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Robin Furuya Girlfriend, Net Worth, Netflix Is She The Wolf

The Japanese favorite reality series Who Is the Wolf? is now on Netflix. The dating program in its place of origin is thought to have been viewed by about 70 percent of females in their teens and 20s. And now, clearly, they are hoping to repeat its great success beyond its shores too with the help of Netflix.

So, in this show, five men and five women date, and among them are an unknown number of “lying wolves” who are not allowed to fall in love. Robin Furuya is one of these contestants. Keep reading and we shall tell you more about him.

Are Julie and Robin Furuya From Is She the Wolf Still Together?

Julie (AKA Ju!ie) discovered herself drawn to Robin Furuya during the oath ceremony, which was the first time that all the male and female cast members had ever met. She described the experience as “love at first sight,” so she was overjoyed when it appeared that Robin felt the same way about her and even offered her his fragrance, which each male cast member was required to present to the female they were most interested in.

However, it soon became clear that Julie had been given the part of a wolf, thus she was unable to expose who she really was until the last confession. Given her true sentiments for Robin, she was overcome with shame and regret that, when the time came for the two of them to fully express their affections, she would not be able to love him back. When Sakurako Okubo asked Robin out, she struggled with her feelings of guilt and jealousy since she didn’t want to be in the way of the two in case they discovered a future together. She nevertheless joined them on their date despite that, as Sakurako had made use of the public SUN line to do so.

Julie and Robin got closer over the course of the following few days, but this only made Julie feel wounded when Robin visited her to discuss her apparent jealousies. Although he appeared heartbroken that he was causing Julie this much pain, he said that he had noticed that she didn’t enjoy it when Robin engaged with other women. Nevertheless, he said that he wanted to get to know everyone to discover who he might be best compatible with.

Robin was curious as to why Masaki Nakao and Who-ya were so interested in Mikako when he asked her out. Despite the fact that both of Mikako’s potential suitors crashed the date, Julie refrained after their most recent talk. She chose Robin to confess to during the mid-season confession because she knew that her love for him were still very much alive and that she was totally committed to him.

Robin told Julie shortly after that he was absolutely interested in her but that he was only 65% as opposed to her 100% and that he wanted to be upfront about it. To everyone’s amazement, Julie decided to choose Masaki as her companion for the photo session despite knowing that the romance would only end in heartache. She began to feel a connection with Masaki while they were visiting Shdo Island in Japan and ultimately asked him out on a date in front of others.

To their mutual sorrow, no one interrupted Julie and Masaki’s date, though the former did mention to Masaki that Robin wouldn’t come up. The talk between Julie and Mikako shortly after the group came together made the former feel more worse for perhaps jeopardizing the latter’s friendship with Masaki. She also admitted to Robin in an open conversation that she didn’t fully understand what his 65% percent meant. She began to descend more and deeper into a pit of remorse, guilt, and self-loathing when Robin sent her a picture of her from their vacation to Mount Fuji, Japan.

Robin remarked that Julie had a genuinely lovely smile, but he hadn’t seen it often before that day; he hoped that would change soon. Robin stated that he would allow his actions speak louder than words about how much he actually cared for her and that the gift was supposed to be his declaration of his concentrated intention for her. As time passed, Julie and Robin’s affection for one another grew, but so did the former’s remorse about the circumstance. She even got into a furious argument with Honoka Nishimura, however they ultimately made up.

Robin used the MOON line to ask Julie out on a date in private as the final confessional drew near. She had mixed emotions about this, but she made the decision to seize the opportunity to relish the possibilities before having to expose her part. Robin claimed that this was one activity he had always wanted to do with someone he actually cared about during their sweet date, so he first went Julie to a studio to take some beautiful shots of her.

Julie was chosen by Robin to be his partner in the final confessional. Julie, who was visibly trembling, had to let go of her balloon, signifying she was a wolf, and then left without saying anything or even turning to face Robin. The latter, however, stopped Julie and gave her a back embrace, recalling the time when Julie gave him the same treatment during the mid-season confessional. As it turned out, Julie had performed the tragic song “Don’t Run Out of Love” for Robin after their last date, in which she poured out everything she genuinely felt and everything she was unable to express.

