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Robert Hernandez Bio, Age, Married, Height, Family, Top Chef

Top Chef: Houston returned for Season 19 with a bunch of talented contestants on 3 March 2022. Robert Hernandez whom we are going to talk about in the rest of this writing is one of them. Already an experienced chef, Robert got into cooking thanks to the family gatherings they used to have growing up and (of course) his mother’s cooking.

Now, with Top Chef, Robert believed it is going to change the course of his career and take him to great places. He said, for a long time he has kind of been in the shadow of other chefs.

For more, read through this ‘Robert Hernandez BIO’.

Robert Hernandez On Top Chef: Houston

Robert Hernandez was introduced to the audience on Top Chef: Houston as a private chef in San Francisco, California; as someone who has worked in many notable restaurants in the city, including the Michelin-starred restaurant Octavia. Then, when the show proceeded, the viewers themselves witnessed the chef’s seasonal ingredients, inherited flavor profiles, and methodical technique shaping his elevated yet approachable cuisine.

Robert even got lucky to win the very first elimination challenge of the season.

As per the show’s format, the judges are joined by a Top Chef alum each week on the panel from the (first) of the 15 contestants they featured. So these promising chefs started in the competition. But because the eliminations kicked off at the end of the March 3 premiere Padma became the first one to leave.

Before S19E02, chefs Leia Gaccione and Stephanie Miller also got eliminated. Chef Robert, on the other hand, got lucky thus far.

Fellow San Francisco resident/Instagram pastry star Monique Feybesse, known for her stunningly intricate desserts, is also headed to Houston to compete on this season of Top Chef on Bravo.

Robert Hernandez Career

By 18, Robert Hernandez had moved north to study international relations at San Francisco State University. At this point, he was not sure if he wanted to pursue culinary arts as a career. Even his parents also were not too thrilled about it as a career choice.

When in the university, Robert picked up a job in Macy’s food department, prepping and cooking for the in-house restaurant. Only then did he realize that he needed to follow his true passion. So, from 2009 through 2011, he attended California Culinary Academy for an associate’s degree in Culinary Arts/Chef Training.

In 2013, Robert officiated his professional career as a Chef De Partie at Aveline. The next year, he started working as a sous chef at The Square, another year as Chef De Cusine at Octavia. Before landing at the celebrated Marissa Perello’s Octavia in 2015, he spent time working at Blue Stem Brasserie and Square by Sons and Daughters.

In April 2020, Robert started working for his own Chef’s Cart Inc. as a chef-owner. This he did until March 2021 only to start working as a self-employed private chef in May.

On LinkedIn, Robert admits to having been named “Rising Star chef by Star Chefs” in 2019.

Is Robert Hernandez Married?

Robert Hernandez had not been married any time before the time of this writing.

One could also not tell if or not Robert was dating anyone. However, on his social media BIO, he did hint at being gay flaunting a pride flag. As per pronoun, he marked ‘he/him/his’.

Other than that, Robert did not give away any other cues from his dating life. As of 13 March 2022, he was discoverable on Instagram @chefroberthernandez where he entertained 642 followers.

Robert Hernandez Family

Robert Hernandez’s father is Salvadoran and his mother is from Matzatlan, Mexico.

Growing up, his mother cooked every day: tamales, pozoles, fish, barbecue. And every time his mother and aunt were helming the stove, he was likely at their side. He recalls spending time with his loved ones and eating some of his favorite dishes such as tamales, ceviche, and much more on special occasions.

This is how at 16, he entered the hospitality industry via movie theater concessions.

The Bravo TV star has also opened up about how his parents were skeptical of his financial security when he decided to pursue a career as a chef.

Robert Hernandez Height

Robert Hernandez stands below 5’9” tall.

How Old Is Robert Hernandez?

Robert Hernandez was 30 years old when he decided to go on Top Chef.

Related FAQs

  • How Much Is Robert Hernandez Net Worth?

Robert Hernandez reportedly held $150K as his net worth as of March 2022.

As per Robert should have made $109,370 by working as a personal chef in San Francisco.

  • When Is Robert Hernandez’s Birthday?

Robert Hernandez was yet to tell his fans when exactly he celebrates his birthday.

  • Where Is Robert Hernandez From?

Robert was born and bred in his hometown of Downey, California. Although currently (March 2022) he could be found based in San Francisco in California.

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