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Rio Yamashita Boyfriend, Net Worth, Love Like A KDrama

Get to know Rio Yamashita from Love Like A KDrama. Does she have a boyfriend? What’s her net worth? Who are her family members? Learn all about her as you scroll down this article.

Rio Yamashita On Netflix’s Love Like A KDrama

Rio Yamashita is one of the 8 cast members on Netflix Love Like A KDrama. The show follows eight hopeful actors as they land roles in romantic K-dramas while searching for love. For the first time ever, the series will reveal whether the cast members’ on-screen chemistry will translate into reality.

Besides Rio, he appeared in the show alongside Song Ji Hyuk, Kim Won Shik, Lee Tae Gyun, Kim Dong Kyu, Ayano Kudo, Nozomi Bando, and Honoka Kitahara.

Falling in Love Like a Romantic Drama, the Japanese version of the soon-to-be-released series serves as a sort of precursor to the show.

Viewers may get to see genuine romance in the vein of K-drama in this “romantic cross-border journey,” which follows four Japanese actresses as they take on a daring project that needs them to work with Korean actors to find new roles that match them in romantic series. All eight of these competitors will be living together in pairs for the length of the reality TV show as they try to secure main roles in six mini-dramas.

Will these candidates be able to support the person they have a soft spot for as true romance blooms, or will they lose their romantic interests to someone else? The idea itself will give life to the common K-dramas’ depictions of heartache, misery, and possibly even one-sided love.

After the show’s premiere, Rio shared, “Netflix “Korean Drama I Want to Love” will start streaming from November 28th Information has finally been released. Dora love. I’ve been watching them since Abema, but I never thought the day would come when I would appear in them.”

“It’s been 17 years since I’ve been in the entertainment industry, and I’ve been living together since I was a student, and I’ve been auditioning every day. I think it was the biggest challenge of my life. It’s really embarrassing to be seen as I am, but…🙈🙊🙉I can’t escape now. I have done my best in both Shoto I hope you enjoy it. thank you!” Rio concluded the post.

Rio Yamashita Boyfriend

Though things did not go as expected, Rio Yamashita and Song Ji Hyuk were cast in the first leading roles in a K-Drama. Rio had to bear the brunt of the burden for the “Love Like a K-Drama” duo, even though they were cast after a challenging audition process. It was discovered that Ji Hyuk struggled with both his emotions and his lines while filming their miniseries. Rio experienced greater comfort during the filming process, even though the entire team was Korean.

Director Jo Yong Sun praised Rio’s performance but offered several suggestions for Ji Hyuk.

Ji Hyuk revealed in his confessional, “I haven’t been doing as well [as] I had hoped to, unfortunately. I feel bad about it. I’ve been finding my performance disappointing in every scene we shot.”

He knew he had to get the tone right or else he was keeping “Rio and the whole crew waiting while I try to figure it out.” He further added, “This is all probably draining Rio, so I really have to focus on tapping into the right emotions.”

Rio and Ji Hyuk were given the major roles in the first miniseries they tried out for, according to the judges. Rio’s performance, according to Yuko, was “very captivating,” which is why all of the judges chose them.

“In my opinion, none of the four pairs was good enough,” Doo Jin said. “We want you all to know that we didn’t pick this team because they were much better than the others. We saw a concrete connection between the characters because Rio was reacting so naturally to Ji Hyuk.”

Song Jihyuk also expressed disappointment when Tae Gyun stated that he would like to link up with Rio Yamashita for a scene. Speaking to her in Japanese, Tae Gyun tried to win her over by telling her that Tokyo-sourced coffee is the best.

As for the current relationship status, Rio has not revealed her relationship status and her current boyfriend.

How Old Is Rio Yamashita?

In October 2023, Rio Yamashita turned 31 years old.

Rio Yamashita Family

Rio Yamashita has shared on her Instagram that actress Chihiro Ohtsuka is a sister. Chihiro was born on 12 March 1986 in Tokushima, Japan. Her credits as an actress include Dark Water (2002), Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. (2003), and Godzilla: Final Wars (2004). Since October 7, 2015, she and Kôsuke Suzuki have been wed.

Kôsuke was born on November 29, 1974. His acting credits include Life’s Punchline (2021), Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger (2004), and I’m Home (2015).

Furthermore, on her birthday in 2022, she posted throwback pictures of her sisters. In 2018, via an IG post, Rio shared that her parents called her “Jijiko-chan”. She also posted a portrait of her grandmother that she drew herself.

Rio Yamashita Height

Rio Yamashita’s height measures 5′ 4½″ (1.64 m), according to her IMDB.

How Much Is Rio Yamashita Net Worth?

Rio Yamashita has been acting for a very long time and has amassed a net worth above $1 million. She made the decision to pursue acting when she saw Ko Shibasaki in the television series “Orange Days” during her elementary school years. She tried out for Stardust Promotion in 2006; Ko is associated with this company. In March 2007, she was chosen as the 12th Rehouse Girl by Mitsui Fudosan Realty.

Later in April, Rio signed on as an exclusive model for Hanachu, a fashion magazine. She debuted as an actress in the drama “Koisuru Nichiybi: Dai 3 Series” in June.

Also, she has performed on many series and some of them are Seven Detectives: Season 8, Fukushu no Miboujin, Chef Is A Great Detective, Hachigatsu wa Yoru no Batting Center de, Tokusou Nine: Season 3, Homeroom, Eat And Sleep at Camp Alone, Poison Daughter, Holy Mother, Teinen Joshi, Bookshelf Restaurant, Unhandy Handyman, Limit, and Otoriyose Oji Iida Yoshimi among others.

She has also appeared in movies like Downfall, Motherhood, Aristocrats, Ninja Drones?, Running Again, The Miracles of the Namiya General Store, 7 Days Report, Dawn of a Filmmaker: The Keisuke Kinoshita Story, and The Flower of Shanidaru to name a few.

Rio is managed by Stardust Promotion.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Rio Yamashita From?

Rio Yamashita hailed from Tokushima City, Japan.

  • When Is Rio Yamashita Birthday?

Rio Yamashita’s birthday is on 10 October.

  • Is Rio Yamashita On Instagram?

Yes, Rio Yamashita is available on Instagram and Twitter.

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