s number 1661017213, 100% at Miel-Finance LLC, Taxpayer’s number 1659099882, 100% at Miel-Capital LLC, Taxpayer’s number 1659099875, 100% at RIA Volga LLC, Taxpayer’s number 1660051902, and 60% of Capital Investment Group LLC, Taxpayer’s number 1659106931.

Rinat Khayrov Height

Rinat Khayrov stands tall above the height of 5’8”.

Related FAQs

  • Is Rinat Khayrov On Twitter?

Rinat Khayrov’s socials are not available.

  • Where Does Rinat Khayrov Reside?

Rinat Khayrov resides in Almetyevsk, Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. He is a close ally of Vladimir Putin.

  • When Is Rinat Khayrov Birthday?

Rinat Khayrov’s birthday is on 22 June.

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