Robin, who was deeply moved by Julie’s act of trust and faith, expressed his surprise that Julie had been carrying so much on her shoulders that the two shared a tender kiss.

Robin Furuya On Netflix’s Is She The Wolf?

Robin Furuya is an actor and photographer and also one of the cast members of Is She The Wolf? Season 1. Clearly, he has been very excited about the show as just lately he took to his social media to urge people to go watch it. He seemed really hopeful that people would find it enjoyable.

Not much is known about his journey on the show but the Guardian wrote in its review for the show that the “amount of eye contact he makes with his potential girlfriend, singer-songwriter Julie, is declared in hushed but thrilled tones to be “So American!”.

Robin Furuya Girlfriend

At the time of this writing, it was not understood if Robin found for himself a girlfriend on the dating reality show. On his Facebook, his relationship status was still marked as ‘single’ as of September 2023.

How Much Is Robin Furuya’s Net Worth?

Robin Furuya reportedly had an estimated $600K net worth as of September 2023.

Robin is known among his Japanese audience for his roles in TBS’s VIVANT (2023), CX’s Ex-girlfriend’s Will (2022), NTV Fugitive Doctor F (2022), EX Kamen Rider Saber (2020-2021). Further, as an actor, he was affiliated with Oscar Promotion before switching to Amuse Entertainment in 2019.

While Robin is not acting, he is most likely working as a cameraman and video creator. He has produced videos for ISETAN and SK-II from high brands such as CHANEL and FENDI. In 2022, he also held his first photo exhibition “Reflection”. A lot must have happened to his career ever since.

Further on his actor profile on the internet, it is mentioned that his special skill is Drone sports in general (especially soccer). In the qualification part here: FAA part (Qualification to fly drones for commercial purposes issued by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States) Ordinary car licenses were cited.

Robin Furuya Age

Because Robin Furuya was born in 1990, he reached the age of 23 in 2023.

Who Are Robin Furuya’s Parents?

At this point, not much was understood about Robin’s parents, his upbringing, and his family background in general. Here are just a few things we discovered.

Robin’s parents are Mayumi and Nathan Furuya and they are the natives of Shiga, Japan. As for siblings, Robin has one of them, named Allish.

Also, it is known that Robin’s father is a third-generation Japanese-American from the Big Island of Hawaii, and his mother is Japanese.

Robin Furuya Height

Robin Furuya stands 1.83 meters in height and this is one of the many reasons that his fans find him so attractive.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Robin Furuya From?

Robin Furuya lived across Tokyo and Hawaii as of 2023.

Most people find it surprising that he is fluent in English. Apparently, Robin attended college in America. He graduated from the University of Hawaii with a double major in linguistics and psychology and later went to Massachusetts State University Amherst. But, of course, before all that, he graduated from high school in Japan. He is a 2009 graduate of Kusatsuhigashi High School in Shiga, Japan. Back then, he played soccer for coach Amamori while majoring in Education.

Yet, his birthplace is Japan. He was born in Kyoto, once the capital of Japan, and a city on the island of Honshu. The place is also home to numerous classical Buddhist temples, as well as gardens, imperial palaces, Shinto shrines, and traditional wooden houses. It is also famous for its formal traditions such as kaiseki dining, multiple courses of precise dishes, and geisha.

Also, Robin has a driver’s license in both Japan and America.

  • When Is Robin Furuya’s Birthday?

Robin Furuya’s birthday is on June 2nd which makes him a Gemini. Those of these signs born on this day are believed to live more through their emotions than their intellect.

Fun Fact: Robin is a huge fan of Pokemon and collects cards.

  • Is Robin Furuya On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Robin Furuya was on Instagram and Facebook as of September 2023. His IG @robin_officialjp included 562 posts and 34.1K followers. On its BIO, he also has invited people to DM him for work-related requests.

It seems Robin also loves showing people glimpses from his professional life mostly on ‘Robin Furuya (สโตเรียส)’ Facebook.

One may also find him on Twitter @mynameis_Robin (26.9K Followers) and on his self-titled YouTube channel. It turns out he has uploaded several videos on this YouTube channel.

Did You Know?: Robin’s blood group is A and he loves to eat sushi.

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